16 Foods You Must Try Out Near Marine Drive

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16 Delectable Foods Near Marine Drive

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Marine drive is definitely the heart and soul of Mumbaikars. This location is a long drive from the divine Arabian Sea wherein people can sit and gaze at the sound of the sea. The vast sea offers peace and tranquillity like no other location. This location adds to the glitter and glamour of the city of dreams.

People here sit patiently and gaze at the beauty of nature. Right from the college-going students to the office going adults, one can find people from different walks of life. Apart from this, there is a lot that humans can munch near Marine Drive to satisfy the stomach. Get your awesome experience to have some exquisite street-style foods near Marine Drive.

16 Foods You Must Try Out Near Marine Drive

1. Chana Chaat

Chana Chaat
Source: Hebbars Kitchen

Chana chaat is the most common chaat found on the exquisite locations of Mumbai city. It is also known as “Chana Chor” or “Chana Jor.” It is an excellent chaat mixed with onions and tomatoes. It is served in a cup made from a newspaper. Chana Chaat is topped with green chillies and lemon for an appetizing flavor.

2. Peanuts

Source: Eat This, Not That

Roasted peanuts can be found near these locations. The vendors have a huge basket filled with roasted peanuts. These vendors walk through the entire Marine Drive to sell the peanuts and earn a living. These peanuts are salted and often served in a cone-shaped container made from the newspaper.

3. Bhel

Source: VegeCravings

When in Mumbai, you cannot miss this special Bhel at the Marine Drive. It is a divine combination of tomatoes and onions with the crunchy Kurmura (Puffed rice). It is topped with raw mangoes which are chopped to perfection. Coriander leaves add to the exquisite taste of this delicacy.

4. Sev Puri

Sev Puri
Source: Foodviva.com

Sev Puri is again one of the delectable foods near Marine Drive prepared with puri and boiled potatoes. Most of the time, six Puri’s are placed in the dish. Boiled potatoes, onions and tomatoes are kept on these puris. It is then filled with mint chutney and garlic chutney. A thick chutney made from dates is also filled at the end. The dish is decorated with sev and coriander leaves along with a perfect sprinkle of lemon.

5. Raw Mangoes

Raw Mangoes
Source: Patrika

An interesting thing about the Marines is the availability of a variety of food items one can find here! Raw mangoes lie at the heart of visits to the Marines. Small vendors are found with their stalls roaming and selling raw mangoes. These mangoes are cut into slices and are served with a mixture of salt and chilli powder. It is an amazing delicacy to consume in the fresh air, watching the sunset.

6. Star Fruit

Star Fruit
Source: Mumbai Magic

Marine Drive is known for these sweet and sour delicacies that prove to be affordable and scrumptious at the same time. These star fruits can generally be found at small stalls along with raw mangoes. Each star fruit is cut into thin slices and served in a paper dish. It is topped with a mixture made from salt and chilly powder.

7. Chana

Source: Cook Click N Devour!!!

Chana or roasted chana is a very common munching delicacy found at the beaches and at the seaside. The marine drive also experiences small vendors selling roasted chana throughout the location. These chanas are sold in cone-shaped newspaper containers. These are tossed with rock salt for the perfect flavor!

8. Pani Puri

Pani Puri
Source: Medium

Pani Puri lies at the center of Marine Drive. This chaat is served in a variety of ways with different options. Pani is prepared with mint leaves and lemon. The Pani is spicy and sour. The Puri is filled with boiled potatoes and mung beans. It is then dipped in the Pani along with “dates chutney.” This balances the taste of sourness of sweetness. One puri is in mouth equals the feeling of heaven on the Earth.

9. Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa
Source: YouTube

Masala Dosa is a flavorsome dish that you cannot miss out when at the Marine Drive! It is a palatable delicacy made on the Dosa. The masala is prepared with boiled potatoes and onions. Coriander acts as the magical ingredient to uplift the taste of Masala Dosa. The Dosa is then rolled and cut into 4 pieces once the mixture is cooked well. This awesome dish is served with coconut chutney.

10. Mysore Masala Dosa

Mysore Masala Dosa
Source: Hebbars Kitchen

Dosa is a South Indian delight however Marine Drive has adapted to the taste of this delicacy. Dosa has been the food with the highest number of fusions added to it. Mysore Masala is basically a mixture prepared with boiled potatoes, onion, and tomatoes. Beetroot is the prime ingredient for the bright color of this mixture. It is cooked on the Dosa and is later removed at the side. This mixture is served with Dosa and coconut chutney.

11. Masala Toast Sandwich

Masala Toast Sandwich
Source: One Green Planet

Vegetable Masala Toast is the most palatable combination that appears with bread at the Marine Drive. A mixture is made from potatoes and coriander along with turmeric and asafoetida. It is stuffed with tomatoes, onions, and capsicum. It is garnished with butter and sev on the top. This amazing masala toast is toasted and served with mint chutney.

12. Vegetable Sandwich

Vegetable Sandwich
Source: Pinterest

A vegetable sandwich is again a mouth-watering sandwich made from raw bread. Marine drive experiences the fresh smell of vegetable sandwiches along with the talks of humans. This sandwich is stuffed with boiled potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and beetroot. The very smooth butter is applied all over the sandwich. Served with mint chutney, one cannot miss out on Vegetable Sandwich!

13. Cheese Grilled Sandwich

Cheese Grilled Sandwich
Source: YouTube

Marine Drive brings you the joy with Cheese Grilled Sandwich! This sandwich is a 2 layered sandwich with three layers of bread. It is stuffed with onions, tomatoes, and capsicum. Excellent mint chutney and butter are spread over the bread to add the taste to the sandwich. It is then grilled in the machine and is garnished with Cheese. It is generally served with mint and garlic chutney.

14. Idli

Source: The Statesman

Idli is the most common snack during lunch breaks in this city. It is prepared with a batter made from two different lentils. Idli is steamed and hence have a fluffy texture. They are smooth enough to drizzle in your mouth with delicious coconut chutney. Sambhar is served along with steamed Idlis for the perfect combination of Idli with some liquid.

15. Vada Pav

Vada Pav
Source: The Spruce Eats

Vada Pav is the most loved dish of Mumbai. This can be found near the area of Marine drive. Maharashtra is known for Vada Pav since this is the prime snack of people there. The scrumptious Vadas are made from boiled potatoes. Vadas are then immersed in the Pav with mint chutney, garlic chutney and onions. Vada Pav is a pure delight served with dried garlic chutney.

16. Ragada Patties

Ragada Patties
Source: WhiskAffair

This mouth-watering and elegant dish can definitely be found at the Marine Drive. The patty is prepared with boiled potatoes and coriander leaves. Ragada is prepared with chickpeas for an excellent togetherness with the patty. Ragada is spread over the patty in a dish along with distinctive chutneys. It is topped with onions, tomatoes, and sev prepared from flour.

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