13 Heartwarming Indian Winter Sweets

You are a winter lover if you feel a sense of inner peace and serenity when you cover yourself with a warm blanket as soon as you hop on the bed after a long day. The cozy sweaters, nippy weather, and morning fogs are just so glorious for the human eye. In India, as soon as the winter arrives, there are a variety of delightful dessert items that we just can’t ignore. The warmth, mild sweetness, and oozing flavors are too good to describe. Let’s check out the 13 heartwarming Indian winter sweets one by one: 1. Peanut Chikki A … Read more

12 Best Indian Dairy Delights India Has to Offer

Dairy plays a key in the creation of many of India’s finest dishes adding richness, moistness, and an additional layer of flavor. The most common dairy products found in Indian cuisine are milk, cream, yogurt, cheese, and ghee. The usage of milk is found mostly in North Indian recipes that give birth to some of the best Indian dairy delights that the country has to offer. Dairy foods are essential because they build and repair muscles and tissues for children’s growth. Cooking with dairy products gives better results when they are properly used and applied. 12 Best Indian Dairy Delights … Read more

13 Best Desserts You Must Try Out in Delhi

Desserts are like the perfect happy ending of a blockbuster movie. The deliciousness of Delhi food is not just limited to the savory dishes, as they have an equally scrumptious variety of decadent desserts as well. The narrow lanes of old Delhi, CR Park, and Karol Bagh are some of the most famous places to devour the tastiest desserts that Delhi has to offer. Here are some amazing sweet desserts in Delhi, which will surely melt your heart and leave your taste buds craving more. 13 Best Desserts You Must Try Out in Delhi 1. Karachi Halwa Karachi Halwa is … Read more