12 Best Indian Appetizers You Must Try

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Best Indian Appetizers You Must Try

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As we all know Indian food is different from the rest of the world not only in taste but also in cooking methods. It reflects our various cultures. Indian food is the blend of varied herbs and spices which makes food unique in every aspect. Indian food is not only good in taste but it also quite healthy. In India, people enjoy food over everything whether it’s a small get-together or a grand party. In India, there are different types of appetizers or starters. Indian appetizers are full of spices and herbs. From crispy pakodas to chaats everyone enjoys the mouthwatering tastes of these appetizers.

12 Best Indian Appetizers You Must Try


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Samosa is a popular appetizer originally from Central Asia. It further traveled with the help of Muslim merchants of trade routes to India. Samosa is the basic appetizer in India. Samosa is prepared in the shape of a triangle and the filling of the samosa is delicious. Whenever there is a celebration of something samosa is the basic appetizer served by an Indian. Also, samosa makes a good team with chutney, tea, and ketchup. Also for those who want to experiment with the fillings of samosa, there is no limit. From regular potato stuffing to spinach, peas, onions, and capsicum, to coconut stuffing, the limit is endless.


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Paneer tikka is made with marinated paneer cubes arranged on skewers and grilled or baked in the oven. It can be easily made at home. You can add different flavors to the paneer tikka by adding onions, tomatoes and capsicum, and different spices. Mint chutney or coriander chutney would be the best condiments. Paneer tikka is considered an easy and tasty appetizer recipe. It is a famous Indian appetizer or starter that is generally served at Indian weddings and parties. The mouthwatering flavors of paneer tikka can make anyone happy.


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A simple and tasty appetizer mainly prepared from potato tikki with other chaat chutneys and spices. It is mainly originated from North India but hugely popular all over India today. Evenly cut squares of boiled potatoes and first fried in a deep sea of oil. After resting it out for a while it is then mixed with green coriander chutney, lemon juice, spices-salt, red chilly powder, and chaat masala. This humble combination is then scooped out into a small plate, pierced with a toothpick, and served. At home, it is easy to make this appetizer. You can use different chutneys according to your preference and taste. If you taste this appetizer then I don’t think you can easily forget the taste of Aloo tikki chaat.


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Pav bhaji is popular Mumbai street food. Pav bhaji is considered to be one of the best street food items available in India. You can easily make bhaji at home by adding veggies such as cauliflower, peas, carrots, capsicum, onions and tomatoes with garlic paste and finally add potatoes and cook the Pav bhaji at home. It is not only gives a boost to your taste buds but also gives you satisfaction with its crispness and taste. Pav bhaji is one of the appetizers available in every Indian wedding. Although, it’s cheap, easy and quick to prepare light but nutritious food.


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Every region in India has something unique to offer. However, when it comes to North India chaat seem to regin the palates and Dahi bhalla has always been one of the most popular chaat variants when it comes to authentic food. Dahi bhalla is a popular form of chaat. Dahi bhalla is a common appetizer and is often prepared fir parties, weddings and festivals. Made with lentil and yoghurt, this easy to make recipe is loved by all age group. It is easy to digest and is healthy food.


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Kebabs are typically enjoyed as a snack or appetizer and are usually accompanied by raw onions, lemons wedges and various chutneys. Boti kebab consists of chunks of meat(mutton, chicken, lamb or beef) that are soaked in a mixture of yogurt, garlic, ginger, chilies and spices. After the marinating process the meat chunks are skewered and grilled to perfection, then brushed with ghee. So if you are a non-vegetarian lover who likes to dig into spicy and flavorful dishes, then this kebab recipe is something you must try at home.


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Khandvi is a savory snacks in Gujarati cuisine. It is yellowish in color, tightly rolled bite-sized pieces and is made of gram flour and curd. It is not only easy to make but also a healthy snack. This is a good appetizer or late afternoon snack that you can usually eat with green chutney. Khandvi is readily available across India and is commonly eaten as an appetizer or snack.


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Crispy and flaky Dal ki kachori is the best enjoyed and popular snack from North India. It’s a deep fried pastry filled with onions, peas, potatoes and dal. It is usually eaten with chutney or spicy aloo sabzi with a cup of tea. The most important part of the recipe is to ensure that the kachoris turn crispy and flaky. Dal ki kachori us a timeless snack, enjoyed by all generations in most North Indian household.


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Deep fried bhujia is made of gram flour but a variety of flours like moong, moth and even mashed potatoes are used to make different kinds of bhujia. Bikaneri bhujia has been a cottage industry in Bikaner, Rajasthan. Light yellow in color, it has become popular snacks all over India.


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Chicken seekh kebab are a quintessential Indian snack that is a part of every party or get-together. They are made of finely minced chicken tightly mixed together and cooked on skewers(seekh), which are put in a tandoor or in the grill or oven. The smoky spicy flavors of chicken seekh kebabs are simply hard to resist. You can serve these delicious seekh kebabs along with green chutney, onions and lemon wedges.


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Dhokla is a steamed cake from the Gujarat region. It’s a savory, sweet, and spicy flavor with a soft and spongy texture. Since dhokla is steamed and not fried, it is easy to digest. Steaming helps to save many calories and also makes the snacks light and healthy. You can also serve dhokla with green chutney and garnish with coriander leaves.


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Namak para is an Indian snack that is crispy and crunchy but you can also make it healthy. It’s prepared using wheat flour, salt, ghee, black pepper, and carom seeds. Serve this snack with evening tea or as a snack to munch on during parties. So instead of buying, you can make healthy baked namak para at home and enjoy it with your family and friends with a cup of tea.


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