Top 15 Must-Try Snacks in Disneyland

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15 Must-try Snacks Of Disneyland

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Disneyland is a place where everyone wants to go no matter an adult or a kid but the person should have a kid inside them who can enjoy the rides of it or can love to see the cartoon characters live or who can enjoy the food to the fullest. And why I went to Disneyland is for food. 

The snacks of Disneyland are so damn delicious, especially the dessert. The best part is you can take the food and drinks with you but they shouldn’t be in cans or glass but should be in plastic.

But when you go to Disneyland what a foodie is only going to search about is food and where can he/she get the delicious snacks of Disneyland. So here I came up with 15 delicious food from which you have to try at least 1(or 10) food items on your next visit to Disneyland. 

Top 15 Must-Try Snacks in Disneyland

1. Mickey and Minnie’s chocolate covered Oreos 

Mickey and Minnie's chocolate covered Oreos
Image Source: Teacher – Chef

Oreos and Mickey and Minnie are the perfect combo one can ever get. A dream combo and you’ll get this right here in Disneyland Hong Kong. A perfect treat to have with your friend one mickey another Minnie. Oreos are delicious, but when it is covered with chocolate and looks like our favourite mice. How can’t one love it? 

2. Dim sum

Dim sum
Image Source: La Jolla Mom

Dumplings are already perfect food and this dim sum is by far the yummiest and cutest dish. These are the buns filled with pork and are shaped like adorable baby pigs and are bound to warm your heart and give your taste buds delight. 

3. Mickey and Minnie Ice cream bars 

Mickey and Minnie Ice cream bars
Image Source: Pinterest

Mickey and Minnie ice creams are stapled in all the Disney parks but Hong Kong gives it a really big twist. When you came across an ice cream cart you have to choose between Mickey and Minnie. While mickey is vanilla ice cream coated with chocolate. Minnie is strawberry ice cream coated with chocolate only at the backside. Even ice cream lovers who don’t prefer chocolate will fall in love with this. 

4. Pineapple Bread

Pineapple Bread
Image Source: Pinterest

A very sweet, tasty, and very unique bread is this pineapple bread. I have even tasted pineapple bread before but the one at this Disneyland is much better because it’s actually shaped like a pineapple. You would love this small treat definitely. 

5. Donald and pooh bear donuts 

Donald and pooh bear donuts
Image Source: Twitter

Donuts are all of our favorites but when it comes to donating coated with our favorite characters Donald duck and pooh. It would become a delicious treat. These donuts are not only cute but are also superlicious. You have to try it when you are in HongKong Disneyland. 

6. Small world ice cream

Small world ice cream
Image Source: Foursquare

Whether it’s on waffle basket in cup or cone, this quaint little ice cream won’t disappoint you! Even a simple vanilla ice cream topped with some chocolate in the waffle is very delicious. You can try between other kinds of ice cream topped with chocolate bananas, mixed berries, or peaches! And don’t forget to try the waffle basket! 

 7. Iron man waffle 

Iron man waffle
Image Source: Disney Parks

There is a cart on the main street which sells the iron man and mickey waffle. Eating iron man waffles is very epic as you are eating iron man’s face. It’s super adventurous and it feels so good to eat the iron man’s waffle and the taste is equally good. 

 8. Mickey pizza 

Mickey pizza

Pizza is everyone’s favorite but when it comes in front of you in the shape of your favorite mickey it becomes even more excited and delicious. If you like adorable food, then this is a great option. 

9. Egg custard tarts 

Egg custard tarts
Image Source: Telegraph

Egg tarts are served all over Hong Kong in various Chinese bakeries. This flaky pastry is filled with a baked egg custard and is best when served warm. This is a must-try dish when you are in Hong Kong Disneyland. 

 10. Egg waffles

Egg waffles
Image Source: Pinterest

These egg waffles of Hong Kong Disneyland is a very famous thing one should try it at least once. The ice cream between the egg waffle cones is way more delicious. You MUST TRY it. 

11. Mickey shave ice cream

Mickey shave ice cream
Image Source: Pinterest

On a hot summer day, a frozen treat will always be loved. These rainbow shape ice cups are totally adorable when it is served in the shape of our favorite mouse. 

12. White rabbit sundaes 

White rabbit sundaes
Image Source: Foodie Hong Kong

Bunnies can be seen hopping all over in Disneyland and when you got these cute little bunnies in a cup of sundaes you can’t stop loving them. Cup is specially designed with the theme of Alice in wonderland. 

13. Bento boxes and sushi snacks 

Bento boxes and sushi snacks
Image Source: Disney Parks

Who doesn’t like bento and sushi? Loaded bento box and sushi and soup have been serving in the Disney land and they still to sneak it into mickey mouse. They are superlicious your tongue and tummy both will love it. 

14. Cheese Tarts

Cheese Tarts
Image Source: TripAdvisor

The sweet and buttery lava cheese tarts are the most liked dish of Hong Kong Disneyland it is named from the creamy filling that spills out when you take your first bite. 

15. Strawberry popcorn

Strawberry popcorn
Image Source: Cut Out + Keep

Popcorn is a staple at Disney parks, but here in Hong Kong, the flavors are really out of the box. From the simple popcorn or caramel popcorn to the strawberry flavor popcorn. They give their popcorn every possible taste which is amazing to eat. 

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