13 Best Desserts You Must Try Out in Delhi

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Desserts You Must Try Out in Delhi

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Desserts are like the perfect happy ending of a blockbuster movie. The deliciousness of Delhi food is not just limited to the savory dishes, as they have an equally scrumptious variety of decadent desserts as well. The narrow lanes of old Delhi, CR Park, and Karol Bagh are some of the most famous places to devour the tastiest desserts that Delhi has to offer. Here are some amazing sweet desserts in Delhi, which will surely melt your heart and leave your taste buds craving more.

13 Best Desserts You Must Try Out in Delhi

1. Karachi Halwa

Karachi Halwa
Source: Delight Foods

Karachi Halwa is one of the most famous specialties of old Delhi. It is made from corn flour, ghee, and loads of dry fruits. This sticky and chewy halwa is nothing like the normal halwa that is available everywhere. It is extremely sweet and rich. It is perfect for gifting purposes as its extremely sweet and rich.

2. Radbi Falooda

Radbi Falooda
Source: Zomato

Rabdi falooda is an appetizing dish made from vermicelli and thick and incredibly flavorful condensed milk called rabdi. This cool dessert is perfect for summer because of its refreshing taste. The modern versions of this dish also include chia seeds, flavoured syrups, and ice cream, though the taste of traditional Rabdi falooda from Chandni chowk is unparalleled.

3. Burfi


Burfi is a staple Indian dessert made from khoya, ghee, sugar, and dry fruits. They are available in a variety of flavours, colours, designs, and textures making it an all-around dessert that captivates people of different taste preferences. Some of the most loved burfis are Kaaju burfi, Doda burfi, coconut burfi, badam burfi, and gajar burfi.

4. Malpua

Source: Pinterest

Malpua is the Indian version of pancakes. It is made by deep-frying the batter to ensure that the crust is crunchy and inside is moist. Indians prefer their desserts to be extremely sweet so the malpua is soaked in sugar syrup. It can be eaten as it is, but to elevate this humble dish to the next level it can also be enjoyed with rabdi. The dish is garnished with dry fruits and silver foil to give it majestically.

5. Kulfi

Source: Zomato

Kulfi is a native Indian ice cream made from slow-cooked milk, sugar, saffron, and dry fruits. It is sold by local mobile vendors all across the city. It provides respite from the hot Delhi weather. It’s available in a lot of different flavours like chocolate, strawberry, and mango. Its texture is richer and creamier than ice cream. Matka kulfi is a special type of kulfi that is served in earthen pots rather than sticks. Both these kulfis have exceptional taste.

6. Shahi Sheermal

Shahi Sheermal

It is a royal dish made from milk, ghee, butter, cardamom, and sugar and is cooked in tandoor. It is a sweet bread that is crunchy from the outside and soft and fluffy from the inside. The dish is sometimes garnished with dry fruits to increase its appeal. The best Shahi Sheermal can be found in Old Delhi.

7. Ras Malai

Ras Malai
Source: Pinterest

Soft and spongy rasgullas are served with flavoured milk to create this mouth-watering dessert. The combination of milk seasoned with dry fruits, cardamom, saffron and the fluffy rasgullas is a match made in heaven. This dish is not extremely sweet and is served cold. It is a perfect dessert for festivals and celebrations.

8. Patisa

Source: Pinterest

Patisa is a heavier version of son papdi, which is a flaky melt in your mouth sweet dish. The rich flavour of desi ghee is prominent in this dish. This luscious dish is a must-have dessert for people with a sweet tooth.

9. Ladoo

Source: Craftlog

Ladoos are the most loved dessert in India. Various types of ladoos like Motichoor ladoo, besan ladoo, and boondi ladoos are devoured by people in festivals and are also offered to gods in temples. So apart from being a palatable delicacy, they have religious significance as well.

10. Khurchan

Source: Pinterest

Khurchan is a special old Delhi sweet dish made purely from milk. The milk is slow-cooked for several hours till it can be layered one above the other. This finished product is sprinkled with powdered sugar. This dish cannot be found easily in other places of Delhi, which adds to its appeal. It tastes similar to a milk cake. It’s rich, creamy, and addictive. It is mildly sweet and not too heavy on the palate.

11. Shahi Tukra

Shahi Tukra

Shahi means royal and tukra means piece. This dish definitely justifies its name as its a royalty in the world of desserts. Shahi Tukra is a rich and creamy decadent delight made from cool rabdi and warm bread pudding. Bread is deep-fried in desi ghee and it is left to absorb the flavour for 5-7 hours to get the maximum taste of the desi ghee. People who don’t like rabdi can relish this dish as it is or with ice cream as well. The crunch of dry fruits and cherries makes it even more scrumptious.

12. Gajar ka Halwa

Gajar ka Halwa
Source: Pinterest

Gajar ka Halwa is a sweet dish made from carrots. The carrot is cooked with sugar, desi ghee, and khoya and garnished with lots of dry fruits to make it rich. It is eaten during the winter. It is easy to make and this simplicity enables the flavour of carrot and khoya to shine.

13. Moong Dal Halwa

Moong Dal Halwa
Source: The Statesman

Moong Dal Halwa is also relished during the winters. Moong dal is cooked to perfection in desi ghee. It also has a lot of khoya and dry fruit, which makes this dish even richer. It melts as soon as it goes into the mouth and is one of the most loved Indian desserts.

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