15 Fun facts about Ice cream

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When someone says ice cream our sweet tooth tickles. Who can refuse a creamy and luscious ice cream, it is almost everyone’s favorite. It can be coupled with a hot brownie or chocolate sauce, making it more interesting and delicious. One cannot resist the temptation if there are different types of ice creams on the table. It is the best dessert to beat the heat during summer.

So here are some fun facts about Icecream you might not be knowing: 

1. The popsicle stick was invented accidentally! 

Fun facts about Ice cream
Photo by Giovanna Gomes on Unsplash

Yes you heard it right! We all love ice creams with popsicle sticks such as Magnum but did you know that the popsicle stick was invented accidentally by a 11 year old boy named Frank Epperson. Frank mixed some sugary soda powder with water on a cold wintery night and left it out overnight. In the morning he saw that the mixture was frozen. He declared it an ‘epsicle’ (derived from his last name Epperson), and started selling it in his neighborhood. Over the time, this epsicle became popular and contemporarily, almost every ice cream brand sells ice cream with popsicle sticks.

2. America is the largest consumer of ice cream.

Fun facts about Ice cream
Source: cityam

The United States is one of the top 3 consumers and California is the largest producer of ice cream. The most consumed flavor in America is vanilla and their favorite topping is chocolate syrup. The first ice cream parlor in America was opened in New York in 1776. In the United States, July is deemed to be the national ice cream month.

3. Chocolate flavor was introduced first! 

Source: delish

This is astonishing yet true. Chocolate flavor was introduced before vanilla. Though vanilla flavor is easy to make because it’s simply made from milk but the truth is that chocolate came first.

4. Ice cream sundaes were actually made on Sundays.

Source: Tasting table

Initially, ice cream sundaes were served only on Sundays. Earlier shopkeepers served ice cream sodas. One day, a guy named Edward Berner served ice cream soda without the soda, just the ice cream and syrup AND he served this on a Sunday! Gradually it gained popularity and came to be known as ice cream sundae.

5. Ice cream was considered to be a luxury.

Source: newspapers.com

In the early 1800s, only the elite population and the royals were able to afford ice creams because those were made from imported ingredients which made them rare and exotic. Therefore, it wasn’t accessible to everyone, which made it much more exclusive.

6. Hawaii is home to an ‘ice cream bean.’

Source: Specialty produce

In Hawaii, there is a fruit called joaquinquil, popularly known as ice cream bean. It tastes exactly like vanilla ice cream. This fruit is native to South America. Ice cream beans are mostly eaten raw and sometimes used as a flavour enhancer in desserts.

7. There is a phenomena called ice cream ‘brain freeze effect’

Source: livescience

Brain freeze is also known as ‘ice cream headache.’ It happens due to the rapid consumption of ice cream. This effect is triggered when cold ice cream touches the roof of your mouth, which causes blood vessels in the head to dilate and then converting it into a headache. The only cure to this is to somehow warm the roof of the mouth which will give some relief.

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8. Le Mars, Iowa is the ice cream capital of the world.

Source: The Municipal

Le Mars is situated in Los Angeles and is considered the ice cream capital of the world. They have more than 40 varieties of ice creams.

9. The majority of Americans have ice cream in their freezers.

Source: upgradedhome

Since America is the largest consumer of ice creams, you will find that 90% of Americans keep ice cream in their freezers.

10. Some of the strangest flavors of ice cream.

Source: abc.net

Vanilla and chocolate ice creams are everybody’s comfort flavors, but have you ever tried or even heard of some of the strangest flavors of ice cream like garlic, pickled mango, avocado, or stilton cheese?

11. Vanilla was rare and exotic in the late 1700s.

Source: Marketcalls

Today vanilla is one of the most consumed flavors and everyone’s favorite but do you know Vanilla flavor wasn’t easily available in the late 1700s.

12. How much milk is needed to produce 1 gallon of ice cream?

Source: mysa

12 pounds of milk is required to produce a gallon of ice cream. Milk is the major ingredient that is used in producing ice creams that’s why a huge amount is needed.

13. How many licks does it take to finish one scoop of ice cream? 

Source: switchdental

It takes an average of 50 licks to finish one scoop of ice cream.

14. The tallest ice cream cone was over 9 feet tall.

Source: guinnessworldrecords

It was in Italy where the tallest ice cream cone was made which was over 9 feet tall. It was made of the wafer and covered with 700 kgs of white chocolate.

Source: I am Baker

Chocolate. Yes, not only is it the majority’s favourite ice cream but its syrup is also loved by all like an ice cream topping. 

After reading these fun facts, I am sure you will be craving some mouth watering ice cream. So the next time you consume ice cream, keep these facts in mind.

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