40 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Curacao

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most popular foods of Curacao:


This list of meals and drinks is a must-read if you’re considering traveling to the stunning Caribbean island of Curaçao. The inhabitants of this region must be resourceful to make the most of what nature has to offer due to the climate of the dry tropical savanna. No matter where you are in the world, the distinct flavors of these dishes will transport you to Curaçao.

40 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Curacao

1. Yambo

Yambo, or guiambo soup, is a significant and traditional Curaçao meal. Okra serves as the soup’s foundation, giving it a slimy appearance. Though the flavor is distinctive, the combination of shellfish, salt-cured meat, and fresh basil makes it sound scarier than it is.

2. Sopi di Bonchi Korá

The dish is popular among residents and is much sought after on sister islands Aruba and Bonaire. Each cook prepares The soup slightly differently, but pig’s tail and salt-cured meat are almost always included.

Due to frequent sugar additions by the locals, this soup may have a sweetness. A large group of people can be fed by one stockpot; therefore, it truly is a “family soup.” However, it is not consumed as an appetizer. It is typically served with rice on the side and is more of a meal.

3. Sòpi di Karni

The well-known and delicious beef soup is common in Curaçao. Creole beef soup is a staple at every gathering since it is simple to cook, vitamin-rich, and utterly delectable. You can find steak, potatoes, pumpkin, corn, celery, and carrot in a sopi di karni that is fully stocked. It’s the ideal soup to eat after a few drinks.

4. Tert di preimu

A typical pie or tart from Curaçao and Aruba is called tert di preimu. The pie filling is made of chopped prunes, sugar, flour, cinnamon, mace, and nutmeg, while the crust is made of milk, butter, eggs, baking powder, flour, and salt.

With a wooden spoon, the mixture is cooked, mixed, cooled, and then put into the pie crust. After being put together, the pie is baked in the oven till the crust is golden. It is cut into slices and served after cooling.

5. Tentalaria di cashupete

A typical Curaçao treat is called tentalaria di cashupete. The ingredients include cashew nuts, water, and sugar. After being puréed, the cashews are slowly incorporated with a solution of boiling sugar and water. The word tenta, which means to tempt, is the origin of the name of this sweet delight. The candy is a specialty of the area and is frequently offered as a gift to visitors.

6. Tutu

A typical meal in Curacao, Aruba, and Bonaire is tutu. Cornmeal, butter, garlic, black-eyed peas, onions, nutmeg, and coconut milk are used in its preparation. These components are blended with a lélé until the dish thickens and have a firm consistency. When tutu is cooked, it is typically eaten as a side dish with various foods and toppings, like cheese or codfish.

7. Stoba di Baka or Karni Stobá

Stobá di baka and karni stobá are different names for the same delectable dish. Patience is the key to making this recipe since the beef gets more tender and fragrant the longer it simmers on a low fire. Stobá di baka has a distinct flavor with flesh that is so delicate that it nearly melts in your mouth after being cooked for a few hours with various vegetables and spices.

8. Kabritu Stobá

The sort of beef used in karni stobá and kabritu stobá differs significantly. Goat meat has a distinctive flavour but is less common and hence slightly more expensive. Due to the particular cleaning and preparation required for the meat, you won’t find this stew at restaurants. A delicacy, goat stew is frequently offered at celebratory events like weddings and Holy Communions.

9. Piska Korá

Red snapper is one of the most ordered fishes in most Curaçao restaurants. Red snapper has beautiful, juicy meat and a robust taste. A whole red snapper, seasoned only with salt and pepper, can be transformed into a mouthwatering dish in only a few minutes. It’s common to have red snapper with funchi and fried plantains (more about funchi later).

10. Banana stobá

Curaçao is the place where banana stobá, a classic delicacy, originated. Ripe plantains, salted pork, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, butter, onions, celery, cinnamon, cloves, spices, and sugar, are used to make this stew. Beef or pig that has been salted is submerged in water for the duration of the next day to help flush off some of the salt. Banana stobá is typically prepared on the konfó, a stove that resembles a barbecue, and is then served with funchi (local polenta) on the side.

11. Balchi di piská

Traditional fish balls called balchi di piská come from Curaçao. The usual ingredients for these fishballs include tuna, eggs, potatoes, oil, garlic, onions, bell peppers, soy sauce, and nutmeg. Oil is used to fry the fish balls until they are golden brown. Once finished, they are typically served with rice or potatoes.

12. Karko

Although rare, karko is wonderful. This shellfish can be prepared in a variety of ways. Although the meat of the queen conch can be found cooked, it can also be grilled or fried. Eating it from food trucks or specialised seafood restaurants is the best option.

13. Funchi

Like Italian polenta, funchi is produced from coarsely ground yellow cornmeal. There were numerous maize fields on the island when it was under slavery. More economical and widely accessible than imported goods like rice and potatoes was corn. Boiling water combined with cornmeal produces a thick batter that slightly cools to become rigid. You can slice it like a pie and serve it with your fish or stobá.

14. Arepa di Pampuna

These Curaçao pumpkin pancakes are really wonderful and relatively easy to make. The Netherlands, home to the best pancakes, has a historical connection to Curaçao. Compared to Dutch pancakes, these creole pumpkin pancakes are a little thicker. Everybody with a sweet tooth will enjoy the unique flavor that the ideal blend of pumpkin, cinnamon, and raisins offers.

