15 Local Foods You Must Try Out in Goa

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must-try dishes in goa

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The geographic location of Goa is on the west coast of India. Goan cuisine is as amazing as the shores of the Arabian Sea. Fish Curry and rice are the most liked food items in Goa. However, you will find several varieties of these with the magic of Goan spices and flavor.

15 Local Foods You Must Try Out in Goa

1. Goan Fish Curry

must-try dishes in goa
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Goan fish curry is one of the famous foods among tourists in Goa. It consists of Pomfret, coconut, raw mango, and various spices. Mango is used in this dish to give it a tangy taste. Sometimes, you will also find the use of Kingfish instead of Pomfret. Enjoy the flavours of this curry with rice in Goa.

2) Chicken Cafreal

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Chicken Cafreal is a green-coloured spicy dish. This cuisine is made of chicken mixed with the masala, which consists of chillies, various herbs, and spices. Try this dish on its own or with salad.

3) Goan Pork Vindaloo

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The word Vindaloo came from Portuguese, where ‘Vin’ means vinegar and ‘Ahlo’ means garlic. This dish is made out of pork, onion, garlic, chilies, spices, and vinegar. All these ingredients are mixed and kept overnight then it is fried with onion and some other herbs.

4) Shark Ambot Tik:

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Shark Ambot Tik is a popular Goan food that was influenced by the Portuguese. The name ‘Ambot’ means sour, and ‘Tik’ means spicy. To make this dish, Shark fish is diced and tossed with tomatoes and onions along with Kashmiri chilies to add a spicy flavor. The addition of Kokum (Garcinia indicia) makes it taste sour.

5) Sorpotel:

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Sorpotel is a very popular Goan food. This dish contains beef, pork, or mutton liver, onion, other herbs, garlic, and goan spices. You can eat this lip-smacking food item at any time of the day but the local population in Goa prefers to eat this cuisine as breakfast.

6) Feijoada:

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Feijoada is a popular Goan food that was influenced by the Portuguese. It is a stew made of red beans and pork. This delicacy is made by mixing salted pork, red beans, and masala. This mixture is fried with the addition of coconut milk instead of water to give it a thick consistency and unique flavor. Have Feijoada with rice and enjoy your dinner at the shore of the Arabian sea.

7) Sorak:

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It is the most liked food in Goa during monsoon. It is a vegetarian curry that consists of tomato, onion, and spicy masala and is served with rice or fish.

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8) Samarachi Kodi:

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Samarachi Kodi is made during monsoon in Goa. This dry prawn curry is made out of onion, tomatoes, dry prawns, coconut, and tamarind with Goan spices. Coconut is used in this item to give it a unique texture and flavor.

9) Patolea:

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Patolea is a sweet dish. Goan red rice, with a filling of coconut, Goan jaggery, and cardamom are stuffed in tamarind leaves and steamed for 20 minutes to make this dish. People usually enjoy it with tea. 

10) Crab Xacuti:

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Crab Xacuti is a famous Goan food. To make this cuisine, claws of the crabs are removed carefully, and then they are boiled for 15 minutes. The addition of egg to this curry makes it of thicker consistency.

11) Bebinca:

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Bebinca is quite a popular dessert of Goa. This multilayered cake is made of flour, eggs, coconut milk, and sugar. The use of caramelized sugar gives it a rich flavor.

12) Fish Recheado:

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Fish Recheado is another popular Portuguese-influenced dish in Goa. This dish is made up of pomfret stuffed with onion and tangy spices. It is served with warm Goan bread. 

13) Goan Khatkhate:

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Goan Khatkhate is a famous Goan stew. It contains toor dal and chana dal with onions, carrots, drumsticks, green beans, Kashmiri red chilies, and grated coconut. You can enjoy this stew with rice.

14) Sannas:

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Sannas is a kind of Goan idli. These idlis are made up of Goan rice, which has a sweet coconut flavor. It is a complimentary dish of the state.

15) Chicken Xacuti:

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Chicken Xacuti is a Goan curry that consists of chicken, onion, potatoes, chilies, coconut, and spices. The addition of Kashmiri chilies makes the dish finger-licking.

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