19 Delicious Foods to Eat in Canada

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Foods to Eat in Canada

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Canada’s beauty starting from cliffs, and glaciers to lakes and forests is sort of a phenomenal view in itself. In fact, Canada is frequently lauded as the world’s most habitable country. And let’s not just ignore the particular fact who wouldn’t love having The Epic Canadian food that we all have heard of? Explore this list of traditional Canadian dishes that this magical land has created for the earth including a captivating blend of sweet and savoury foods. Wondering what foods to hunt out on your next Canadian vacation? Read to find out more.

19 Delicious Foods to Eat in Canada

1. Butter Tarts

Source: The New York Times

A delicious Canadian traditional dish that can’t be missed. A flaky pie crust filled with a sweet raisin stuffing. And there may be no additional faultlessly convincing delight than a Canadian butter tart. Today there are numerous variations, runny or firm? raisins or plain? This recipe can be modified to amuse all fanatics. 

2. Poutine

Source – Hello Flavour.ca

A Canadian specialty, poutine a.k.a. Canadian French fries is an incredible and tasty concoction of fries, gravy and cheese curds and is one of the most extraordinary Canadian dishes! Various small cities in Quebec are alleged to have developed this dish and are said to date back to the 1950s. Real poutine utilizes peppery meat-based sauce and “squeaky” curds on fries. And  If you’re up for a real celebration, there are also annual poutine festivals in cities across the country that you can visit.

3. Montreal-Style Bagel

Source: King Arthur

Montreal bagels are a unique breed, chewy and tinged with tantalizing sweetness. The actual thing is that this traditional Canadian dish is baked in wooden ovens, which give the bagels an irregularly roasted outer surface. The sweet and chewy essence of Montreal bagels makes them so that they can be eaten simply. So put away the cheese, jam and butter because once you have got fresh, Montreal bagels, you’ll want to enjoy them just as they are! 

4. Bannock

Source – Lavender And Lovage

It is believed that Bannock was invented to show how cheap grains can be transformed into simple, unleavened bread. Originally, Bannock was prepared by mixing grain meal barley, beremeal, oats, rye, or perhaps wheat when available, with some salt, fat, and water. The fashionable times introduced new ingredients, such as flour, buttermilk, and bicarbonate of soda, making the Bannocks airier and less chewy. 

5. All-Dressed Chips

Source: Fast Company

The best thing to come back out of Canada is maybe a smorgasbord style snack that comes with all of your favourite flavours, like barbecue, salt and vinegar, bitter cream and onion, and even ketchup, into what is really going to become your current favourite snack: All Dressed Chips. With All-Dressed, you get the truest of each world. They accomplish simplicity and complexity within the same bite. This unholy mashup of chip flavours could be a must-try traditional Canadian dish.

6. Donairs

Source: Canadian Living

Donairs are a delicacy prevalent in Canada, they’re very easy to prepare and very tasty. The donair wasn’t invented by a Canadian or maybe somebody from Turkey – Peter Gamoulakos is the man accountable, a Greek who emigrated to Canada within the 1950s. When his traditional gyros weren’t earned too well by the Canadian customers, he changed the recipe and adapted it to their taste. The result was donair and that is when it went on everyone’s lips. So if you happen to be there soon, don’t forget to strive the donair.

7. Caesars Cocktail

Source: 5minutesformom

This drink is very popular in Canada, perfect for brunch or to cure a hangover. This cocktail comprises of vodka, clamato juice, spices and unique confidential ingredients. A Caesar Drink is also known as a “Bloody Caesar. It’s a caesar mix based with a hit of vodka. The whole thing gets flavour from ingredients like horseradish, Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce. The glass is bordered with salt and coated with a shaft of celery. So whenever you visit Canada have a try!

8. Pure Maple Syrup

Source: Cottage Life

We’re talking about the real stuff here! Add this tasty, moist facet to sweet and savoury recipes. Splash this over pancakes and french toast or use it for singeing vegetables and coating meats.

Maple syrup adds an earthy sweetness to savoury sauces, marinades, vinaigrettes, and glazes. Maple syrup comes in various shades of amber, and these colour gradations correlate directly to flavour. The darker the syrup, the more pronounced its flavour will be. We hope you would enjoy it while you visit Canada.

9. Split Pea Soup

Source: Delish

Great for a fall or blustery winter day. This hearty, protein-packed, comforting soup is formed with tender split peas, flavorful ham and fresh vegetables. It’s a humble soup, and this delicious traditional Canadian dish is bursting flavour, because of the smoked ham hock that boils off with the split peas. Warm and coaxing, this recipe is ideal for Winter days.

