13 Mexican Delicacies That Even Jains Can Relish On

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Mexican Delicacies

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The cuisine of Mexico stands as a strong pillar and a symbol defining the social structure, culture, and popular traditions of Mexico. It can be explained as a necklace influenced and made bead by bead over the years. While digging deep into history, one can find out that much of the cuisine of some regions in Mexico is influenced by their local conditions. Mexican cuisine is rich in the use of ingredients like squash, cactus, avocado, beans, tomatillos, chia, edible flowers, chilli pepper, and tomatoes.

The Mexican cuisine and its unique flavours may not feel like a possibility for Jains, but here are some dishes that even Jains can relish. Mexican cuisine has a vast array of dishes, and almost all dishes consist of vegetables growing underground, but here are some dishes that won’t shift from their taste to a greater extent if these vegetables aren’t included.

13 Mexican Delicacies That Even Jains Can Relish On

1. Elote

Source: Delish

The Mexican delicacy, Elote, can be found in many places, and it is common street food in Mexico. Elote gives a normal-looking corn a delicious touch as the cob of corn is grilled and rubbed with flavorful ingredients. A dainty coat of mayonnaise might be rubbed on the charred kernels, sprinkled with chili powder, cheese, and a slice of lime or any other creative and delectable combinations might be included.

The baked version of Elotes is more toothsome, with the combination of sour cream, mayonnaise, and cheese melting in your mouth. Another version of the cob of corn is Mexican corn salad; however, in both these versions, the specifications for your food need to be mentioned.

2. Chiles Rellenos

Source: Chowhound

The Mexican delicacy Chili Rellenos is made by stuffing the chiles with a scrumptious filling of cheese mixture, giving the exotic taste of oregano and fried to perfection. The dish is given a final touch by pouring a sauce over it. However, Jains can deny the sauce as it is made of onion and garlic, or another option is to ask not to add it.

The dish has a smoky and spicy taste, releasing different flavours in the mouth. In some places, the dish is battered with egg, and they also consider it vegetarian, so one should be careful about these specifications.

3. Sweet Corn Tamales

Source: Muy Delish

There are an array of Tamales found in Mexico, with people having unique fillings and dough. Tamales are a Mesoamerican dish widely found in Mexico and are cooked by wrapping the dough and filling in a corn husk or a banana leaf and steamed by putting the wraps in hot water.

The Sweet Corn Tamales are typically made with an unexplainable delicious taste. Their texture is creamy, and in some places, they are given a topping of cream, tomato sauce, or cheese. There are some places where they give a filling of egg yolk, so be careful while mentioning the specifications.

4. Sauces Or Dips

Source: SheKnows

The Mexican dishes may be Jain in the way they are cooked but have vegetables growing underground included in the dips and sauces they are served with.

5. Guacamole

Source: Jessica Gavin

Guacamole is a traditionally originated dip or salad in Mexico. It is traditionally made by mashing ingredients like avocados, jalapenos, cilantro, lime juice, and sea salt together in a mortar and pestle. However, many other recipes also use tomatoes, basil leaves, peas, sour cream, or sometimes onion.

6. Avocado Dip

Source: Delish.com

The traditional recipe for Mexican Avocado dip works as a variation for Guacamole. It is made by mashing avocados, cilantro, lime juice, jalapeno, and sea salt with water. According to some recipes, the dip sometimes contains garlic.

7. Chipotle Lime Yogurt

Source: Pinterest

The Chipotle Lime Yogurt salsa is another pick that can be tailored to spicy or sweet according to your preferences. This salsa is made from ingredients like honey, yogurt, lime, chipotle chile, and honey.

8. Nopales Asados A La Plancha

Source: Recetas gratis

Mexico is known to have many types of Nopales, which are cactus, and according to many types of research, it has many health benefits. Nopales Asados a la Plancha follows a very simple recipe by grilling the Nopales and then topping it with cheese to melt and give a very delectable taste to the dish.

The combination is then topped with salsa only, which needs to be seen carefully by the Jains. The recipe for this dish has some variations, including ham and a chicken stew.

9. Roasted Banana

Source: Skinny Ms.

This dish can be made either by Burro bananas or Plantain bananas by just grilling either of them and peeling the skin off. The next thing is the perfectly roasted banana, which is then put in warm milk and seasoned with ground cinnamon. The sight of caramel dripping from the banana and the flavor of a spice is surely a drool-worthy experience.

The dish could make a breakfast table lighten up with its distinctive taste, and the same recipe could also be followed for pumpkin by including brown sugar instead of cinnamon.

10. Capirotada

Source: V&V Supremo

The Mexican delicacy, Capirotada de vigilia, can be called a bread pudding. The sweetness is added to the dish by using the bread, Bolillo drenched in mulled syrup made up of clove, whole cane sugar, and cinnamon sticks. The dish is further combined with an array of ingredients according to preferences and tastes. The ingredients are dried fruits, nuts, apples, dates, seeds, walnuts, etc.

However, Jains must keep in mind that sometimes the dish also consists of a layer of meat or the bread consists of an egg, so specifications need to be mentioned.

11. Churros

Source: Cooking Classy

Churros are popular street food around Mexico though their origin is debated. They are eaten all over Mexico with various toppings or fillings. The standard version consists of tasty fried dough topped with sugar and cinnamon. There should be attention given to the specifications as some churros might consist of eggs.

12. Molletes

Source: Tropical Cheese

Molletes are a Mexican dish consisting of baguettes that are half sliced. The flat side of this bread is topped with refried beans, and cheese is shredded over it, making you experience a blast of cheese in your mouth. The toppings have many variations, including from guacamole to ham or turkey, so specifications need to be made.

13. Bionico

Source: Hispanic Kitchen

The Mexican delicacy, Bionico, is a popular dessert in Mexico and can be seen sold as street food at many places. The dessert is nutritious, tasty, and a perfect pick for people on a run as it is easy to carry. The dish is made by combining chopped seasonal fruits, which are then drowned in sweet cream, the topping of pecans, shredded coconut, and raisins, which are the adorning crown to the dish.

So, all the Jains have no worries during your next travel and enjoy these Mexican delicacies, Buenos Dias!

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