15. Bolo di Pruimu

In Curaçao, residents disagree over the ideal method for making this delicious and quite heavy cake. The best Curaçaoan prune cake, however, requires time. The cake is frequently divided into tiny pieces and foil-wrapped for inclusion in goody bags. It is recommended to sometimes bite off small chunks because it is both delicious and powerful.

16. Keshi Yena

The food Keshi yena is frequently referred to as Curaçao’s national cuisine. This mouthwatering creation is a fantastic illustration of how different cultures and cuisines have coexisted throughout Curaçao’s long history. It comprises a sizable sphere of cheese, typically Edam or Gouda, packed with seasoned meat (chicken, pork, etc.), olives, capers, onions, and tomatoes and baked to perfection.

17. Bitterballen

Bitterballen are savory meatballs that are a common pub snack in the Netherlands. Though you occasionally encounter vegetarian balls stuffed with cheese or vegetables, the normal filling is either beef or veal. They make a delicious snack when paired with your preferred Dutch beer and are typically served with a fairly strong mustard for dipping.

18. Oliebollen

Oliebollen, deep-fried sweet dumplings dusted with powdered sugar, are essentially the Dutch equivalent of doughnuts. You’ll adore this dish in Curaçao if you enjoy warm, fresh doughnuts. The name translates as “oil balls.” Even though they are typically consumed around Christmas and New Year’s, they are available year-round in Curaçao.

19. Stroopwafels

While shopping in Curaçao, you should try some stroopwafels, another delectable Dutch sweet delight. This dessert frequently served with tea or coffee, is constructed of two incredibly thin wafer-like waffles sandwiched between a coating of caramel. Stroopwafels are delicious anytime, but they taste especially nice straight from the iron. According to legend, they were created by a baker who used bakery rejects in novel ways.

20. Poffertjes

Poffertjes are another Dutch treat you shouldn’t miss; they resemble miniature puffed pancakes and are typically served hot and freshly dusted with powdered sugar and butter. They each have their own pan to make these delicious tiny treats the ideal size. They are excellent as a dessert after a meal or as a portable snack. Get some when exploring Curaçao because they are a popular beach snack on the island.

21. Indonesian Rijsttafel

The rice table is referred to as rijsttafel. One of the most well-liked Curacaoan meals with Indonesian influences is rijsttafel. Nasi goreng, gado-gado, satay, rendang, and soto are all included on the rijsttafel. Fried rice, a mixed-species salad, and barbeque are all served simultaneously.

22. Giambo

Giambo is a typical Curaçaoan dish made of beef, okra, and shellfish like red snapper in a hearty soup. An alternative name for this dish is antillean gumbo. Okra purée makes the delectable meal giambo, giving the dish its characteristic, slippery feel.

23. Pollo Asado

This popular dish in Curacao is made with marinated chicken grilled to perfection.

24. Roti

This popular street food in Curacao is made from a thin, wheat-based dough filled with various meats, vegetables, and spices.

25. Arroz con Pollo

This is a traditional Spanish dish that is made with chicken and rice. It’s a flavorful and filling dish that is often served with vegetables.

26. Sate

This is a popular street food in Curacao that is made from marinated meat that is grilled and served on a skewer.

27. Mero

This is a popular dish in Curacao made from grouper fish seasoned and grilled to perfection.

28. Guava Cheese

This sweet and creamy dessert is made from guava and cream cheese. It is often served with crackers or bread.

29. Bolo di Banana

This traditional banana bread is made with ripe bananas and spices. It is a sweet and delicious treat that is perfect for breakfast or dessert.

30. Sorbet

This refreshing dessert is made from frozen fruit puree and sugar. It is a light and refreshing treat that is perfect for a warm day.

31. Papiamento

This traditional sweet bread is often served with coffee or tea.

32. Johnny Cakes

These small, fried cakes served as a snack or appetizer.

33. Tostones

These twice-fried plantain slices are served as a side dish or snack.

34. Pudin

This traditional dessert is similar to pudding and is made from sugar, cornstarch, and spices.

35. Flan

This traditional dessert is made from sugar, eggs, and milk. It is a sweet and creamy treat often garnished with fruit or caramel.

36. Aloe Vera Juice

This is a popular drink in Curacao that is prepared from the sap of the aloe vera plant. It’s a refreshing and hydrating drink that is said to have numerous health benefits.

37. Sorrel Drink

This popular holiday drink in Curacao is made from the sorrel plant and spices. It is a sweet and flavorful drink that is often served during Christmas.

38. Coconut Milk

This popular drink in Curacao is made from the milk of young coconuts. It’s a refreshing and hydrating drink often used in cooking and baking.

39. Carib Beer

This popular beer in Curacao is brewed locally on the island. It is a crisp, refreshing beer perfect for a warm day.

40. Blue Curacao Liqueur

This is a popular liqueur in Curacao that’s prepared using the dried peel of the laraha fruit. It is a sweet and flavorful liqueur that is often used in cocktails.

These 40 popular dishes and drinks in Curacao are a must-try for anyone visiting the island. From savory stews to sweet desserts, the cuisine in Curacao is diverse and flavorful. Whether you’re a big-time foodie or want to try something new, these superb foods will satisfy you.

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