14 Best Restaurants To Visit On Diwali

The “Biggest Festival of Lights,” known as Diwali, is one of the most well-known holidays. Dubai has the largest fountain in the world, along with magnificent fireworks displays for Diwali. You may do many more enjoyable things with your lover or family. Create a wonderful rangoli and add colorful diyas to give it a more ethnic and lovely appearance. Have a look at the 14 best restaurants to visit on Diwali: 1. Maya – Trident, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai  Maya delivers traditional food from the North-West Frontier while artistically capturing the flavor of contemporary Indian gourmet dining. This upmarket restaurant provides … Read more

30 Best Healthy Alternatives To Junk Foods

Who doesn’t love to eat pizza, burgers, ice-creams, etc., for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner? Everyone loves to eat food that is delicious by looks and tastes way better than anything else, but as we know, we have to pay an equal amount of hardship to fulfill our desires; it’s the same here as well.  So let’s have a look at the 30 best healthy alternatives to junk foods: 1. Chips Well, I know everyone loves to eat Lays and many kinds of flavors according to their taste. But why not try something which is equally tasty plus healthy plus … Read more

15 Fun facts about Ice cream

When someone says ice cream our sweet tooth tickles. Who can refuse a creamy and luscious ice cream, it is almost everyone’s favorite. It can be coupled with a hot brownie or chocolate sauce, making it more interesting and delicious. One cannot resist the temptation if there are different types of ice creams on the table. It is the best dessert to beat the heat during summer. So here are some fun facts about Icecream you might not be knowing:  1. The popsicle stick was invented accidentally!  Yes you heard it right! We all love ice creams with popsicle sticks … Read more

12 Milkshakes You Must Try Out at Home

Milkshakes are probably the most favorite drink of all aged people. It is one of the most iconic American desserts; it is cool, sweet, and comes in pretty much every flavor one desires. It is pretty easy to make and can be made with available ingredients at home. A person can decide right from the type of milk to the various components to make a milkshake with. Here is a list of milkshakes to make at home, which won’t take much of anyone’s time but will definitely satisfy the sweet tooth. The common ingredients are ice cream, milk, and sugar; … Read more

12 Delicious Shakes That Can Be Easily Made At Home

On days when you don’t feel like eating anything solid, delicious, and fulfilling, shakes are your go-to options. The best part about making shakes at home is that we can customize them the way we want and even make them healthy if we want to shed a little weight. So here are some shake recipes that you need to try. While some can be the ones you’ve tried at your nearest café or barista, some are entirely different from your regular shakes and will leave you feeling full and happy. These recipes will give you thick and heavy milkshakes, great … Read more

6 Delicious Dome Shaped Ice Creams

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice-Cream! Well, well, so today, when I ask, what is your superpower? Some people might answer that they know how to do magic, or some might beat the inbuilt fear of any kind. But, a foodie like me or someone with a love for ice cream might have the superpower of making ice cream disappear as soon as possible. Ice cream truly is the only confection that each of us loves. Ice cream will always remind us that we should enjoy our lives in its sweetness till it melts away. Now let … Read more

13 Delicious Toppings For Pancakes You Should Try

Toppings for Pancakes are a must since toppings make the entire delicacy better for consumption. Pancakes are definitely happy delicacies to savor on a good day. They have this amazing soft texture that melts in the mouth in no time. They go well in breakfasts and can be loaded with toppings for a good dessert as well. However, it might be tough to consider the right toppings for pancakes. There are numerous toppings for pancakes that would suit well to your taste buds. 13 Delicious Toppings For Pancakes You Should Try 1. Maple Syrup Starting with something common yet authentic … Read more

20 Ice Creams Flavours You Must Try This Summer

Planning to go experimental this summer, these frozen treats are worth a shot if you guys love ice creams. Various flavours of ice creams you couldn’t imagine would be paired together or even such flavours which you thought couldn’t be converted into ice cream. Here is a list you would totally drool over. After all, ice creams are the worldwide comfort food. 20 Ice Creams Flavours You Must Try This Summer 1. Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream Halloween zeal or the Autumn whether blame whatever you want to grab a bite of this delicious Pumpkin Spice ice cream. Pumpkin is a … Read more

9 Best Desserts You Must Try Out In Cairo

In Cairo and in the mood to binge on some desserts? Or do you simply want to end your meal with a sweet touch? Well, this guide is for you. Egyptian desserts use a lot of milk products and rose water. It’s all so rich and authentic that you just cannot get enough of them. So after your delicious meals in Cairo, you need to try these traditional desserts. 9 Best Desserts You Must Try Out In Cairo 1. Om ali Om Ali literally translates to “Ali’s mother” and is one of the most popular traditional Egyptian desserts. There are … Read more

15 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Italy

Italy has bestowed the most appealing, elegant, sophisticated, and splendid delicacies to the gourmet world. This cuisine delivers authentic flavors blossomed in the Italian Strada. The Italian Republic located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea masters in using a blend of cooking practices coming from various regions of the country. Italians are known for using a variety of herbs which are a quintessential part of their culinary practices. 15 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Italy 1. Neapolitan Pizza Crispy, crunchy and flaky, baked flatbread with a rich tomato sauce drizzled on the base and engulfed in a generous … Read more