10 Indian dishes that you can enjoy with Pav

Pav is a soft bread roll that is very soft and fluffy in texture. Although it does not have a distinct flavor, the recipes that are prepared with Pav are super delicious and extremely common in India. Pav dishes are mostly served and enjoyed as street food, particularly in Mumbai, where you can easily spot a stall preparing and serving Pav recipes on any street or corner of the road. When roasted in a pan with butter, pav brings a touch of charm to the dishes it is eaten with.

Pav recipes are one of the highly loved dishes in India. Some dishes have absolutely spicy and flavorful curry or gravy served with them and some are extremely crunchy and munchy to have. Overall, when devoured warm, they are truly delightful and amazingly mouth-watering.

So, here are some of the Indian dishes that you can enjoy with Pav:

1. Vada Pav

 Indian dishes that you can enjoy with Pav
Source: greatbritishchefs

Vada pav is a fast food dish that originated in Maharashtra. A deep-fried potato dumpling is sandwiched between two bread buns; you may also fill it with coriander chutney and spiced garlic powder.

2. Pav Bhaji

Source: rajbhog

A thick vegetable curry (bhaji) is eaten with soft bread (pav). Potatoes, onions, carrots, chilies, peas, beans, and tomatoes are among the vegetables used in the curry. You can top the bhaji with butter and coriander and serve it with onions.

3. Dabeli

 Indian dishes that you can enjoy with Pav
Source: whiskaffair

Dabeli originated from Kutch, Gujarat. It is made with Indian bread stuffed with potato mixture, pomegranate seeds, onions, and tomatoes. It’s also a hearty, filling, and delicious recipe. You can even garnish it with sev.

4. Masala Pav

Source: cookwithmanali

Masala pav is a yummy and spicy street food in Mumbai. The pav is sliced and then filled with spiced buttery onions, tomatoes, and capsicum filling. Sprinkle some onions and coriander leaves and squeeze some lemon juice on it.

5. Missal Pav

Source: dassana’svegrecipes

The missal pav is made up of two parts: the missal and the pav. Spices and vegetables are used to prepare the missal. You can add sev, onions, and coriander leaves to it. It can be eaten as a breakfast, a snack, or a meal.

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6. Ussal Pav

Source: archanaskitchen

Ussal pav is a tangy tomato and tamarind gravy made with boiled dried white peas. It is eaten with pav or can be eaten on its own. You can also top it with chopped onions, sev, and green chilies. Serve it hot.

7. Spicy Paneer Bhurji Pav Sandwich

Source: archanaskitchen

The spicy paneer bhurji pav sandwich is a delicious breakfast or lunch choice. It has cabbage, peppers, onions, and cucumbers in abundance. It contains a lot of protein since paneer is the main ingredient.

8. Stuffed Cheese Schezwan Pav

Source: tarladalal

Vegetables and tangy sauces are stuffed into this cheese schezwan pav. It is butter-coated, foil-wrapped, and baked. It’s a delectable, spicy, and mouth-watering dish to serve at a party or as a snack.

9. Chinese Pav Bhaji

Source: poonamsvegkitchen

Chinese pav bhaji is a fusion of Indian-Chinese food culture. It is loaded with ginger extract, chilies, soy sauce, veggies, and boiled noodles. You can enjoy it with buttered pav and onion-lemon combination with it.

10. Bhajiya Pav

Source: breadanddreams

Bhajiya pav is a very popular street food all over India. It is made with potato and onion slices dipped into besan batter and deep fried. Keep the bhajiyas between the pav and enjoy it with fried green chilies and chutneys.

These are a few of the mouthwatering dishes that you can enjoy with Pav and some of India’s most common street foods. People of all ages and social groups enjoy them. These dishes are extremely tasty and are best enjoyed on a rainy day. It will certainly satisfy your need for something spicy and flavorful.

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