11 Varieties of Kheer The most cherished Dessert

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Dessert is the part of the meal which is usually served at the end, and it is generally said that the best of everything is always enjoyed at the end. It is always the most awaited dish for everybody, and it mainly consists of something sweet or any confectionery that makes us feel joyful.

Kheer is one such dessert that fills us with the goodness of sweetness. It is one of the most popular and delightful sweet dishes in India. Be it any occasion or a happy moment, you would always find the aroma of kheer throughout the home and even the streets. This dessert mainly consists of milk, sugar, and rice. There are also various other ingredients that are used to make a lip-smacking kheer.

So here are 11 varieties of kheer, check them out!

1. Rice Kheer

varieties of kheer
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Rice kheer is a sweet dessert that is creamy and flavorful. Rice, sugar, and rose water are the key ingredients. Cinnamon and nuts like almonds, cashews, and raisins can be used to decorate it. Rice kheer is the queen of kheers, and it’s popular all over India. In Indian weddings, it is a must-have dish.

2. Vermicelli Kheer

varieties of kheer
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The key ingredient in vermicelli kheer is wheat flour vermicelli. Chopped nuts and dried fruits, such as cashews and raisins, can be added. To make it more flavorful, you can add saffron threads and cardamom powder. This vermicelli kheer has a special meaning on the occasion of Eid, making it a popular Eid meal.

3. Sabudana Kheer

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Because it contains sabudana, the kheer is light and fluffy. Sabudana is high in carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, making it an extremely nutritious food. It can be served chilled or warm, according to your preference. On Hindu fasting days, it is a favorite Indian dessert.

4. Dudhi Kheer

Source: Dassana’s Veg Recipes

Bottle gourd, sugar, and milk are used to make dudhi kheer. The inclusion of saffron, cardamom, almonds, and cashew nuts enhances the flavor of the kheer. To make it seem more appealing, sprinkle it with pistachios. It’s a healthy approach to indulge your sweet tooth every now and then.

5. Rava Kheer

Source: NDTV Food

Rava kheer is made using ingredients such as Rava (semolina), milk, sugar, and ghee. Cardamom, cashew, raisins, and chironji can be used to enhance the flavor. After your dinner, serve it hot to enjoy this delicious Rava kheer. It is not only eaten as a dessert but also as a tasty tiffin or snack when served with puris.

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6. Makhana Kheer

Source: Recipe

Makhana kheer is a kheer that is very simple to make. Milk, sugar, and dried fruits make up the kheer. Because of the makhana, it’s quite creamy and fluffy. Serve it topped with pistachios. Even when served cold, this kheer tastes amazing.

7. Poha Kheer

Source: Tasted Recipe

Poha and milk are the essential ingredients in poha kheer. To make the kheer more attractive, sprinkle some dry fruits on top. In Tamil, poha kheer is known as Aval payasam and can be served hot, warm, or chilled.

8. Wheat Kheer

Source: Vismai Food

Wheat kheer is a Maharashtrian traditional dessert made of wheat, ghee, jaggery, and coconut. It has a cardamom and almond flavor. Serve hot or cold, with nuts and chopped coconut on top. Wheat Kheer is a delicious dessert and a wonderful way to end a meal with friends and family.

9. Moong Dal Kheer

Source: NDTV Food

Moong dal kheer is a sweet dessert made with moong dal, jaggery, coconut milk, and almonds. It contains roasted moong dal and has a distinct scent and flavor. You can also sprinkle coconut on top of the kheer. It’s a traditional dessert recipe made for special occasions or festivals such as Makar Sankranti.

10. Ragi Kheer

Source: Sharmis Passions

Ragi kheer is a highly healthy sweet food to eat since ragi is high in calcium and iron. The key ingredients are ragi flour, milk, sugar, cardamom powder, and ghee. To make it more appetizing, add some dry fruits, cardamom, and saffron. Serve it hot or cold, depending on your choice.

11. Oats Kheer

Source: healthshots

After a meal, oats kheer is a tasty and simple dessert to make. Oats, milk, ghee, and dry fruits are used to make this delicious kheer. The use of ghee enhances the aroma. Also, oats give the kheer a great texture and adding dry fruits makes it even more delicious.

So, these were some of the varieties of kheer that you can enjoy in India. You would surely love to have this creamy, tasty, and healthy dessert. You can cherish it even more by adding some dried fruits. This is one of those desserts that would become a tasty and most wonderful memory of yours for a long time.

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