15 Local Foods You Must Try Out in Goa

The geographic location of Goa is on the west coast of India. Goan cuisine is as amazing as the shores of the Arabian Sea. Fish Curry and rice are the most liked food items in Goa. However, you will find several varieties of these with the magic of Goan spices and flavor. 15 Local Foods You Must Try Out in Goa 1. Goan Fish Curry Goan fish curry is one of the famous foods among tourists in Goa. It consists of Pomfret, coconut, raw mango, and various spices. Mango is used in this dish to give it a tangy taste. … Read more

19 Delicious Traditional Goan Dishes You Must Try

The mere mention of Goa reminds one of the pristine beaches, colonial architecture, fun-loving locals, Feni, and of course, the food. Food is an essential part of Goa. A major part of Goan food has been influenced by the Portuguese, giving birth to some traditional Goan dishes. The most important ingredients when preparing any Goan dish are coconut and vinegar. The local Goan cuisine is known for its exotic seafood preparations and food fit for a king or queen! Scroll through to explore an aromatic array of delectable dishes. 19 Delicious Traditional Goan Dishes You Must Try 1. Prawn Rissoles … Read more

8 Best Desserts You Must Try Out in Goa

Goa has always been the place for incredible seafood and cheap booze. We never really think about getting deeper into its culinary culture though. Having been a Portuguese colony and also ruled by Muslim and Hindu kingdoms, Goa has all elements of these flavours in its cuisine. And the least spoken about aspect has always been desserts. Locally, Goan desserts have a lot of demand, especially during festivals like Christmas. But as tourists, we usually tend to skip this rich, flavorful experience. Here is a list of the most popular Goan desserts you really should try. 8 Best Desserts You … Read more

16 Most Popular Varieties of Biryani in India

Biryani is a popular mixed rice dish that is very popular among people of India. Its origin is from the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent but has grown to be a favourite dish of Indians, over the years. 16 Most Popular Varieties of Biryani in India 1. Calcutta Biryani Calcutta Biryani, as suggested by the name, is from the streets of Calcutta (Kolkata). It has milder spices compared to other Biryani. Boiled potatoes and eggs are a major part of Calcutta Biryani. It is made of curd based chicken and has a tinge of sweetness to it. The use of … Read more

7 Luscious Sweets from India Can Make You Drool

Sweets are the mouth-watering and the most relishing dishes eaten all over the world. But here in India sweets are not just dishes they are an emotion. It is a delicious way to express happiness, sorrow, joy, excitement, and even grief. In India where every emotion holds value, these delicacies serve the people with the best companion of all times. So here we are with the 7 most unique and tasty yet knowingly unknown sweets served in various parts of India. Sweets not only complete our meal but also satisfy our souls to the core and they do definitely complete … Read more