Sakshi Chandwani

Types Of Coffee Around The World

The Place Of Coffee In Our Lives: What is Coffee? Let me define it; Coffee is a brewed beverage prepared from roasted beans of coffee....

5 Delicious Brookies To Satisfy Your Brownie And Cookie Cravings

Have you ever experienced the joy of love at first bite? If not, I guarantee you that the first-ever bite of the delicious Brookie—the...

6 Delicious Dome-Shaped Ice-Creams For Your Sweet Tooth

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice-Cream! Well, well, so today, when I ask, what is your superpower? Some people might answer that...

Top 10 Tantalizing San Francisco Delicacies To Enjoy

About San Francisco: Ever thought of visiting a dream place, which is equally exciting, moody, exhilarating, cultural, and commercial? Then San Francisco is the place...

Malai Ghewar: The Tastiest Treat Ever

As we all know, India is extensively known as the "Land of Cultural Diversity." People of varying cultures, religious beliefs, and social values live...

The Authentic Indian Biscuit: Nankhatai

What are the Indian biscuits? Biscuits can be described as something that can be either hard or soft and generally have a sweet and...

The Indian Wedding Tradition: Meetha Paan

Meetha Paan One of the reasons we all love weddings is that they're full of food and rituals. The vibrant atmosphere of the parties and...

8 Delicious Mac And Cheese Combinations Worth Trying

Mac And Cheese The subject of Mac and Cheese combinations has always caught people's fancy due to the factor of its fine texture and...

5 Bohemian Treats With A Fun Desi Twist

All About Bohemian And Desi Cuisines Fusions are something of an umbrella which is a mix of different elements of certain cooking traditions that originated...

9 Awesome Food-Inspired Cocktails You Should Try Now

Cocktails are alcohol-based drinks that acquire the flavor of the sugar syrup, cream, fruit juices, or whatever is added as a compliment. These food-inspired...

All You Need To Know About Kashmiri Kahwa, The Heavenly Drink Of Kashmir!

Have you experienced the unbelievably beautiful place Kashmir and the Kashmiri Kahwa? The beauty of Kashmir fascinates its visitors from all over the world....

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