10 Expensive Food Items The World Has To Offer

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Expensive Food


Well, who doesn’t like to splurge a bit on an ornate meal now and then, right? They assert that you don’t need a silver fork to appreciate a good meal. There’s certainly a whole spectrum of surprisingly expensive food items that carry a price tag one would never have guessed was possible. So, let us find out which are the world’s most expensive foods that would empty your wallet right away. 

10 Surprisingly Expensive Food Items The World Has To Offer

1. Saffron

Saffron- Expensive food

Saffron is a spice, which is also nicknamed as ‘Red Gold’. The harvesting plus its diverse flavor, aroma, and color make it the most expensive spice around the globe. Saffron threads are the stamens of the Crocus Sativus flower, a tricky to grow plant that propagates through human cultivation. Saffron only fully blooms for rare hours a day, and each flower results in just three tiny saffron threads. It takes over 50,000 flowers to generate just one pound of saffron- laborious work that requires skilled labor to do right! Hence, the hefty price tag comes off as no surprise.

2. Matsutake Mushrooms

Matsutake Mushrooms

The Matsutake mushroom is valuable because of its aberration. While its chronological predominance meant it was nearly compatible with autumn in Japan, Japanese have comprehended consuming them since chronological times. The expense of mushrooms picked in Japan varies widely every year because of the hazardous production process. The world’s extensively expensive mushroom can be acquired for around $1,000 per pound, though prices for particular mushrooms may reach up to $2,000 per pound. These mushrooms are known more for their spiced, fruity odor than their flavor and is an adored gift in the Japanese corporate world.

3. Vanilla


It attires just about every dessert we know, from modest cookies to show-stopping cakes. Vanilla is the second most valuable spice in the world today and one of the most expensive food items. The vanilla pod is complicated to grow and yield, which is why most of the vanilla available is artificial. The vanilla that many of us use is in a more accessible, liquid form and is derived from soaking practical vanilla beans in water and liquor. Actual vanilla pods however can command as much as $200 per pound.

4. The Yubari Melon

The Yubari Melon

Yubari King melons, named after a town in Hokkaido (Japan) where they are cultivated, commonly command a decent expense. Their distinct variation is also called the “Yubari King ”. Yubari melons are unique as they progress their substantial expense from their renowned sweetness. A top-grade Yubari melon is faultlessly spherical and has an extremely soft husk. A fraction of the stem, which is pruned with scissors, is left on prime for aesthetic appeal. Some Japanese people present Yubari King melons as souvenirs.

5. The Golden Phoenix Cupcake

The Golden Phoenix Cupcake

Have you ever heard of The Golden Phoenix? No? Well in that case, you are completely normal just like me. While you spend around $4 on your cupcake, affluent people expend wait for it-$1,000 for this cupcake! Are you shocked by this price tag? Oh man, yes you are. The Golden Phoenix may not be so rich in nutrients, but it certainly is in allegorical significance. And certainly, it’s precisely the symbolic significance connected to the chocolate cupcake, which makes rich people amass it in the first place. 

6. Kopi Luwak Coffee

Kopi Luwak Coffee

It’s the “celebrity’s coffee”, if that’s a thing and quite perhaps the foremost expensive coffee around the globe. “Kopi” is the idiom for coffee within the Bahasa Indonesian terminology and “Luwak” is an Indonesian phrase of the Asian palm civet. Kopi Luwak is manufactured from a seed that has been chewed, embodied and excreted by the Civet cat. The justification behind utilizing the cat poop coffee beans over the other coffee beans is that during the digestion procedure of these, the beans undergo through a variety of fermenting methods. Rare, right?

7. Nakazawa Milk

Nakazawa Milk

And of course, how can one have outrageously luxurious coffee without outrageously luxurious milk? The most expensive milk on the market comes raw from Japan. The confidentiality behind its integrity is that the milk is taken from cows only once a week at daylight when the animals discharge higher levels of the hormone. It is said to comprise three to four times as much Melatonin, a hormone that has been proven to reduce stress.

8. White Truffles

White Truffles

How much would you spend for a fungus? The indulgence cousins of the mushroom, Truffles are a lenient food appreciated across the world. Real Truffles are seasonal and expensive, with a low ledge life. They’re one of the expensive food items because they’re difficult to discover, baffling to grow, and unthinkable to stock for any duration of time. 

9. Moose Milk Cheese

Moose Milk Cheese

Sweden’s ranch is the world’s only producer of this creamy fineness, where Moose cheese is finely produced from moose milk on large scale. Assortments of Moose cheese are produced in Sweden by Christer and Ulla Johansson, famously known for Moose cheese production at their setting called “Moose House” or “Elk House”. There are three variations of moose cheese generated over including it in the most expensive food items.

10. Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic Vinegar

If you’re a foodie, and you adore touring, chances are you already know about the traditional Aceto Balsamico Di Modena. Food & Wine Journal says Balsamic is the “Emperor of Vinegars”, and that the more ancient a bottle is, the more valuable it is. The Balsamic vinegar has a lot of flavors and a mild, syrup-like density. The aging procedure is a serious accomplishment that can take anywhere from 12-100 years and commands intensive care. Some bottles of authentic Balsamic vinegar can run packed to $400 a bottle- no quip!

These were the 10 of the most surprisingly expensive food in the world. What are you ready to empty your pockets for?


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