21 Signature Foods to Eat in Chicago

Chicago is known across the continent as the Windy City, thanks to the frigid breeze that sweeps through the city. But what Chicago is even more famous for, is the number of iconic dishes it has to offer. From the Deep Dish Pizza to the delectable Popcorn, here is a list of Chicago favorites that attract food enthusiasts around the globe. 21 Signature Foods to Eat in Chicago 1. Chicago Style Hot Dog A quintessential item, Chicago-Style Hot Dog has an all-beef, seasoned smoked sausage tucked into a soft bun specked with poppy seeds. This dog is wildly popular among … Read more

20 Donuts To Satisfy Your Cravings

Donuts were originally said to have been brought by Dutch immigrants to America. Made with deep-fried dough, donuts come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Also, the attractive designs make it something you must crave for.   20 Donuts To Satisfy Your Cravings 1. Glazed donut Once fried, donuts may be glazed with sugar icing or some chocolate. Glazed donuts have a classic circular shape with a hole in the middle. It has a sticky-sweet glaze, and its base is normally yeasted.  2. Cream filled donut A favorite of many, the cream-filled donut is a butter cake filled with a vanilla … Read more

10 Local Foods You Must Try Out in Spain

Spanish is known worldwide for its rich history and culture. And what adds further to its beauty is the range of famous Spanish cuisines which are the most-loved cuisines in the world. Spanish cuisine is one of the most vibrant and diverse foods in the world. From Paella to Fabada and all kinds of cured meats, traditional Spanish dishes are gaining fame in the global culinary scene. Spain has tons of delicious foods to try with each city and region having its own specialties. Spain embraces its past and shows its beauty through various dishes. 10 Local Foods You Must … Read more

13 Mexican Delicacies That Even Jains Can Relish On

The cuisine of Mexico stands as a strong pillar and a symbol defining the social structure, culture, and popular traditions of Mexico. It can be explained as a necklace influenced and made bead by bead over the years. While digging deep into history, one can find out that much of the cuisine of some regions in Mexico is influenced by their local conditions. Mexican cuisine is rich in the use of ingredients like squash, cactus, avocado, beans, tomatillos, chia, edible flowers, chilli pepper, and tomatoes. The Mexican cuisine and its unique flavours may not feel like a possibility for Jains, … Read more

30 Best Desserts You Must Try Out in Seoul

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is a remarkable city gloriously lined with modern architecture, technological feats, and places bustling with vibrant culture. But most importantly, the food scene here is epic. Going beyond the spicy hot dishes that the city is proud of, we have curated a list of amazing desserts in Seoul that you will definitely love to try. 30 Best Desserts You Must Try Out in Seoul 1. Hwajeon Hwajeon, or flower cake, is quite a festive dessert that you shouldn’t miss out on when in Seoul. It is a pan-fried rice cake made using glutinous rice … Read more

15 Great Matcha Green Tea Recipes You Should Try Out

Glowing with its vibrant green hues, Matcha green tea has taken the internet by storm and for all the good reasons too and we bring you 15 Matcha green tea recipes that you must absolutely try out now. If you are not familiar with matcha, it is Japanese green tea leaves that have been finely powdered into green tea powder. The green colour of the matcha is from the high concentrates of chlorophyll in the tea leaves. Matcha tea powder has been playing a traditional role in Japanese tea ceremonies for centuries. Having enormous health benefits of being an excellent … Read more

13 Breakfast Dishes Around the World

The delicious savory breakfast dish is ideal for anyone who is looking to start their day with protein and a boost of energy. Here are globally inspired breakfast dishes from delicious Shakshuka that has its roots in Israel to a sweet porridge recipe from Ethiopia. There are plenty of examples of traditional globally inspired breakfast dishes that illuminate unique flavor combinations and regional ingredients. Here is a list of the most favorite and delicious dishes that can be served as breakfast or at the time of brunch. These have originated in different parts of the world. They have been inspired … Read more

22 Exquisite Traditional Desserts From Europe

There’s always room for some dessert even after having a considerable amount of heavy meal, be it lunch or dinner. Desserts are everybody’s favorite. These are often slices of heaven or are either crunchy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside, they could be fruity, creamy, chocolaty… the list of possibilities is endless. Let’s look at some exquisite traditional desserts from Europe that are delectable in taste. 22 Exquisite Traditional Desserts From Europe 1. Gelato – Italy Gelatos are famous Italian Desserts. These are frozen treats served in cones or cups. They are the healthier version of … Read more

13 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Chicago

We all know that Chicago is a beautiful place with its architecture and museums, but what we don’t know is that Chicago offers its people and visitors some delicious savories that you’d definitely want to try at least once in Chicago. Why don’t we have a look at the best local dishes in Chicago? 13 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Chicago 1. Deep Dish Pizza Pizza is a dish loved by almost everyone, and in Chicago, you have to ditch your diet and have this cheesy dish. Chicago is synonymous with deep-dish pizza and the city’s devotion to this … Read more

15 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Spain

It is a country with immense beauty, youth, and fashion that has always attracted so many to visit it. We can be thankful to this county for more reasons than we can count on our fingers. Giving us places like Ibiza and Casa Batllo, Tables of Toledo and Chupa Chups (and everything in between). Now let’s count on some dishes for which we are thankful to Spain. 15 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Spain 1. Cafe con Leche Let’s start the list with coffee ’cause why not. Not a coffee lover? Try this drink from Spain. Either you love … Read more

28 Delicious Foods to Eat Around in Europe

Pizza, croissants, creme brulee, pasta. Do we need to go on? Of course, Europe is home to some of the most incredible dishes. When you are on a trip do not forget to try these dishes in Europe. 28 Delicious Foods to Eat Around in Europe 1. Arancini In Italy The main ingredients of Arancini are rice and meat. They are stuffed balls of rice coated using bread crumbs and deep-fried, can be filled with mozzarella or caciocavallo cheese. 2. Banitsa in Bulgaria It is an extremely popular dish in Bulgaria. Prepared by layering whisked eggs and slices of cheese … Read more