20 Delicious Snacks To Pack For Your Picnic

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Snacks To Pack For Your Picnic


Food for a picnic must be easy to serve and able to taste good even when it’s cold. So, as the weather gets a little breezy, you know it’s the perfect time to pull out your sheets and plan a fun picnic with your family and friends.

If you’re looking for options that are easy to pack and absolutely delicious, we have got you covered with these dishes.

20 Delicious Snacks To Pack For Your Picnic

1. Sandwiches

Source: Knocksense

First on our list are sandwiches, which are absolutely perfect for a picnic because they do not necessarily require plating and are easy to serve. They also require you to be creative as you make them; however, you can prepare them simply with your favourite spreads and vegetables.

2. Chicken Salad

Source: Nutritious Life

Here we bring you an option that is healthy and picnic-friendly. A chicken salad won’t taste any less delicious once it’s cold and can be fulfilling and rich in protein at the same time.

3. Rolls And Wraps

Source: Franchise India

A classic Shawrma roll loaded with cheese and chicken won’t lose its charm even when it’s cold. In fact, rolls and wraps are easy to pack and won’t require you to use a lot of culinary when you serve them. Wrapping them up with some foil does the trick to minimize the mess, which is why they are perfect for a picnic.

4. Brownies

Source: Cooking Classy

A picnic also definitely needs something sweet, and brownies are the perfect dessert for it since they are dry and taste absolutely delicious even when they are served cold. Cutting them into pieces also allows you to pack them easily.

5. Cookies

Source: Live well Bake Often

Chocolate chip cookies or cookies with jam and nuts are absolutely heavenly, so next time you plan a picnic, don’t forget to bake a batch at home or buy some for a perfect picnic snack that will satisfy your cravings.

6. Muffins

Source: Kirbie’s Cravings

The absence of any type of icing eliminates the chances of creating a mess and allows you to pack muffins for your picnic as a perfect dessert. The variety, which can go from chocolate to blueberry, gives you a lot to choose from for your next picnic.

7. Granola Bars

Source: Ecowatch

Granola bars are healthy and rich in fibre and can be made at home as well, which is why you should consider making a batch for your next picnic with granola and your favourite nuts as well.

8. Cheesecake Jars

Source: Chef Sheilla

While carrying an entire cheesecake can be tough, you must consider cheesecake jars. You can make them at home in whatever flavour you like and just open and eat it right from the jar when you go for a picnic.

9. Fruit Salad

Source: Delish

Fruit salads are also the perfect healthy option for a picnic since they require minimum effort and will taste just the same at a picnic as they do at home. So chop up your favourite fruits, add some honey or even sugar on top for a perfect healthy snack.

10. Yogurt Parfaits

Source: Yummy Toddler Food

Yogurt parfiaits are easy to assemble, healthy and absolutely delicious at the same time. All you have to do is have a jar, some yogurt and your favourite toppings for this amazing and mess-free delight.

11. Sandwiches On Stick

Source: Two Peas and Their Pods

Sandwiches on a stick are cute and easy to serve as well. All you have to do is have your favourite spread, which you can have on the bread, then cut that sandwich into small pieces. You can put them on a stick with some fruits in between, like grapes, for some added fun as well.

12. Pasta Salad In A Jar

Source: The Muse

Pasta salads will taste great at a picnic just as they do at home, and you can make them a day ahead with the pasta of your choice, vegetables and sauce for the next day.

13. Picnic Bars

Source: Sainsbury’s

Picnic bars are fudge-like treats that are absolutely delicious and can be easily made at home. You can find a number of different recipes online and choose your favourite for your next picnic.

14. Grilled Mushrooms

Source: Delish.com

This dish will taste amazing even when it’s not hot. You can grill your mushrooms and put them on a stick so they are easy to pack and serve. This low-fat recipe is also healthy and can be spicy if you want it to be.

15. Bhel Puri

Source: VegeCravings

Bhel puri is also a light snack that will not make you bloat but at the same time give all the amazing flavours. The fact that these taste exactly the same anywhere makes them perfect for a picnic.

16. Picnic Dip Jars

Source: Pinterest

As the name suggests, picnic dip jars consist of jars filled with a dip that you can make at home with the ingredients you want. For example, carry some biscuits or veggies to dip in your jar when you pack for your picnic. There are a number of recipes available for you to try from, or you can make any of your classic dips and just pour them in a jar.

17. Eggs

Source: Scientific American

When going for eggs, make sure to go for boiled eggs, deviled eggs or an egg salad rather than fried or poached eggs. Eggs are rich in protein and mess-free when they are boiled and can be enjoyed with your favourite seasonings.

18. Jell-O Popsicles

Source: Vegan in the Freezer

Since your normal popsicles would obviously melt when you go outside, a Jell-O popsicle won’t. For this, all you have to do is freeze your popsicle in a popsicle mould rather than a big utensil to make them. For some added fun, you can also chop up some fruits and add them to it.

19. Chikki

Source: Cook with Manali

Chikki, as you know, is made of jaggery and peanuts and is sweet and absolutely delicious. These are easy to make at home as well and won’t create a mess when you carry them for a picnic. Making them at home will also allow you to add your personal touch by using your favorite dry fruits as well.

20. Khakhra

Source: Archana’s Kitchen

Khakhra is a Gujarati dish and perfects if you want to pack Indian and traditional for a picnic. These are light and tasty and can be enjoyed with your favorite Achaar as well.

These are some dishes that you can make or buy next time you plan a picnic. All of them will taste absolutely amazing even if you pack them for a long time and drive off to a far-off destination. Some of them are healthy, light, vegan, and Indian as well, giving you a wide variety to choose from for your perfect picnic.

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