15 Easy to Cook Dishes For Hostel Students

If you are a student and living in a hostel, then one of the biggest struggles of your daily life will be hostel food. It is a big task to focus on your studies along with keeping yourself healthy. Sometimes, you just wish to eat some healthy as well as tasty food. These food items can be made in a hostel room very easily with minimum required ingredients. 15 Easy to Cook Dishes For Hostel Students 1. Scrambled Eggs To make scrambled eggs, all you need is eggs, milk or water, butter or extra-virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Make … Read more

7 Egg Dishes To Make Your Day Better

Egg dishes are a trustworthy meal in almost every household. They are easy to whip up into the most delicious items and who does not love good omelettes on a lazy Sunday? While eggs are delicious and will make your mouth water, they also pack a good amount of nutrients. Hence the adage – “Sunday ho ya Monday, Roz Khao ande.” They can be eaten almost every day and with everything. Also, for tea lovers out there, keep a lookout for how you can mix egg and tea for some deliciousness. So, let’s get your eggs cracking. 7 Egg Dishes … Read more

11 Healthy Food Dishes for Kids

The growing years are the most important ones. Kids need appropriate nutrition in these years. Including all of the vegetables, fruits, and nutrients is a tough job. Kids are picky eaters, so it becomes a difficult task to cook what they like and which is also nutritious. 11 Healthy Food Dishes for Kids 1. Rava Idli with veggies Everyone loves idli. It makes up a perfect breakfast that is healthy and tasty. Prepare the regular rava idli batter, add chopped carrot pieces, coriander and green beans. Serve them with coconut chutney or tomato ketchup or with the daal which is … Read more

20 Delicious Snacks To Pack For Your Picnic

Food for a picnic must be easy to serve and able to taste good even when it’s cold. So, as the weather gets a little breezy, you know it’s the perfect time to pull out your sheets and plan a fun picnic with your family and friends. If you’re looking for options that are easy to pack and absolutely delicious, we have got you covered with these dishes. 20 Delicious Snacks To Pack For Your Picnic 1. Sandwiches First on our list are sandwiches, which are absolutely perfect for a picnic because they do not necessarily require plating and are … Read more

13 Delicious Toppings For Pancakes You Should Try

Toppings for Pancakes are a must since toppings make the entire delicacy better for consumption. Pancakes are definitely happy delicacies to savor on a good day. They have this amazing soft texture that melts in the mouth in no time. They go well in breakfasts and can be loaded with toppings for a good dessert as well. However, it might be tough to consider the right toppings for pancakes. There are numerous toppings for pancakes that would suit well to your taste buds. 13 Delicious Toppings For Pancakes You Should Try 1. Maple Syrup Starting with something common yet authentic … Read more

17 Local Foods You Must Try Out in Kentucky

Kentucky is home to the most delicious and underrated savouries. Here is your guide to satisfy your grumbling stomach with the most delicious food in Kentucky. 17 Local Foods You Must Try Out in Kentucky 1. Hot Brown Hot Brown is a creamy open-faced turkey sandwich. Sliced turkey is layered on toast and covered with Mornay sauce. It also consists of Roma tomato and bacon slices. It is extremely popular in restaurants and people do judge restaurants based on their Hot Browns. 2. Goetta Goetta is a sausage or mush of meat and grain. Crisp-fried slices of goetta are a … Read more

15 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Costa Rica

A Central American country lying between 8 to 12 degrees above the Equator experiences 2 major seasons – summer, which is mostly dry, and winter, which is wet and rainy. Due to its immense diversity in terms of flora and fauna, this county has become quite a popular travel destination. The beaches and volcanoes are a cherry on the top for the tourists, but there is always some room for a variety of tasty food and desserts. 15 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Costa Rica 1. Gallo Pinto A dish you can’t skip here, Gallo Pinto which typically means … Read more

18 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Mizoram

Mizoram, the state with the simplest food and rarest scenic beauty has a short and sweet array of cuisine that combines the goodness of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. 18 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Mizoram 1. Bai This dish of steamed vegetables cooked with pork, bamboo shoots and spiced local herbs is a famous dish in this northeastern state. This is even consumed by many as a soup before they jump onto the main course. 2. Vawksa Rep Pork is eaten a lot by the locals in the state. This is a smoked pork dish with oyster sauce … Read more

9 Best Desserts You Must Try Out In Cairo

In Cairo and in the mood to binge on some desserts? Or do you simply want to end your meal with a sweet touch? Well, this guide is for you. Egyptian desserts use a lot of milk products and rose water. It’s all so rich and authentic that you just cannot get enough of them. So after your delicious meals in Cairo, you need to try these traditional desserts. 9 Best Desserts You Must Try Out In Cairo 1. Om ali Om Ali literally translates to “Ali’s mother” and is one of the most popular traditional Egyptian desserts. There are … Read more

15 Delicious Foods to Eat in Slovenia

Slovenia was named the 10th best country in Europe and the world’s most environmentally-friendly nation. Slovenia offers tourists a wide variety of natural and cultural amenities. Slovenes also love their wine and food. Their cuisine is mostly influenced by the regions around it and is a mixture of Central European cuisine. Slovenia really is a foodie’s paradise. Here is a compiled list of the foods you must try in this bee-loving nation. 15 Delicious Foods to Eat in Slovenia 1. Kranjska Klobasa (Carniolan sausage) Kranjska klobasa is a typical Slovenian meat product. It is a pasteurized sausage, made of coarsely … Read more

13 Delicious Foods to Eat in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is often considered the happiest city on Earth and something tells me it’s the food. Denmark has become known for bringing the New Nordic Cuisine on the foreground with Copenhagen hosting a great number of high-end restaurants with Michelin stars. Their artful culinary is exceptional and so here are the dishes you absolutely need to try when in Copenhagen. Velbekomme! 13 Delicious Foods to Eat in Copenhagen 1. Smørrebrød Smørrebrød is a traditional open-faced sandwich that usually consists of a piece of buttered rye bread, a dense, brown bread, topped with commercial or homemade cold cuts, pieces of meat … Read more