13 Best Desserts You Must Try Out in India

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India is a nation where the love for food never stops thriving. Every mile you travel here, you get to hear about a new recipe for the same dish. Speaking of food, we all know a meal isn’t complete unless it ends with a dessert, so here are thirteen dessert delicacies you should try when you’re in India.

13 Best Desserts You Must Try Out in India

1. Shrikhand


This sweet goodness is made of strained dahi (curd) and comes in a whole selection of flavor ranging from mango, strawberry, chocolate, pistachio, lemon and what not. For all you health geeks out there, Shrikhand can also be used as a healthy substitute when you’re craving ice cream.

Best Found In: Vipul Dudhia (Ahmedabad), Shri Vishnu Dairy (Mumbai) & Om Shivam Dairy (Delhi).

2. Shahi Tukda


This royal dessert comes our way from Hyderabad. Prepared by deep-frying bread and coating it with sugar syrup, it is then garnished with Rabri, nuts, and mawa. Interestingly enough, this delight is believed to be discovered as a cooking blunder. Such a cool mistake, no?

Best Found In: Kallan Sweets (Delhi), Eat India Company (Hyderabad) & Hitchki BKC (Mumbai).

3. Gulab Jamun

gulab jamun

These milk-based sweets are not famous only in India, but in several countries across the globe. Brown in colour, these balls are coated with sugar syrup and saffron. Though they can be served chilled, Gulab Jamuns are best enjoyed when served hot.

Best Found In: Mashhoor Gulaab Jamun (Lakhimpur), Thaaru Sweets (Mumbai), Sodhani Sweets (Jaipur) & Mystique Melange (Delhi).

4. Kheer


With flavours of tapioca, vermicelli, sweet corn, cardamoms, raisin, saffrons, almonds, pistachios and cashews, Kheer is one of the richest desserts you’ll taste (literally). The base of this pudding-like consistency dessert is rice and it originates from the state of Punjab. Nothing like a bowl of Kheer to complete a hearty meal.

Best Found In: Old Kheer Shop (Delhi), Kheer-E-Lajawaab (Ahmedabad) & Sweet Bengal (Mumbai).

5. Halwa

Image credit: Youtube

From Gaajar (Carrot) to Moongdaal (Skinless Green Gram), India has the most diverse collection of Halwas to offer. Each one of these delicious treats tastes completely different from the other and yet ends up being equally amazing.

Best Found In: Tharu Sweets (Mumbai), Basha Halwa Wala (Chennai) & Giani’s (Delhi).

6. Basundi


This dish from Gujarat is a form of condensed milk achieved by boiling it until reduced to half. It is then flavored with the traditional Kesar-Pista combo and can be served hot or cold. Tastes delicious either way.

Best Found In: Rabdi Wala (Mumbai), Vipul Dudhia (Ahmedabad) & Patel Ice Cream (Vadodara).

7. Ras Malai

ras malai
Image credit: Youtube

This cream-filled goodness from Bengal will have you licking the sides of your mouth because it is just so good. Made with paneer, cream, semolina, and lots of love, Ras Malai is like a cheesecake without a crust. 

Best Found In Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick (Kolkata), Mithaas Sweets (Pune) & Ashoka Parnami Misthaan Bhandar (Jaipur).

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8. Malpua


This work of art travels to us from the kitchens of Maharashtra. Malpua is a pancake-like dessert which is flavored heavily with saffron and cardamom. Just a sniff is enough to make you wanna give up on all your diet plans.

Best Found In: Tawakkal Sweets (Mumbai), Radhey Ji Restaurant (Pushkar) & Hira Sweets (Delhi).

9. Gujia

Image credit: Yummicious

This soft dumpling-like dessert is stuffed with mixture of sweetened khoya and dried fruits. The shell is generally made of either suji or maida. Gujia is also associated with the festive culture of India. 

Best Found In: Jodhpur Sweets (Jodhpur), Jai Siyaram Pendawala (Rajkot) & Brijwasi Sweets (Mumbai).

10. Jalebi


This round and twisted dessert ought to set your taste buds straight. Coated with sugar syrup as well, this orange dessert comes in twisted circles. The best part? You can savor this sugary goodness post your meals or make it a companion. Jalebi goes perfectly with spicy dishes as well as other sweet delicacies such as Rabdi.

Best Found In: Kesar (Bangalore), Oswal (Ahmedabad), Mumba Devi Jalebi Wala (Mumbai) & Old Famous Jalebi Wala (Delhi).

11. Ghevar


This disc-shaped sweet cake drenched in sugar syrup is a pleasure from the northern part of the country. Usually associated with the festival of Teej, Ghevar is made of all-purpose flour and comes in varieties like Mawa and Malai Ghevar as well.

Best Found In: JMB (Udaipur), Chappan Bhog (Lucknow) & Bansal Sweets (Amritsar).

12. Balushahi


Looks similar to a doughnut but tastes so much better. Heavy on ghee and sugar, Balushahi is one of the most mouth-watering desserts to just look at. Imagine what a heavenly treat it’d be to taste.

Best Found In: Ramchaner Balushahi Wale (Delhi), Panna Sweets (Kolkata) & Chanderkar Sweets (Mumbai).

13. Laddoo

Image credit: IndiaMART

One can simply not be in India and not try the laddoos. These round little heartthrobs come in several variants. You can pick a favourite amongst Besan Laddoo, Coconut Laddoo, Boondi Laddoo, Til Laddoo, or Murmura Laddoo to name a few but be warned, you’ll not be able to stop at just one.

Best Found In: Chawla Sweets (Jaipur), Gwalia (Ahmedabad), Thaggu Ke Laddu (Gurugram) & Purshottam Kandoi Haribhai Damodar Mithaiwala (Mumbai).

So here were some of our favorite sweet delicacies from India, don’t forget to add your suggestions for us to try below.

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