12 Best Foods that Help You Have a Peaceful Sleep

In today’s life, where there is continuous hustle and bustle in life like completing an assignment on time, office meetings, managing issues of family and professional life, and many more. But this makes us feel more stress and anxiety in regular life, which leads to overthinking, ultimately leading to sleepless nights, i.e., insomnia. Because of this we are tired and are not able to complete our tasks throughout the day efficiently. People to relieve themselves from stress and get better sleep prefer trying to include yoga and exercise in their daily schedule, but you’ll be surprised to know that there … Read more

10 Types of Butter You Didn’t Know

From using it on toast and bread in the morning for breakfast to using it on literally anything like Maggi, pancakes, waffles etc. 20 liters of whole milk is used to make 1 kg of butter and contains vitamins A and D and some amount of calcium. It is unknown when butter was developed first, but in the 19th century the making of butter went from farms to factories, and it was after World War 2 that it became widely famous and ended being the most enjoyable dairy product. Butter is now manufactured widely in local farms by hands and … Read more

13 Recipes that will boost your immunity

These are trying times and we need to take precautions and stay at home. Besides washing hands, self-quarantining, sleeping, and lowering our stress, we also need to eat food that is healthy, nutritious, and good, which will help us boost our immunity and increase our chances of staying well.In this critical time, it is essential to have the food that your body needs and make a decision to move into healthy eating habits and choices. 13 Recipes that will boost your immunity 1. Palak Khichdi Nutritious khichdi is made with mung lentils, rice, spinach, and peanuts. It’s simple to make, … Read more

12 Types Of Sushi Rolls You Must Know About

Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish that usually has raw fish or seafood in it, wrapped with seaweed (nori). Sushi has also always been an integral part of Japanese culture historically. Though there are hundreds of sushi dishes that are available at the market. You might still find it difficult to select the kind of sushi you can eat. So for your convenience, we have curated 12 must-try sushi rolls that you should not miss out on. 12 Types Of Sushi Rolls You Must Know About 1. Alaska Roll The first sushi dish we are going to talk about is … Read more

12 Delightful Mushroom Dishes for Your Next Meal

Today, we are going to talk about a very interesting food item that is often ignored by most people. Mushrooms are not only high in vitamin D, and antioxidants but also have many important medicinal uses. Mushrooms are fleshy and soft, which makes them great for curries and soups. Let’s quickly jump on to our list of 12 delightful mushroom dishes that you can start making today. 12 Delightful Mushroom Dishes for Your Next Meal 1. Creamy Mushroom Soup We are going to begin our list with creamy mushroom soup. Not only will this soup settle your bad mood, but … Read more

17 Varieties Of Dosas Found On The Streets Of Mumbai

“Mumbai – The City of Dreams”, is known for its authentically twisted street food items. And especially when we speak about the types of Dosas in Mumbai, the list is endless. Every stall has a different yet unique recipe of Dosa. These are made with a fusion of vegetables, pasta, sauces, cheese, and whatnot! Whether you want to have something buttery or extra spicy, these Dosas come in all types of flavors! 17 Varieties Of Dosas Found On The Streets Of Mumbai 1. Butter Sada Dosa Well, this is one of the most common Dosa you will find on the … Read more

10 Mouth Watering Recipes that you can devour with Paneer

In India, Paneer is loved by almost everyone around the country, be it adults or kids, each one of them are lover of Paneer. Just the addition of the name “Paneer” to any recipe makes people already assume that the dish would be definitely appealing and tasty. Whenever a dish comprising of Paneer is prepared at home, you can just see a smile automatically spreading across your face.Paneer basically is a form of cheese that is quite common and popular in India. The curry or gravy generally prepared in a Paneer dish is lip-smacking as it is spicy, creamy, and … Read more

11 Foods that will Help you Burn Body Fat

Many people are annoyed by their body fat, but in most people, it is especially belly fat, and they want to get rid of it. And so, to remove the fat, people generally join a gym or hire a trainer and work really hard. But there are certain natural foods available that can ease up or help you reduce your body fat which can make you reach your goal fast. Instead of running behind the supplements that are not healthy, why not switch to these natural fat burners? 11 Foods that will Help you Burn Body Fat 1. Coffee Coffee … Read more

