11 Foods to Eat to Heal Our Sore Throat

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Foods to Eat to Heal Our Sore Throat

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Sore throat is a phenomenon in our body from which we commonly suffer, everyone does, at least once in a year due to common cold or sudden weather changes or due to certain dust allergies. Even though it lasts only for a week, it does make us feel uneasy due to that hoarse voice or no voice at all due to cough accumulation and uneasiness in swallowing or that constant irritation in the throat, it truly does make us uncomfortable and makes us ineffective during our work at the office.

But you would be glad to know that there are actually foodstuffs that can naturally help us heal or soothe our sore throat. These food items consist of such useful factors that they make us feel easy and help us cope with the situation of a sore throat.

11 Foods to Eat to Heal Our Sore Throat

1. Fruit Smoothies

These fruit smoothies will help you to cure or relieve your throat. The ingredients used in it are bananas, milk, lemon juice, turmeric, ginger and maple syrup for sweetness. You can drink two glasses of the smoothie in a day.

2. Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes have a soft texture and the ingredients in it help you to boost your immune system. It also provides nutrients such as magnesium, antioxidants, and vitamins. It will also help you to feel soothing in your throat.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt is a powerhouse of nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. It contains probiotic bacteria which helps to protect your immune system. Also, yogurt is cool and has a soft texture which nourishes your sore throat.

4. Ginger-honey Tea

Ginger-honey tea is very healthy to drink when one suffers from a sore throat. Ginger and honey have anti-nausea, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Ginger and honey taken together boosts the effectiveness.

5. Soups

Hot soups are very beneficial when you are suffering from a sore throat or cough. There are varieties of soups that you may try such as ginger soup, tomato soup, cabbage soup, and manchow soup. The warmness of the soup helps your throat to cure.

6. Turmeric Milk

Turmeric milk is the most popular and beneficial item that you can drink during a cough or sore throat. Turmeric is a powerhouse of antioxidants and has an antiseptic property that will cure your cough within a few days.

7. Whole wheat Pasta

Whole wheat pasta is a great way to heal your sore throat as it has a soft texture. Also, it is very delicious to eat even it is consumed during a cough. Pasta is hot and a source of low fat. It is loaded with many nutrients such as vitamins, fiber, iron, and zinc.

8. Banana

Bananas are healthy, soft and easy to swallow in a sore throat. You can also consume it in the from of a smoothie or mash it. Bananas are helpful for your sore throat as it will give a gentle effect in your throat.

9. Boiled Carrots

Boiled carrots are very beneficial when you are sick or having a cough. Eating boiled carrots helps you to feel relieved and cozy. Eating raw carrots can generate the pain in your throat. You can also add spices into it for flavor.

10. Cabbage

Cabbage is advised to those who are suffering from sore throat or cough as it has anti-inflammatory properties which reduces the swelling in your throat. It also contains vitamins that helps in reducing headaches during colds.

11. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is high in fiber, magnesium, zinc, and antioxidants. It helps in reducing the toxins in your body. It also has a soft texture which helps to soothe your sore throat and you can swallow it easily during cold.

So, these are some of the beneficial food items that will definitely help you heal your sore throat. They comprise many helpful elements that will absolutely help soothe your throat from irritation and uneasiness while swallowing.

So, you should definitely try these food items when you suffer from a sore throat or recommend these foods to the people you know when they suffer from a sore throat, these foods will definitely help you and them get relief from it.

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