Riya Jain

11 Lip-Smacking Dishes You Can Prepare With Corn

Corn, also known as maize, is one of the most common and popular cereal grains. It contains fiber, vitamins, and minerals in an ample...

11 Foods To Help You Increase Your Haemoglobin Levels

Haemoglobin is a protein found in red blood cells, which is highly rich in iron. It is one of the most critical proteins as...

13 Korean Recipes Which Can Be Turned Into Amazing Vegetarian Delights

From catchy K-pop tunes to complex skincare products, it seems the world is going wild for Korean culture at the moment, and the love...

10 Hearty Rava Recipes You Should Absolutely Try

Rava, also known as Sooji and Semolina in India, is made up of dried wheat. This fine and granulated rava is used by roasting...

13 Delightful German Vegetarian Dishes To Explore!

Germany is best known for its sausages, and one must be wondering how a vegetarian could think of living here, right? But you’ll be...

15 Vegetarian Protein-Rich Foods To Help Weight Loss

Protein is one of the most important nutrients that is required by the body. Eating protein-rich foods has many benefits; it helps you lose...

13 Delightful Indian Snacks From The Cart

Indian snacks and its street food are considered to be the hidden gem of Indian cuisine. India is a diverse country in culture and...

12 Easy Vegetarian Salads To Add To Your Meal

Salads, especially vegetarian salads, are among the most nutritious and healthy foods that you can add to your daily diet as they add freshness...

13 Soothing Food Items That Help Overcome Acidity

Acidity or acid reflux is a common condition in which the stomach acid flows back and irritates the food pipe inner lining, hence giving...

Rice water: Definitely a boon for our health

Rice water is the water full of starch which is obtained by draining boiled rice or by boiling rice till the time it dissolves...

11 Delicious Bread Toast Recipes to Try Out Now

Bread is a common food item and can be found in the shelves of almost every household. It is immensely loved by people, be...

9 Dry Fruits: Gems Of A Healthy Life

Dry fruits are fruits from which the majority of the original water content has been taken out, mainly through sun drying. They are rich...

13 Delicious, Spicy Vegan Dishes You Need To Try Now

Vegan food means boiled vegetables or a salad in a bowl; this is what a lot of people imagine. Vegan food does not mean...

12 Popular Ice Cream Brands In India

Ice cream is a dessert loved by people across all generations. From kids to adults to our elders, this cold, creamy, sweet treat has...

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