24 Popular Varieties of Tea in India

India is remarkably diverse in terms of both culture and geography. Different climatic conditions are highly favourable for a tea market, as dramatically distinct tastes can be fostered in the tea produced. For this reason, you should definitely go through the list of Indian teas we have curated specially for you. 24 Popular Varieties of Tea in India 1. Masala Tea This Indian brew is a cult classic. Sharp spices such as cardamom, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and peppercorns are infused with black tea, milk, and sugar to make a steaming cup of Masala Tea, or Masala Chai as it is … Read more

Kashmiri Kahwa, The Heavenly Drink Of Kashmir!

Have you experienced the unbelievably beautiful place of Kashmir and the Kashmiri Kahwa? The beauty of Kashmir fascinates its visitors from all over the world. The soothing and appealing climate of Kashmir makes it one of the best tourist destinations of all time. Kashmir has always been known for the perfect cup of tea with a traditional flavor that makes it the best one among others. But according to a person who is a huge fan of tea, I believe ‘A cup of TEA a day, makes the creativity stay.’ Hence, I guess this is the only reason which makes … Read more

17 Most Popular Teas Around The World

You are either a coffee person or a tea person. If you are the latter, this is definitely what you need – a list of the popular teas in the world. Teas, as a beverage, have helped you kick start a lazy Monday, helped you socialize, and kept you healthy. So, it is time to get this par-TEA started, brew it away! 17 Most Popular Teas Around The World 1. Maghrebi Mint Tea Popularly known as the Moroccan Mint Tea, it is a green tea with spearmint leaves. The mint brings in a sweet strong flavor into the tea. Originating … Read more