19 Delicious Traditional Goan Dishes You Must Try

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Traditional Goan dish

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The mere mention of Goa reminds one of the pristine beaches, colonial architecture, fun-loving locals, Feni, and of course, the food. Food is an essential part of Goa. A major part of Goan food has been influenced by the Portuguese, giving birth to some traditional Goan dishes.

The most important ingredients when preparing any Goan dish are coconut and vinegar. The local Goan cuisine is known for its exotic seafood preparations and food fit for a king or queen! Scroll through to explore an aromatic array of delectable dishes.

19 Delicious Traditional Goan Dishes You Must Try

1. Prawn Rissoles

Source: Leite’s Culinaria

Prawn Rissoles is a Goan-Portuguese appetizer. Creamy prawns, carrots, and green peas are stuffed inside a homemade pastry dough and fried till golden brown. These prawn Rissoles will be a big hit at your next gathering. This traditional Goan dish goes best with tomato or schezwan sauce.

2. Chicken Vindaloo

Source: Seasons&Suppers

Chicken Vindaloo is a spicy curry made with aromatic spices along with lots of vinegar and garlic. This traditional Goan dish is a must-have if you visit Goa. Vindaloo goes best with hot rice or paratha.

3. Stuffed Pomfret Goan Style

Source: Kravings

For people who love fish, this stuffed pomfret will be a delight. The pomfret is stuffed with a mixture of coriander, coconut, onions, and ginger garlic paste, then coated with breadcrumbs and fried till golden brown on both sides.

4. Chicken Meat Loaf

Source: Eat This Much

Minced chicken, along with pieces of bacon, comes together to form this delicious chicken meatloaf. This traditional Goan dish is the perfect side dish for your main course, or you can even prepare sandwiches instead.

5. Prawn/Fish Ambotik

Source: My Food Story

Prawn/fish Ambotik curry is a dish synonymous with Goa. This spicy curry can be made with prawns or fish. The star ingredient of this aromatic, traditional Goan dish is definitely coconut. The curry paste is made by blending coconut, red chillies, ginger, garlic, and coriander seeds. This Ambotik curry goes best with hot rice.

6. Goan Doce

Source: Ambrosia

In Portuguese, ‘Doce’ means sweet. Doce is made during Christmas, weddings, and special occasions. The sweet is made using chickpeas, grated coconut, sugar, ghee, and cardamom. Doce is tedious to make with lots of stirring, but the final result is beautiful!

7. Potato Chops

Source: YouTube

Crispy golden on the outside and soft with minced chicken on the inside, these potato chops are a perfect side dish when you are looking for something delicious yet quick to make. The outer crust is made with potatoes and then stuffed with spiced minced chicken.

8. Prawn Balchao

Source: Craftlog

Prawn Balchao is a spicy dish, almost like a pickle. This traditional Goan dish has a sweet-spicy flavour and is cooked with a lot of vinegar. The prawns are pickled in the spice mixture for a couple of days and can then be cooked into a dry curry or eaten as a pickle.

9. Chicken Xacuti

Source: Raksha’s Kitchen

This coconut chicken curry is a staple of Goa. The spices used to make the xacuti paste are first dry-roasted and then ground. Made with coconut milk and the xacuti paste, Chicken xacuti is aromatic and flavorful. This curry goes best with a pao.

10. Rava Fried Fish and Prawns

Source: YouTube

Rava (semolina) fried prawns and fish is the best accompaniment to rice and fish curry. The fish and prawns are marinated with red masala and then fried with a coating of rava.

11. Sannas

Source: My3’sKitchenette

Sannas is the Goan version of steamed idlis. The batter is made by grinding together ground red rice, grated coconut, fermented coconut water, and steamed. Sannas are extremely famous in Goa and are the perfect accompaniment for dishes like xacuti, sorpotel, and vindaloo.

12. Sorpotel

Source: Mareena’s Recipe Collections

No celebration can be complete in a Goan household without a plate of sorpotel on the dining table. This tangy and spicy dish is made with pork meat. The meat is diced into tiny pieces and cooked with vinegar and other aromatic spices. Sorpotel is enjoyed best with sannas.

13. Goan Poee/Poi

Source: Lisette’s Cooking Adventures

Poee/Poi is a popular bread made in the bakeries of Goa. This chewy bread is made with wheat flour, white flour, and wheat bran. Due to its high nutritional properties, this bread is eaten for breakfast and is also a perfect accompaniment to Goan curries.

14. Plum Cake

Source: Savoury Bites Recipe

Plum cake is made during weddings and Christmas. The dark cake is filled with raisins soaked in rum. Some people tend to soak the raisins in rum for over a month before adding it to the cake for baking. The rich, dark, and moist texture is an absolute delight!

15. Chicken Cafreal

Source: Mareena’s Recipe Collections

This green-coloured Goan delicacy is succulent and filled with flavour. The chicken is marinated with coriander, green chillies, and other Indian spices. Chicken Cafreal is a must-have if you visit Goa and goes best with flatbread.

16. Goan Stuffed Squids

Source: GoGoaNow

These stuffed squids are the perfect appetizer for your party menu. The squids are stuffed with red recheado masala and then fried. Soft and succulent, these stuffed squids will make your mouth water.

17. Tisreo Sukhem

Source: Delicious Memories with Alves Fernandes

Tisreo Sukhem is also known as dry clam masala. This dish is prepared with freshly grated coconut and spices. Tisreo Sukhem is a perfect side dish to go along with hot rice and Goan Caldine Vegetable Curry. This popular yellow, mildly spiced curry is flavoured with several vegetables like ladyfinger, cauliflower, and carrots. Made with coconut milk, this curry is healthy and full of goodness.

18. Alle Belle

Source: Kravings

Alle Belle is a sweet and delicious Goan pancake. A thin pancake is prepared and then stuffed with a mixture of coconut and jaggery.

19. Bebinca

Source: Archana’s Kitchen

Bebinca is a rich traditional dessert from Goa. It is almost similar to pudding and has 7 layers; each layer is cooked separately, requiring one to keep taking the pan out from the oven and add a new layer. This dessert is simply luscious, made with flour, coconut milk, ghee, egg yolks, and sugar.

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