Shatorupa Ghosh

20 dishes to keep you visiting Mexico over and over

A land with the most colourful, flavorful, exotic yet simple culinary tastes, Mexico is the hub of all things tasty and irresistibly mouth-watering, even...

17 Quirky Dishes From North-Eastern Nagaland

A state clouded in its mountains and its traditions, and home to the many Naga tribes, Nagaland is a niche of simple yet delicious...

24 dishes To Make You Want To Visit Finland

A country whose cuisine is like its people -a mix of traditional and Haute culture, Finland is passionate about its food. With most dishes...

15 Brazilian Street Foods You’ll Fall In Love With

There's nothing Brazilians love more than their food. A country with such a diverse range of dishes owing to its multi-cultural influence, it has...

10 Brazilian Dishes You Should Try When In Brazil

The Brazilian food is determined largely by the society, the customs and the traditions and the strong blend of the colourful culture. Brazilian cuisine...

20 Dishes to Indulge in While You Visit Brazil

Brazil is a colorful country with its cuisine as colorful as its culture and love for sports. One of the largest Portuguese speaking countries...

22 Dishes to Try When You’re in Switzerland

Switzerland, the lank of exquisitely crafted watches and melt-in-the-mouth chocolates. The country known for its snowy peaks and exhaustive amounts of delicate cheese, its...

15 Local Dishes to Try When You’re in Sri Lanka

The tear-drop shaped country, Sri Lanka is a melting pot of amazing flavours and rich cuisine. This island with a tropical climate, its dishes...

Famous Street Foods of Sri Lanka One Must Try

Sri Lanka is an amazing coastal country with exotic food, culture and traditions, but mainly the food with its blend of raging spices, creamy...

14 Dishes to Try When You’re in Egypt

When we speak of Egypt, no dish immediately strikes our mind because its cuisine has never really crossed its borders. But when you visit there for...

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