7 Luscious Sweets from India Can Make You Drool

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Sweets are the mouth-watering and the most relishing dishes eaten all over the world. But here in India sweets are not just dishes they are an emotion. It is a delicious way to express happiness, sorrow, joy, excitement, and even grief.

In India where every emotion holds value, these delicacies serve the people with the best companion of all times. So here we are with the 7 most unique and tasty yet knowingly unknown sweets served in various parts of India. Sweets not only complete our meal but also satisfy our souls to the core and they do definitely complete the celebrations of life.

7 Luscious Sweets from India Can Make You Drool

1. Sel Roti, Sikkim

Sel Roti, Sikkim
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Sikkim is situated in the eastern part of India on the borders of Nepal. The state has a lot of ethnic Nepali influence in food and culture. Sel Roti is one of the most famous sweet dishes served on and off in every house of Sikkim.

The roti is a blend of rice, ghee, sugar, and oil, and the very taste of cardamom and cloves added leaves an everlasting taste on your tongue. It is so tasty that if you are visiting Sikkim and you haven’t tried Sel Roti then it will definitely account for a loss to your list of goodies.

2. Madurjan Thongba, Manipur

madurjan thongba
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Manipur is always known for its graceful Manipuri dance but besides the dance, the state also serves a very tasty Manipuri Athoomba or dessert which is as graceful and heart-touching as the Manipuri dance.

Madurjan Thongba is made from besan(gram flour), milk, sugar, coconut, bay leaves, and cardamom. This composition is deep-fried in oil and then the dumplings are poured into milk and shredded coconut. These sweet dumplings are so sweet that you will never be satisfied eating them once you visit Manipur and start eating them.

3. Patoleo, Goa

Image credit: The better India

Goa, on the western coast of India and with its varyingly rich culture, serves as the best destination for meeting the Konkani and Catholic cultures. One such blend of culture is served in the form of Patoleo sweet in Goa. The Konkani Hindus serve it as a festive delicacy on Nag Panchami and Ganesh Chaturthi.

They also serve it to Goddess Parvati who according to legend has a strong craving for it during her pregnancy. The dish is made up of grated coconut, rice, and jaggery and is then wrapped in turmeric leaves and steamed and served. When about to eat you need to peel off the leaves and then let its taste reach every corner of your heart.

4. Nap Naang, Nagaland

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The sweet pudding of Nagaland is made up of sticky black rice which is the local crop of Nagaland. The rice is soaked overnight and then cooked with sugar and milk. The dish has a distinct nutty flavor and it is this distinct and sweet taste that makes it so lip-smacking and loveable. It looks like chocolate pudding and once if you eat it I am sure you are never going to forget it.

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5 Pitha, Assam


Pitha is the mouth-savoring dish of Assam which is prepared with rice flour and sometimes even with wheat flour. Pitha is a pouch filled with all the sweet and tasty ingredients like sugar, jaggery, date juice, coconut, cashews, palm syrup, pistachios, sweetened vegetables, and fruits.

This power-packed pouch is the best you can relish being in Assam and it can be made in different manners that are by frying it in oil or ghee you can roasting it baking it or simply steaming it. The many versions of pitha served in Assam are Til pitha, Ghila pitha, Sunga pitha, Tekeli pitha, Xutuli pitha, and Dhup pitha. The best part is you can enjoy them all as they are an essential element of Bihu celebrations.

6. Malaiyo, Varanasi

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The very famous Malaiyo of Banaras or Varanasi is the winter special delight found on the streets of Banaras for ages. The dish is prepared from Milk and is garnished with dry fruits. Malaiyo is flavored milk with foam or cloud served in an earthen pot.

The dish is really tasty and once you put it in your mouth you won’t even realize that you ate it or it slipped to the soul of your belly. The tastiest, cheap, and traditional sweet relished in Varanasi is not to be left on your list.

7. Parwal Mithai, Bihar

parwal mithai
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The Parwal mithai is the signature sweet of Bihar and this cuisine is cooked from parwal itself. Bihar has a major vegetarian population and this is the reason that the sweet dish is made from the very basic ingredient found in every lane of Bihar.

This sweet is made by wrapping up khoya and mawa in parwal and then adding cardamom powder with sugar, milk, and dry fruits. Though the ingredients are nothing special the dish comes out to be a really special dish to eat while in Bihar.

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