6 Delicious Dome Shaped Ice Creams

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Dome-Shaped Ice Cream

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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice-Cream!

Well, well, so today, when I ask, what is your superpower? Some people might answer that they know how to do magic, or some might beat the inbuilt fear of any kind. But, a foodie like me or someone with a love for ice cream might have the superpower of making ice cream disappear as soon as possible. Ice cream truly is the only confection that each of us loves.

Ice cream will always remind us that we should enjoy our lives in its sweetness till it melts away. Now let us jump into this joyous ride to the world of DOME SHAPED ICE-CREAMS, where each bite is guaranteed to be a gorgeous delight in itself. These are spherical moulded ice-creams that have the outer crust of either chocolates or nuts. These ice-creams sometimes include a filling of cream and a puree of fruits like raspberry. Every version of these dome-shaped ice creams is a sure-shot hit and a divine sweet indulgence; now, let’s explore their varieties.

6 Delicious Dome Shaped Ice Creams

1. Baked Alaska

Baked Alaska
Source – Food Network

Invented in the United States, this is a layered dessert with a filling of ice cream and coated with creamy stuff made by beating egg whites with sugar. If you want something fluffy inside it, slices of cakes too can be used. In the end, this creamy mixture is spread all over the ice cream, and then it is toasted using the kitchen torch, which makes it seriously the most delicious dessert fused with ice cream.

2. Raspberry-Pistachio Ice-Cream Pudding

Raspberry-Pistachio Ice-Cream Pudding
Source – Taste

The pudding base is first made accordingly to fit in a spherical plastic bowl, and then the ice cream, which has chopped raspberries, pistachios, and some drops of rosewater for the aromatic flavour, is placed. This bowl is then covered with plastic wrap and frozen for about 10 hours until it becomes firm. Then in the bowl containing the ice cream, pudding is placed on the serving plate, and the plastic wrap is removed gently; it is again placed in the freezer until firm. Then, the raspberry sauce and chopped pistachios are garnished on the top.

3. Brownie Ice-Cream Bomb

Brownie Ice-Cream Bomb:
Source – Food Network/YouTube

This fudgy brownie and ice cream combination is the purest bliss due to the brownie’s fluffy bite and the remarkable ice cream effect. Brownie is placed in a bowl in such a way that a thin base forms. The vanilla and strawberry ice cream filling is then placed, covered with the brownie layer, and the bowl is covered with plastic wrap. Then, this whole mix is placed in the freezer to be chilled. After the entire ice cream gets firm, the bowl is taken out, and the plastic wrap is removed to take the whole brownie bomb out. Then this delicious brownie bomb is garnished with chocolate syrup.

4. Raw Chocolate Tartufo Ice Cream

 Raw Chocolate Tartufo Ice-Cream
Source – Unconventional Baker

This is the perfect one for your chocolate cravings due to the richness of whipped cream combined with raw chocolate. In short, it’s death by chocolate dome-shaped ice cream. Full of flavoured cream and the perfect amount of sweetness of chocolate to keep your fam-jam happier. This heavenly dome-shaped ice cream is made by dividing the chocolate ice cream into a mould, and then some whipped cream is placed in the middle. Then the mix containing the mould is stored to get chilled in the refrigerator for cooling overnight. While serving, the cocoa powder is dusted to give it the perfect garnishing.

5. Zuccotto

Source – Wikipedia

Originating from Italy, in Zuccotto, sponge cake is used to make the crust. The cake is then made to stick around the bowl with rum so that it acts like a crust. The filling for it is made up of vanilla ice cream.

6. Cassata Dome-Shaped Ice-Cream

Cassata Dome-Shaped Ice-Cream
Source- bigbasket.com

It is a dome-shaped ice cream made by incorporating mango-flavored ice cream for the yellow, pistachios for the green, and strawberry for the pink color. The crust is required to provide this delight with the perfect shape of a dome, and it is garnished with lots of pistachios and walnuts to give it the most enchanting aroma.

Be it in any shape, flavor, or quantity, a scoop of ice cream will surely make you happy. So next time, choose any of these dome-shaped ice-creams to make your day!

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