5 Bohemian Treats With A Fun Desi Twist

Fusions are something of an umbrella that is a mix of different elements of certain cooking traditions that originated from different countries and rich cultures. For today, let’s talk about the places and their cuisines namely Bohemia- a region of the Czech Republic and India present in Southern Asia.

All About Bohemian and Desi Cuisines
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India is greatly known as ‘the land of cultural heritage. People of varying cultures, regional beliefs, and social values have been living together in peace and harmony. India is known for being one of the oldest cultures. Now let us talk about Bohemia, the westernmost and one of the most historical regions of the Czech Republic. Welcome to this tastiest universe to explore these amazing fusions that no one can say no to. Let’s flow with these everlasting influences, with an impressive history and all sorts of interesting ingredients of both of these places commonly Bohemia and India which are perfect for enhancing your current knowledge of exploring these two places of rich cultural fantasies.

5 Bohemian Treats With A Fun Desi Twist

The following are the combinations that are perfect fusions finely describing the authentic beauty of both the cultures of India as well as Bohemia.

1. Green Mango Mousse

Green Mango Mousse
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The richness of whipped cream, combined with green mango puree layered in a glass with nuts gives it a great flavour and cream. When infused with the Indian green mango with a perfect amount of sweetness, the Bohemian mousse keeps your family happy!

2. Yellow Jasmine Rice

Yellow Jasmine Rice
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This savory Yellow Jasmine Rice when combined with warm and perfumed Indian spices and when Bohemian chicken combines, makes it the most delicious rice. Hence, this fusion is worth winning the hearts of the people.

3. Gulab Jamun With Baked Alaska

Gulab Jamun With Baked Alaska
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The Indian Gulab Jamuns when baked with Alaska, frankly is a disaster in itself. It comes with a baked mixture of stiffly beaten egg white and sugar. It acquires a layer of vanilla ice cream inside and a filling of the authentic Indian mini Gulabjamuns.

4. Non-veg Puchka Combo Of Bohemia

Non-veg Puchka Combo Of Bohemia
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A filling of non-veg phuchka with mustard sauce and tender coconut water. It has a subtle filling of non-veg and is served with a mix of spicy water. So, this phuchka is a snack Bohemian dish that is stuffed with non-veg and some mixed herbs and spices. And in India, this particular snack is known as Golgappa, it has a stuffing of potatoes, spices, and tamarind sauce which in turn is served with both sweet and spicy water which is a vegetarian alternative to the phuchka.

5. Indian Samosa: An Alternative For The Prawn Cheese Wraps

Indian Samosa: An Alternative For The Prawn Cheese Wraps
Source – Woolworths Taste

The most favorite tea-time snack across India, Samosas are Indian snacks with delicious pockets of dough stuffed with a potato mixture and spices, deep-fried, and served with a sweet and spicy tamarind sauce. It is easy and fuss-free, you can simply dish up some hot and piping samosas along with a cup of hot tea. On the other hand, let us take prawn cheese wraps that perfectly resemble and taste the same as samosa but have a twist of filling and acquire the filling of non-veg that is prawn and are served with mustard sauce.

Both Indian, as well as Bohemian cuisines, consists of a variety of regional and traditional flavors. both of them being the native subcontinents have diversity in soil, climate, culture, antiquity, and rich heritage.

Try out these Bohemian-Indian dishes and let us know what you liked best!

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