17 Indian Foreign Fusion Dishes to Try Out Once

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Top 17 Indian-Foreign Fusion Delicacies To Taste Once

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Each and every delicacy originated from different parts of the world and has with time changed and evolved to suit the coming generations. The fusion of Indian and foreign foods explores a different wave of food around the globe. The avid food enthusiasts look for different, never-tried fusions and bring them across to people. Let’s take a look at some popular Indian-Foreign fusion delicacies.

17 Indian Foreign Fusion Dishes to Try Out Once

1. Tikka Tacos

Tikka Tacos
Source: The Mindful Hapa

A Mexican adored tacos, it is frantically developed into an Indian tortilla. The Indian chapatis, paneer tikka, and the salsa, cheese, and sauces bring out a new dish on the platter. It has been famous in many restaurant menus, and people love it. This recipe is easy to make with easily available food ingredients.

2. Vegetable Manchurian

Vegetable Manchurian
Source: Pinterest

Who wouldn’t opt for Indo-Chinese fusion? No one would be tired of these dishes, no matter how many times you vote for them. The vegetarian’s favourite, vegetable Manchurians, dipped in chilly spiced soy sauce, make it a dish to gobble down anytime. This recipe consists of minced veggies such as cabbage, capsicum, spring onion, etc. that elevates its nutritional value.

3. Masala Macaroni

Masala Macaroni
Source: Pinterest

The Indians love chatpata, masaledar, spicy food, and adding masala definitely elevates their choices. The Italian cheesy, scrumptious macaroni seasoned with spices change the dish completely. Masala macaroni is quick, efficient, and easy snack to devour.

4. Motichur Rabdi Parfait

Motichur Rabdi Parfait
Source: Pinterest

An authentic French dessert, parfait is a hard choice to experiment with. However, it’s not impossible. The Indian motichur laddoo and rabdi combined with the dessert definitely make you stand for it. This dish is one more addition to your favorite dessert list for all the hardcore sweet lovers.

5. Masala Coke

Masala Coke
Source: Pinterest

A meal surely remains incomplete without a can of coke. But a fusion of coke is worth your wait. A simple addition of lemon and black salt enhances your drink to another level. Just take a sip and enjoy it.

6. Dosa Waffles

Dosa Waffles
Source: Pinterest

A South-Indian savoury dish fused with a dessert gives us goosebumps! A simple Indian-American twist changes the taste and the visuals in an extremely different way. The waffle-shaped dosa is a dish to consume at home any day.

7. Pink Sauce Pasta

Pink Sauce Pasta
Source: Your Veg Recipe

A true combination of magic and pasta is a heavenly pleasure. Who would be fed up with variations of it? No one! The fusion of red and white sauce is surely a success. An experiment in no time gave us a dish to relish at every bite.

8. Gulab Jamun Cheesecake

Gulab Jamun Cheesecake
Source: OnePlatter

Dessert lovers can’t choose between gulab jamun and cheesecake any day. Therefore, a classic cheesecake fused with Indian traditional sweet, Gulab Jamun, makes it a complete dessert. We would always be grateful to the person who thought of this idea and wonderfully put it into an action.

9. Noodle Samosa

Source: Sanjeev Kapoor

It’s a choice you won’t regret for the next million years. The popular classic samosa; not with its basic filling of potato and peas, but the long flavoursome noodles to boost your cravings. When you eat it, you will taste the touch of Indian and Chinese flavours that will make you go yummmmyyyy.

10. Naanza

Source: That Spicy Chick

A perfect Punjabi traditional naan is a must-have in meals, but we love pizzas too! When you can’t decide what to order between them both, you should order naanza. It is all in one dish that satisfies your cravings and gives cheesy flavours to drool over!

11. Cheese And Jalapeño Stuffed Kachoris

Cheese And Jalapeño Stuffed Kachoris
Source: Listal

It is a crispy, spicy, seasoned kachoris with a different cheesy take. After tasting the cheese, paneer, and jalapeño stuffed fried kachoris, you won’t be able to stop after one! And whether it’s baked or fried, you would adore it every way.

12. Watermelon Mint And Lime Slushie

Watermelon Mint And Lime Slushie
Source: The Health Yummy

It is a perfect drink that relaxes, refreshes, and is relished after long days of work. The chilled watermelon mint and lemon slushie is a homemade drink to look forward to. The minimum ingredients such as watermelons, mint, ice, and lime make it easy, quick to make, and taste worthy.

13. Thandai Rabdi

Thandai Rabdi
Source: WhiskAffair

A heavy rich festival drink, thandai rabdi can be a party showstopper. The flavorful, chilled drink with dry fruits can be an experiment that people remember for days thereafter. Made with condensed milk and thandai masala powder, this creamy dessert will become your favourite in no time.

14. Phirni Falooda Trifles

Phirni Falooda Trifles
Source: MyGoodTimes

The colourful, vibrant, tasty, and aromatic flavours combined as a heavenly delight. Phirni falooda trifles is a little heavy, yet full of unmatched taste that people don’t love to share. This perfect combination of phirni and falooda requires rice, milk, sugar, nuts, rose syrup, etc. It is also a perfect summer recipe that will help tackle the scorching heat.

15. Shahi Tukra

Shahi Tukra
Source: Binjal’s VEG Kitchen

Shahi Tukra is an originated Mughlai fusion dessert that is now popular over the globe. It is a simple, sophisticated dessert that keeps your sweet tooth satisfied till the end of the day. This royal piece of dessert is easy to make and less time-consuming.

16. Avacado Kalakand

Avacado Kalakand
Source: cookpad.com

A famous Rajasthani sweet that combines sweetness and joy together bond with a healthy, nutritious avocado making it into a list of fresh nourishing desserts is pure love. Avocado, with its nutritional properties, makes it a healthy food option.

17. Turmeric Icecream

Turmeric Icecream
Source: Asia Recipes

It is weird, right? Age-old turmeric fused with our never-ending scoop of ice cream takes it as a healthy start. The powerful anti-biotic spiced ice cream is a must-try. Turmeric offers various health benefits such as boosting immunity, anti-inflammatory, etc., due to its nutritional value. Hence, turmeric ice cream becomes a perfectly healthy option to eat.

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