10 Expensive Food Items The World Has To Offer

Well, who doesn’t like to splurge a bit on an ornate meal now and then, right? They assert that you don’t need a silver fork to appreciate a good meal. There’s certainly a whole spectrum of surprisingly expensive food items that carry a price tag one would never have guessed was possible. So, let us find out which are the world’s most expensive foods that would empty your wallet right away.  10 Surprisingly Expensive Food Items The World Has To Offer 1. Saffron Saffron is a spice, which is also nicknamed as ‘Red Gold’. The harvesting plus its diverse flavor, … Read more

Kashmiri Kahwa, The Heavenly Drink Of Kashmir!

Have you experienced the unbelievably beautiful place of Kashmir and the Kashmiri Kahwa? The beauty of Kashmir fascinates its visitors from all over the world. The soothing and appealing climate of Kashmir makes it one of the best tourist destinations of all time. Kashmir has always been known for the perfect cup of tea with a traditional flavor that makes it the best one among others. But according to a person who is a huge fan of tea, I believe ‘A cup of TEA a day, makes the creativity stay.’ Hence, I guess this is the only reason which makes … Read more

7 Traditional Sweets to Have When You’re in Maharashtra

Sweets and desserts are an integral part of any culture. They display the true essence of the culture and the flavours associated with the place. Maharashtra is renowned for its drooling desserts and sweets that are consumed on every special occasion and festival. A trip to Maharashtra is incomplete without savouring these lip-smacking Maharashtrian sweets. 7 Traditional Sweets to Have When You’re in Maharashtra 1. Puran Poli  Puran Poli is one of the most popular sweet dishes in Maharashtra. It is an Indian flatbread comprising of plain flour, jaggery stuffing along with chana dal( yellow gram), cardamom powder, nutmeg powder, … Read more