10. Game Meat

Source: Food&Wine

No need to be an expert hunter to enjoy the taste of the wild game. Game meats are healthier for you because as they’re lower in fat, cholesterol and better in protein. Game meat, if cooked appropriately, is extremely tasty. And since it’s leaner than beef, it also has fewer calories. So this traditional Canadian dish can be a healthier feast for you to partake in.

11. Montreal Smoked Meat

Source: Serious Eats

What could be a better thanks to Canadian history than plummeting yourself into a Montreal-style smoked meat sandwich? Montreal smoked meat is Canada’s explanation of the pastrami sandwich. This traditional Canadian dish finds its roots from 100 years ago and is certainly a part of Montreal’s individuality. This Montreal smoked meat was given rise to rectify the mistake and fixing a catastrophe has never been so flavorful.

12. Ice Wine

Source: The Gazette

One of the sweetest mistakes nature ever made. The grapes are vacated on the vine in the winter, and eventually, the water of grapes freezes. These frozen grapes are then quickly collected and squeezed so that the juice made is extremely sugary, which is then made into wine, which is divine and holy. 

Ice wines have flavors such as citrus and tropic fruits, honey, and marmalade. Most ice wines are made in white wine style but also the light red varieties could be found. Ice wine is deliciously administered as a sweet sip on its own, and can even be paired with distinct foods that you’d commonly appreciate at the verge of a meal. 

13. Nanaimo Bars

Source: The New York Times

A deliciously persuading treat made with indulger chocolate, honey-sweetened graham crackers, crunchy nuts, rich butter, and custard powder. This iconic Canadian dessert recipe comes straight from the center of Nanaimo. This bar consists of 3 layers: A cracker, coconut, chocolate base, custard frosting filling, and chocolate on top. This is often a treat to enjoy.

14. Timbits

Source: The Food Gallery

Timbits are just about Canada’s signature food. The simplest direction to satisfy your doughnut cravings, with no finicky yeast or rolling required. It’s always certain to satisfy those appetency cravings.

15. Ketchup Chip Popcorn

Source: Safeway

Since the 1980s ketchup chips have been one of Canada’s favorite chip flavors. An easy-to-make fun snack, perfect for lounging before the TV or starting up for a festivity. It’s so simple, flavorful and straightforward. This traditional Canadian dish comprises crunchy, thinly sliced fried potatoes, doused in a very tangy reddish powder, are a favorite flavor since the early 1980s. Ketchup chips hold a special place within the history and hearts of our nation.

16. Beaver Tail

Beaver Tail is one of Canadians’ most iconic foods. The Beaver tail, a simple, hand-stretched wheat dough may be deep fried like its counterparts but distinguishes itself as a Canadian staple treat. Using a dough that requires little to no rising, it is quick and easy to cook over an open fire, stretched over one or two sticks in the shape of a Beaver tail. This staple food is very popular in Canada. This crispy, flaky, savory dough is definitely one of the foods that you will love.

17. Tourtiere

Tourtiere is a traditional French Canadian Christmas dish. It is a Canadian meat pie dish originating from the province of Quebec and usually made with minced pork, veal, or beef and potatoes. Tourtiere bakes best when a cold filling is added to the pastry shell. There are so many variations and different ways to make it. The dough for the pie is shortcrust pastry- lard is often used as shortening as it results in delicious and flaky pastry. It’s a comfort food that is loved by all.

18. Saskatoon Berry Pie

Saskatoon berry pie is made with a Saskatoon Barry filling. The pie originated in Canada and is often served with vanilla ice cream as a dessert. The city of Saskatoon in Canada is named after these same berries. The pie consists of Saskatoon berries, pie crust, sugar, cornstarch or flour, butter, and lemon zest. A warm and light piece of traditional Canadian Saskatoon berry pie is a regional trademark. The pie is simple but the flavor is out of this world so you must have to try this delicious Canadian dessert.

19. Peameal Bacon

Canadians know Peameal Bacon as an iconic national breakfast food. Peameal bacon is made from a pork loin. The pork loin is trimmed of fat, wet cured, rolled in golden cornmeal, sliced raw, and pan-fried. Peameal bacon is juicy and tender because it’s wet-cured. The cornmeal crust gives the slices a pleasant crunchiness. It is often served as meat on a bun, or sometimes with eggs, cheese, and little mustard. Peameal bacon is from Canada and is eaten and loved by people all over the country.

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