13 Varieties Of Pancakes Around The World

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13 Varieties Of Pancakes Around The World

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Pancakes are an absolute favorite breakfast across the globe. Of course, it does come in different flavors and toppings, but little do people know that there are many variants of pancakes across the globe. The sweet ones, the savory ones, and the stuffed ones, we have it all in this list of 13 varieties of pancakes around the world.

13 Varieties Of Pancakes Around The World

1. Crêpes

Image Credits – MyRecipes

This is not just a thin pancake. It is a tradition. In France, there exists a tradition of offering crêpes on the 2nd of February which is now known as ‘The Day of Crêpes’. On this day, if you manage to toss a crêpes into the air and make it land exactly on your frying pan while holding a gold coin in your left hand, you are going to get rich! There are both sweet and savory crêpes, choose as per your taste.

2. Blini

Image Credits – Stockcy United

Russians’ most favorite dish. It represents the sun. They use yeast while preparing Blini which makes it different from other pancakes. Also, buckwheat is used that bring out an earthy taste. It was a ceremonial dish during Maslenista which celebrates the spring and the end of winter. The most popular blini is the one that is topped with either Salmon or Caviar.

3. Pannukakku

Image Credits – The Anabolic Gourmet

It can sound like a weird pronunciation of pancake, maybe it is, you never know. It is only a top-notch pancake baked in an oven hailing from Finland. It is crispy on the edges while the center is soft and fluffy. And is usually paired with a berry syrup. Pannukakku acts as a perfect breakfast because it is heavy and it also helps survive the winters in Finland.

4. Pikelets

Image Credits – Tara’s Multicultural Table

A popular teatime dish in Australia and New Zealand is Pikelets with butter, jam, and cream topping. A Pikelet is a thicker and much smaller version of a crepe and can be eaten both hot and cold. They are about 3 inches wide and extremely popular breakfast for kids.

5. Oladyi

Image Credits – Kitchen Stories

Part of Russian and Ukrainian cuisine, Oladyi are thick pancakes whose batter is made from Kefir and yogurt. It was mentioned in the Domostroy which is the Russian book for household rules etc. The sweet Oladyi is served with Smetana which is a sour cream while the savory ones are served with caviar. It is both sweet and sour and surely different from all the pancakes you’ve had before.

6. Kaiserschmarrn

Image Credits – Lea Lou

Presenting to you fluffy shredded pancakes from Austria. Kaiser means ‘emperor’ and Schmarren means a ‘shredded/scrambled dish’ but can also mean ‘non sense’. But it is usually referred to as the ‘emperor’s mess’. It is usually eaten as dessert and is accompanied by Zwetschogenroster which is a plum fruit compote. Kaiserschmarrn is torn into bite-sized pieces while baking it.

7. Japanese Souffle Pancake

japanese souffle pancake
Image Credits – Tasty

They are fluffy. They are pillowy. They are cotton-candy like. And they just melt in your mouth. This pancake is definitely the comfort food of Japan. What makes it soft and different from other pancakes is the fact that meringue is added to the batter. The souffle pancakes are often topped with whipped cream and maple syrup.

8. Aebleskiver

Image Credits – Sandras Kokken

The major difference between pancakes and Aebleskiver is that the latter is spherical in shape. It is a Danish dessert and the name means ‘apple slices’. A special pan is required to bake this, it has hemispherical indentations in which the batter is poured. It does not have any taste by itself, so it is topped with different fruit jams. Aebleskiver is often accompanied by Scandinavian wine or coffee.

9. Hotteok

Image Credits – One Green Planet

Hotteok is a Korean street food that is popular during winter. It is a sweet pancake that is stuffed with a gooey sweet syrup that you just cannot resist. There are also savory versions to it that are stuffed with vegetables or simply cheese. It is believed that Hotteok was introduced by Chinese merchants who immigrated to Korea in the 19th century.

10. Dorayaki

Image Credits – Craftlog

If you watched Doraemon as a kid, you will know what this is. Popularly known as the ‘Japanese Red Bean Pancake’, Dorayaki is two small pancakes wrapped around an azuki bean paste. Dora means ‘gong’ and a Sumarai named Benkei forgot his dora in a farmer’s house and that farmer used the dora to make pancakes, thereby the name, Dorayaki. It is Doraemon’s favorite thing in the whole wide world.

11. Dutch Baby

dutch baby
Image Credits – The Kitchn

It is a German pancake that is baked in the oven. It is believed to be first introduced by Manca’s Café in Seattle. It is usually served with squeezed lemons and fruit syrups. It is more like a pillow with its edges raised high, giving it a hollow shape in the middle. The edges are crispy but the insides are airy and fluffy. It can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or even as a dessert.

12. Dosa

Image Credits – Projects

Hailing from the South Indian cuisine, Dosa is a savory crepe. Dosa is filled with mashed potatoes and masala. They do not taste sweet, they are mostly sour. It is often accompanied by sambhar which is a vegetable stew or chowder and chutney which is a sauce. It is absolutely delicious and both soft and crispy at the same time. It is a favorite breakfast dish all over the country.

13. Apam Balik

apam balik
Image Credits – Penang Monthly

Apam Balik is a Malaysian peanut pancake turnover that is stuffed with buttery peanut. It has a honeycomb texture because of the yeast. There are both thin and thick versions of Apam Balik. The thin one is crispy while the thick one is fluffy but they both are equally delightful. It is also part of the street food in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Apam Balik has various other names across Southeast Asia.

If you are a true pancake fan, you will not miss out on any of these varieties. You will disappoint Doraemon, if you do not do so.

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