7 Egg Dishes To Make Your Day Better

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Egg dishes

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Egg dishes are a trustworthy meal in almost every household. They are easy to whip up into the most delicious items and who does not love good omelettes on a lazy Sunday?

While eggs are delicious and will make your mouth water, they also pack a good amount of nutrients. Hence the adage – “Sunday ho ya Monday, Roz Khao ande.” They can be eaten almost every day and with everything.

Also, for tea lovers out there, keep a lookout for how you can mix egg and tea for some deliciousness. So, let’s get your eggs cracking.

7 Egg Dishes To Make Your Day Better

1. Hanoi Style Eggs

Hanoi Style Eggs
Source: Delicious

Hanoi style eggs make an airy and effortless dish for a midweek-rush meal. Inspired by a simple yet appetizing Vietnamese style of cooking, this recipe uses fish sauce, seasoning powder, sugar and water color to make the meat fragrant.

The recipe uses pork but if that is not your cup of tea, you can use Tofu as an alternative. The caramelized onions, tomatoes and snake beans add to the mouth-watering flavor. The eggs can be fried or poached, or however you want them.

And hey, these are as easy to save as they are to make. I would say, get cooking.

2. Asian Omelets

Asian Omelets
Source: Taste

Probably the easiest thing you can cook since this is a dish that we have grown up eating. This is just your mom’s omelets recipe with a few extra colors. The egg is whisked with finely diced red chili pepper, turmeric, salt and a bit of coconut milk for frothiness. I can already smell the nostalgia.

For a healthier and fuller meal, bean sprouts, spring onion, herbs etc. are used for dressings. The dish can also be served with boiled and seasoned shrimp to add to the divine flavor. The Asian omelet is a perfect healthy breakfast to be made as fancy as you want or as simple as you like.

3. Eggs in purgatory

Eggs in purgatory
Source: The good food wave

The way of an Indian kitchen is spice. So, it would be remiss to not mention a spicy hot dish. The dish is similar to the Shakshuka, except simpler. If you forgot a dinner date, eggs in purgatory can be made from last-minute ingredients on your shelf.

This dish can be done using one skillet and in about half an hour. It is perfect for a lazy weekend brunch, with the bubbling crimson tomato sauce and chilli peppers to give you a good wake up call. If you crave something spicy and easy, this might just be your go-to.

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4. Egg Salad Blini Bites

Egg Salad Blini Bites
Source: Pinterest

Salad might be a healthy breakfast, but tasty it might be not. But you don’t have to worry. The creamy and briny egg salad is full of flavor and richness of the egg. What is even better is the addition of mini pancakes to it.

A little mayonnaise and lemon zest give the eggs a smooth, fluffy consistency that melts in your mouth. The mini pancakes just make the whole dish complete with their lovely softness.

5. Egg Coffee:

 Egg Coffee
Source: The sophisticated caveman

Before we get to tea, how about some coffee? Now, I know how it sounds, but it is a hundred times more appetizing than that. Egg coffee or Cà phê trứng is a Vietnamese beverage originating from Hanoi. It is prepared from egg yolk, sugar, condensed milk, and coffee powder.

This coffee provides a meringue-like luscious texture. Worry not, the eggy taste is overpowered by the tangy flavor to it. It was originally made for times when there was shortage of milk, but the flavor was such a rave that cafes started serving them regularly.

Try out this fluffy goodness and let us know if you were amazed by it as well.

6. Chinese Tea Eggs:

Chinese Tea Eggs
Source: The spruce eats

Tea Eggs are typical Chinese street food that are savory and light to eat. The eggs are boiled and marinated in tea leaves and spices to bring out the delightful aftertaste. These are also called marble eggs because of the spider-web patterns on them that are made by cracks on the shell.

The tea seeps through the cracks to bring out the flavour of the tea and spices. The texture is creamy and delightfully soft. And overall, it feels like the perfect assault on the senses. Tea eggs are very easy and simple to make and even more fun to create your designer spider webs.

So, if you want to have your favorite beverage with your favorite dish, then give it a try.

7. Cloud-Egg Croque Madame

Cloud-Egg Croque Madame
Source: Brit+co

The ultimate form of breakfast is a sandwich. Well, why not take it a step forward and experience waking up to clouds. The Cloud-Egg Croque Madame is a twist on the classic Croque Madame- French ham and cheese sandwich, topped with a fried egg.

The twist is – instead of a simple fried egg, it is a cloud egg. If you have yet to try it, I suggest you hop on the bandwagon soon. This stuff is heavenly. The dish is a perfect mash between the crispy, cheesy sandwich and the fluffy quality of the cloud egg.

Make sure you tell us what you thought of it.

Eggs are full of protein and full of nutritional values. They are also super fun to play around with. Honestly, there is no wrong way to cook an egg. Even mistakes make a great scrambled egg. And, hey, maybe you’ll make a new dish of your own.

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