14 Street Food you must try out in Indore

Talking of street food in India, if there is one city that leaves everyone speechless with its variety, tastes, and usage of spices, it’s Indore. The city is like heaven for the foodies wishing to explore the varied Indian food items. “City of Foodies”, this name has been given to Indore because of its flavors, its variety of chaats and the wide range of street foods that is enough for a foodgasm for anyone. 14 Street Food you must try out in Indore 1. Poha-Jalebi A common breakfast item in the city, poha-jalebi is a spectacular combination of the spicy … Read more

15 Easy to Cook Dishes For Hostel Students

If you are a student and living in a hostel, then one of the biggest struggles of your daily life will be hostel food. It is a big task to focus on your studies along with keeping yourself healthy. Sometimes, you just wish to eat some healthy as well as tasty food. These food items can be made in a hostel room very easily with minimum required ingredients. 15 Easy to Cook Dishes For Hostel Students 1. Scrambled Eggs To make scrambled eggs, all you need is eggs, milk or water, butter or extra-virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Make … Read more

11 Varieties of Kheer The most cherished Dessert

Dessert is the part of the meal which is usually served at the end, and it is generally said that the best of everything is always enjoyed at the end. It is always the most awaited dish for everybody, and it mainly consists of something sweet or any confectionery that makes us feel joyful. Kheer is one such dessert that fills us with the goodness of sweetness. It is one of the most popular and delightful sweet dishes in India. Be it any occasion or a happy moment, you would always find the aroma of kheer throughout the home and … Read more

16 Famous Street Foods to Eat In Nashik

Nashik in India is famous for several things, but this city’s food has magical flavors with the local spices. If you visit Nashik, you must try street food there. The food here will definitely satiate your taste buds. 16 Famous Street Foods to Eat In Nashik 1. Misal Pav Misal Pav is the most popular street food in Nashik. If you visit this city, you must try this dish once. Misal is a spicy curry that is made of moth beans. It is topped with sev, chopped onion, and coriander, along with a dash of lemon. It is served with … Read more

17 Amazing Gluten-Free Food Recipes

Gluten is a mixture of proteins found in wheat, barley, rye and oats. Those who have weak intestines or have any gluten-related disorders should avoid these substances in their daily diet. A gluten-free diet should be based on naturally gluten-free food and not on ready-made gluten-free products. For eating gluten-free but genuinely healthy food, it is better to cook it at home; this way, we get to know how to prepare it and how it is made. Right from main meal dishes to desserts, one can make a gluten-free dish. The flour choice to make gluten-free recipes is almond flour, … Read more

Tasty Dishes Out Of Leftovers

After any grand party at home, may it be a birthday party, family gathering or even just a get-together, every host is left with many food dishes and the ingredients bought for cooking them. Some dishes can be eaten the next day, and some need a bit of rejuvenation. Leftovers like chicken, rice, idli, bread, roti, cake, etc., can be made into other delicious dishes. To make those dishes, there needs to be nothing that every kitchen has. Recipes With Chicken Leftovers The main thing is that meat doesn’t last long; when refrigerated, it lasts for a more extended period … Read more

16 Best Street Food You Must Try Out in Udaipur

Every human being has a weak spot for mouth-watering food. The craving is even more if it is from the streets and alleys of India. Udaipur, also known as the Venice of the East, is one of the most celebrated cities culturally. Apart from its forts, Udaipur has its own list of famous food in which you can get a chance to taste the heritage of the land. Here are a few suggestions that you must try out on your visit to Udaipur. 16 Best Street Food You Must Try Out in Udaipur 1. Dabeli Dabeli is one of the … Read more

9 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Bhuj

Kem Cho? Majama! (How are you? Good!), Gujaratis always welcome people with open arms and a platter laden with delicacies. The most enthralling city in Gujarat, Bhuj, is India’s westernmost city. From its annual Rann Utsav to its ceaseless quest for street food, Bhuj has always had something worth celebrating. 9 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Bhuj 1. SEV KHAMAN As the name suggests, Sev Khaman is the solution to hunger at any time of the day. Dhoklas are mashed and spiced up with chat masala and sev, bringing your taste buds to a halt. Gujarat’s tangy twist in … Read more

17 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is an attraction because of its central location in India. It is commonly abbreviated as MP. It is rich in history and culture but that’s not all to this state. Madhya Pradesh promises a delightful package of regional cuisines from all over India. Local food such as ‘poha’ (flattened rice) is considered most famous, especially in cities like Ujjain, Indore, and Ratlam. The renowned street food of Indore like Bhutta Kees and Sabudana Khichdi is very delicious and available almost everywhere. Bhopal (the capital of Madhya Pradesh) is widely known for meat and fish dishes such as korma, … Read more

10 Delicious Foods to Eat in Jabalpur

Jabalpur is a beautiful city situated on the banks of river Narmada. It is famous for its marble rocks, lakes, waterfalls, and good food. The food is a blend of cream and spice which feels nice. A place that boasts of hospitality and mouth-watering dishes. So one can say it is a gastronomic delight to savour the food in Jabalpur. The taste lingers in your mouth eating the delicacies of the place. Now let me take you on a gastronomic tour of the place, this will tingle your taste buds and you will drool at the sight of these foods. … Read more

10 Delicious Foods to Eat on Railway Stations In India

Traveling at times turns hectic, especially when you travel over regional boundaries. In India, where culture and attire change with every kilometre we bring you the yummiest and finger-licking food while travelling by train. There are a few railway stations in India that will make your traveling tastier. Foodies must try these quickies because for die-hard food fans food that holds the real taste of the native place is equivalent to experiencing heaven through a satisfying tummy while being on earth. Here is the list of quickies you can relish while you are at these 10 Railway stations in India. … Read more