11 Dishes to Make from our Daily Boring Bottle Gourd (Lauki)

Lauki is a nutritious summer vegetable that has a special place in Indian cooking. Many people hate it because of its bland flavor and pale appearance. Nonetheless, it is a regular on our dinner table.It is, however, low in calories and high in nutrients that help lower cholesterol, control blood pressure, aid weight loss, boost liver function, and relieve skin problems. It is beneficial to include this vegetable in your diet because it is very nutritious for our bodies. 11 Dishes to Make from our daily boring Bottle Gourd (Lauki) 1. Lauki Soup Bottle gourd soup is thick, rich, smooth, … Read more

11 Foods to Eat to Heal Our Sore Throat

Sore throat is a phenomenon in our body from which we commonly suffer, everyone does, at least once in a year due to common cold or sudden weather changes or due to certain dust allergies. Even though it lasts only for a week, it does make us feel uneasy due to that hoarse voice or no voice at all due to cough accumulation and uneasiness in swallowing or that constant irritation in the throat, it truly does make us uncomfortable and makes us ineffective during our work at the office. But you would be glad to know that there are … Read more

11 Appetizing Snacks to Eat in the Monsoon

Our hearts begin to crave for something spicy and crunchy to eat during the rainy season. A plate of pakodas and masala tea cannot be considered full on a rainy day. Every state in India, on the other hand, has its own monsoon delicacy to fit its palate.Monsoon is the season that provides us with the ideal opportunity to spend time with our friends and family while enjoying a plate of warm and crispy fried snacks. 11 Appetizing Snacks to Eat in the Monsoon 1. Batata Vada Batata Vada is a popular Indian vegetarian fast food in Maharashtra, India. Mashed … Read more

10 Best Indian Lentil Dals

India is a country that is blessed with a variety of foods, owing to the different cultures. Dal is one of the most famous ingredients used in Indian cuisine. From the bright yellow chana dal to the tasty moong dal. Along with taste, they are loaded with health benefits such as low calories, rich in iron, and a great source of protein. They can be easily cooked within 20-30 minutes. Here are 10 tasty dal recipes you can make and enjoy a delicious meal with your loved ones. 10 Best Indian Lentil Dals 1. Dal Tadka Dal tadka is a … Read more

10 Best Brunch Foods to Eat in India

The word ‘Brunch’ originated in the late 1800s in England and it was traditionally served as a buffet. As the name suggests, it is a cross between breakfast and lunch usually eaten during late mornings. Brunches are ideal on Sunday afternoons when breakfast is out of the question and it’s too early to have lunch. If you live in one of the metro cities, chances are you’d be heading to a Sunday brunch on a breezy morning. 10 Best Brunch Foods to Eat in India 1. CURD RICE Curd rice or dahi chawal may have originated as a South Indian … Read more

15 Types of Berries You Need to Try Today

Berry or berries are cute, small, pulpy, yum, round fruit that comes in different colors like blue, red, and purple! Different types of berries are often used for desserts and jams, these are sour and sweet. They tend to have an excellent nutritional profile. They’re typically high in fiber and vitamin C. Literally, anyone can have them any time, and the soft chew-able ones can surely make your taste buds happy. The berries in the fruit industry vary from country to country, and so do the types of berries growing or cultivated in the wild. There are some edible berries, … Read more

10 Amazing Mug Recipes To Try While You’re At Home

Mug recipes are something really easy and fast. As the restrictions on going out have canceled most of our plans, eating and binging have picked up the pace lately. For someone who lives alone and has to cook for themselves, this can be a challenging time but here we will tell you how microwaves and mugs can brighten up your day while you cook food. 10 Amazing Mug Recipes To Try While You’re At Home 1. Donut In A Mug Donuts are something everyone loves because they are so customizable, they go with everything whether it is jam, chocolate, cream, … Read more

12 Famous Paneer Dishes In India

Paneer, also known as “Indian cottage cheese” is one of the most versatile and enticing food items from South-Asian cuisine. A popular north Indian ingredient, Paneer is also known as ‘chhenna’ in eastern parts of India. Protein and calcium are naturally contained in paneer, making it the perfect substitute for non-vegetarian protein sources. To savor Paneer in its finest form, try these stunning recipes: 12 Famous Paneer Dishes In India 1. Paneer Butter Masala Butter with Paneer sounds like a delicious combination, and so it is. It is said that this dish originated in Delhi’s Moti Mahal Restaurant where the … Read more