20 Donuts To Satisfy Your Cravings

Donuts were originally said to have been brought by Dutch immigrants to America. Made with deep-fried dough, donuts come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Also, the attractive designs make it something you must crave for.  

Here are 20 donuts to satisfy your cravings

1. Glazed donut

Once fried, donuts may be glazed with sugar icing or some chocolate. Glazed donuts have a classic circular shape with a hole in the middle. It has a sticky-sweet glaze, and its base is normally yeasted. 

2. Cream filled donut

A favorite of many, the cream-filled donut is a butter cake filled with a vanilla flavored cream, deep fried, and given a layer of chocolate or any other glaze. Not only it look beautiful, but it also has a delicious flavor!

3. Yeast donut

A popular variety you’ll find at any donut shop, yeast donuts are light, fluffy, and have a hole in the middle. These are yeast-leavened, unlike traditional donuts that are chemically leavened with baking powder and made with a cake batter. 

4. Sugar donuts

Classic and traditional donuts, with a simple yet sweet flavor, are sold by most Asian countries in their bakery stores. As the name says, they are topped with a thin layer of sugar that gives them a beautiful appearance.

5. Powder donut

Powder donuts are smothered with white-looking powdered sugar, which gives them their unique, powder-like appearance. These donuts, too, taste good and are hard to resist.

6. Chocolate sprinkle donut

This might be your favorite variety if you have seen it. Topped with chocolate icing and sprinkles, it is one of the most attractive types. Also one of the best-selling donuts loved by children, too yummy to resist!

7. Boston cream donut

Like many stuffed donuts, this variety of donuts is made with sweet dough rounds that are fried and then stuffed with creme. The donut has a chocolate coating on the top. It is stuffed with delicious custard cream. For those who are looking for a dessert donut, this is it.

8. Cinnamon twist donut

These delicious donuts are long, twisted, shaped by hands, and then completely covered in cinnamon sugar. These melt-in-the-mouth goodies were actually adapted from a South African recipe. A heavenly twist to an old favorite, you must definitely try this donut as a breakfast or snack option.

9. Coconut donuts

If you are fond of coconuts, you must definitely give this a try. The coconut donut is a cake donut with a light glaze and is covered liberally with shredded coconut. The glaze only covers the coconut as much as required to keep the coconut on. The donut is traditionally broiled or toasted to give the exterior a crispy texture.

10. Frosted donuts

Frosted doughnuts get their name for what’s on top – frosting. They can be either cake or yeast doughnuts, but cake doughnuts provide a sturdier base for the thick frosting. You can try sprinkles and get creative with frosted donuts.

11. Cake donuts

Similar to cakes, this variety of donuts has a sweet and dense base. The consistency of the donut resembles that of cake but is drier. It can be topped with sprinkles. Cake donuts are the most iconic and popular bakery products. 

12. Jelly donut

A jam doughnut, or jelly donut, is a donut filled with jam filling. An all-time kids’ favorite, jelly with donuts, would make a wonderful combination, isn’t it?? Originating from the Polish translation of a German cookbook, it is a wonderful variety you must try!

13. Potato donut

Having a texture similar to cake donuts, potato donut is made with mashed potatoes. It is slightly lighter on the inside. 

14. Churros

Churros are long sticks of dough fried to perfection and sprinkled with sugar. They are often served with chocolate for dipping. 

15. Cider donut

It is round with a hole in the middle but typically smaller in size and dense. It falls within the cake donut category. It is infused with apple cider and sprinkled generously with cinnamon or sugar. 

16. Cruller

Cruller has a unique twisted shape that may be rectangular or circular. The French cruller is usually ring-shaped. The base is a cross between yeast and cake donuts and typically comes with a honey or vanilla glaze.

17. Fruit-filled donut

It is filled with fruit preserves or fresh fruit. This variety of donuts can be covered in frosting, but just the filling provides the sweet flavor.

18. Long Johns

This is a type of donut raised with yeast. It is usually long and rectangular. There’s a hole running through the middle filled with jelly or custard. 

19. Buttermilk donut

It is a type of donut that is light and airy, with a slightly tangy taste. As the name states, it is made from buttermilk or a suitable replacement.

20. Spudnuts

The creatively named spudnut is a cross between a donut and a potato. Mashed potato or potato starch is added to the batter. Also called potato donuts, they were invented in America in the mid-1900s.

Trust me; donuts are as tasty as they appear. Once you try, you’ll crave more!

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