15 Indian Fusion Foods You Must Try Out

Fusion foods are an amalgamation of two or more different sorts of food items to create another rather new dish. While classics are everything you need, a mixture of them never hurt anybody if done right. Some of them even taste better than the traditional ones, just saying! 15 Indian Fusion Foods You Must Try Out! 1. Indian Fondues THESE ARE A THING, and we are so here for it. Indian fondues come in a variety now, like, Dal Makhani Fondue and Pav Bhaji Fondue. These are tiny cube-shaped pieces of Pav/Naan and Bhaji/Dal Makhani as the dip. You have … Read more

17 Indian Foreign Fusion Dishes to Try Out Once

Each and every delicacy originated from different parts of the world and has with time changed and evolved to suit the coming generations. The fusion of Indian and foreign foods explores a different wave of food around the globe. The avid food enthusiasts look for different, never-tried fusions and bring them across to people. Let’s take a look at some popular Indian-Foreign fusion delicacies. 17 Indian Foreign Fusion Dishes to Try Out Once 1. Tikka Tacos A Mexican adored tacos, it is frantically developed into an Indian tortilla. The Indian chapatis, paneer tikka, and the salsa, cheese, and sauces bring … Read more