30 Best Healthy Alternatives To Junk Foods

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best healthy alternatives to junk foods


Who doesn’t love to eat pizza, burgers, ice-creams, etc., for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner? Everyone loves to eat food that is delicious by looks and tastes way better than anything else, but as we know, we have to pay an equal amount of hardship to fulfill our desires; it’s the same here as well. 

So let’s have a look at the 30 best healthy alternatives to junk foods:

1. Chips

Well, I know everyone loves to eat Lays and many kinds of flavors according to their taste. But why not try something which is equally tasty plus healthy plus satisfies your cravings too?

Can you guess? Yes, many people know about popcorn, but they only eat or have it for movies, but it is the foremost option to replace chips from your diet. 

2. Chocolate 

I know most people know the healthy alternative for chocolate is dark chocolate, but as I’m listing a few best alternatives available out there, I can’t miss this one. 

3. Flavored Oatmeal 

I know most people will think that oatmeal is definitely the best and healthiest food option available out there, then why the need for an alternative? 

Rather than going for a flavored one, go for a non-flavored one because you can add your flavor to it by adding honey and fruits, naturally making them sweet, thus avoiding unnecessary chemicals and excess artificial sweetening to your meal. 

4. Granola 

Granola seems to be a very nonfamiliar unhealthy item as people don’t think about it before having it. I mean, have you ever heard people saying oh damn, granola is so sweet or unhealthy? 

No one says it, but it is because it’s loaded with sugar. So why not go for nuts?

5. Cheese 

Well, whatever your age is, it doesn’t matter because cheese is one thing that everyone loves to eat, and why not? It goes with everything, and most of the combinations nowadays include cheese. 

But don’t you feel having too much cheese can cause addiction?

Because I had replaced most of my dishes with veggies, I bet you won’t regret having your favorite veggies, either. 

6. Creamy Soup 

Well, soup is the healthiest and most heartwarming dish out there. 

But are you having creamy soup, which consists of a thick texture and fewer veggies? Please stop because it won’t help you. 

Have soup that is not too thick with a load of veggies, and most importantly, add chilies to it. 

7. French Fries 

Most of us love to have French fries as a side dish, but why have something full of calories if you can have a salad instead? It’s crunchy and gives you a fresh taste after your meal, but please keep it healthy; don’t add too much dressing to your side salad because then it will have a lot of calories. 

8. Fruit Drinks 

Does it make sense to have fruit juice rather than raw fruits that are easily available?

The fruit drinks available in the market are full of calories as opposed to what is said by your favorite celebrities in their ads. 

People just go for easy things blindly rather than giving little effort to things that will benefit them. 

9. Ice cream 

It’s very difficult to ignore a scoop of your favorite ice cream, no doubt. 

And once in a while, ice cream is good to have, but what if I say there’s something that can satisfy your ice cream cravings and you won’t regret it later to gain weight? Sounds nice, right? 

Yes, there is an option out there named frozen yogurt, which I’m sure you would love to try!

10. Soda 

Most of the drinks out there consist of soda; people love to refresh themselves with it even though there are much more refreshing plus healthier drinks available to make on your own. 

Why not have lemon juice with a little bit of mint along with chilled water? 

Don’t you think it’s the best way to refresh yourself? 

If you haven’t tried it, at least give it a shot because it’s godly in taste plus the healthiest option out there for any drink. 

11. Hamburger  

Your regular hamburger consists of 350 calories, whereas a chicken burger has only 220 calories in it, so why not switch to less-calorie food with better taste? 

12. Butter  

There is a much healthier option available to replace your high-calorie butter with margarine because why not? It’s light in taste and healthy. 

13. Cake  

Not every cake is healthy or unhealthy, but mostly, normal cakes are full of sugar and calories, which can be replaced with healthy options. 

Try whole-grain wheat banana bread; it’s delicious. Who doesn’t like to eat bananas? Obviously, everyone loves it too, and plus, it provides you with potassium, magnesium, and zinc, which is also full of fiber from wheat bread. 

