5 Delicious Drinks You Must Have During Winters

We all would agree that 2020 was the fastest yet the slowest year ever and we did have a sad summer but we can have a happy winter. As the months of November and December are approaching it’s tempting to wear socks and slip into large heavy blankets and binge-watch anything and everything but all of this is incomplete without a nice drink in our hands in large mugs for some cozy comfort so here are 5 drinks you can make at your home this winter while you stay at home and relax.

5 Delicious Drinks You must have during Winters

1. Hot Chocolate Drink

Hot Chocolate Drink
Source – Weather.com

Hot chocolate is a classic and a must for winters and here we will tell you how to make a super thick and rich mug of hot chocolate. All you need is compound chocolate, cream, and milk. Add milk to a pan and then add your chopped up compound chocolate to followed by a spoon of cream for added richness and stir everything until well combined. Pour it in a nice mug and enjoy it with topped up whipping cream, marshmallows, or even cookies of your choice for a complete experience.

2. Golden Milk Drink

Golden Milk Drink
Source- foolproofliving.com

This recipe is so healthy and good for your immune system and the best for good night sleep. All you need for this recipe is milk, turmeric, cinnamon, pepper, and dates. In a blender add your milk, one spoon of turmeric, half spoon cinnamon powder, one or two dates without the pits, and a pinch of pepper, blend the mixture and then strain it and boil it for a minute. Pour it into a mug and enjoy your healthy yet delicious drink for a good immunity on a cold winter day.    

3. Mexican Drinking Chocolate

Mexican Drinking Chocolate
Source – Borracha Vegas

All you need for this delicious and simple recipe is milk, chocolate powder, and cinnamon. In a blender add your milk followed by one tablespoon of chocolate powder and one teaspoon of cinnamon and a pinch of salt. Blend it and then heat it on a stove for a couple of minutes. Once it’s nice and warm pour it in your favourite mug and top it up with some whipped cream for the finishing and enjoy this drink with your favourite cookies.

4. Almond Latte

Almond Latte
Source- pinterest.com

For this recipe you need to soak a handful of almonds for 4-5 hours beforehand on top of that you’ll need milk, sugar, and saffron.  Add your soaked almonds to a blender with a spoon of milk and make a fine taste. In a pan add your milk and heat it for a couple of minutes then add your sugar and stir it for a couple of minutes. Then add your paste of almonds and your saffron for the colour and keep stirring it on the heat for 10-15 minutes. Once it’s done pour it into a nice cup and enjoy it with some saffron on top.

5. Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona Coffee
Source- latimes.com

Something which took the internet by storm this year was Dalgona coffee as it is very simple to make ad gives a really nice creamy and strong coffee flavor. For this, all you need to do first is add a spoon of coffee and two spoons of sugar along with a little water and mix it with a hand blender until a nice thick creamy consistency is achieved. The color will turn into a nice soft yellow from a dark brown liquid. Then in a mug add your warm milk and add your whipped-up coffee on top and mix it with a spoon and that’s how you achieve a really creamy coffee with intense flavor at home with this simple trick.

These were 5 drinks best suited to enjoy in winter while you snuggle in your blanket on a chilly afternoon which is really simple to make but tastes really amazing.

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