14. Sweets  

Most people are habitual to having dessert with their meal. It doesn’t have any nutritional value, so why not have something that is sweet plus has nutritional value to it? 

Start having some dried fruits like strawberries, mango, and goji berries!

15. Pizza  

Pizza is the unhealthiest junk food that everyone loves to eat, but what if you have to replace it with something healthier yet delicious? 

Pita bread can be a good replacement for your unhealthy pizza cravings. 

Prepare a dough with wheat and put some chicken stuffing or salad and enjoy. 

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16. Beer  

The pint beer has 180 calories, but as we compare it with normal drinks like spirit, it only has 61 calories, so if you are looking for a good and better option, here it is. 

17. Milkshake  

A chocolate milkshake is the foremost best drink you can have if you are really feeling low, but even though it satisfies your craving, it doesn’t give you any nutritional value. Instead of a milkshake, you can try a smoothie; it’s really wholesome, and you really don’t need to think of any kind of guilt after having it. 

18. Jam  

If you are habitual to having jam on your toast, then you’re missing some nutrition in your meal. 

You can also have a healthy yet tasty option, like smashing some avocado over your toast. 

It is healthy and fulfilling. 

19. Your regular flour tortilla  

Can’t imagine your meal without a tortilla? Then I have a solution. Just replace your flour tortilla with a corn flour tortilla; it has half of the calories and consists of fiber. 

20. Mayo  

Who can imagine their sandwich or burger without mayo? It consists of 95 calories, but as we compare it with hummus, the chickpea dressing is way healthier as it consists of only 25 calories in it, so do try it. 

21. Sour Cream  

Instead of adding sour cream to your rolls or tacos, add some Greek yogurt with some seasoning and veggies. 

It will not only cut down your calorie count but also provide you with extra protein. 

22. Thick Pizza Crust  

Try to avoid thick pizza crust because it consists of insulin which will definitely make you crave more, so better go for thin crust pizza because it’s better to avoid little things rather than causing harm. 

23. Cookies  

If you can’t avoid having your tea with some chocolate chip cookies, then try having energy balls instead. 

It’s made of nuts and doesn’t really need to be baked, and of course, it’s a healthier option. 

24. Sushi Roll  

Addicted to having sushi? Here is a solution – have sashimi instead; it will not only cut down the calories of rice but will add a different flavor to your meal in a healthy way. 

25. Muffins  

Are you in love with muffins? If you don’t want to gain extra calories, here is a shortcut. Have croissants instead. 

It will cut the 250 calories which you can gain from the muffin, and you don’t need to hesitate to have it with your tea. 

26. Pancake  

Well, who doesn’t like to have pancakes for their breakfast? Everyone loves it, but you can replace your regular calories-loaded pancake with a healthy banana oat pancake; it’s super easy to make, and you don’t need extra sugar to add to it. 

27. Pudding  

Everyone knows pudding is absolute love but have you tried the chia seeds pudding recipe? If not, try it. I bet it’s not only healthy but will taste like your regular pudding; just go for it and see the magic. 

28. Pasta  

If you want a healthier alternative to your regular pasta or just a change of taste, then try spaghetti squash. Also, don’t forget to add your own flavor and enjoy. 

29. Candy  

Who doesn’t want to have candies once in a while? I bet everyone does, and kids love it, but you can always have dry grapes as a good replacement for your candy cravings. 

It is naturally sweet and healthy. 

30. Mac and Cheese  

if you are unable to find any healthy alternative for your Mac and cheese, then I have one for you. 

Add some butternut squash to your regular pasta and see the magic. 

It’s delicious as well as healthy. 


So, what do you think about having delicious plus healthier options? Would you still go for something which will definitely satisfy your craving but will make you unfit in the end? Trust me; this circle will never stop because you will get addicted. 

So don’t be late; just add alternatives for your favorite dish and apply them because thoughts are nothing without the action you take. 

Thank You! 

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