18 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Gabon

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One of the eight nations that make up Central Africa is Gabon, which boasts a remarkable mix of cultures and ethnic groups. A distinctive Gabonese cuisine is a result of this diversity. Its population is made up of around 50 different ethnic groups, all with a rich and diverse culinary tradition. What the land produces, particularly plantains, bananas, cassava, African eggplant, peppers, and cabbage, forms the foundation of Gabon’s culinary wealth.

18 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Gabon

1. Baked Bananas

If you enjoy sweet foods and desserts, you must try the baked bananas in Gabon. It is a common dessert that comes in several variants. It is constructed of slices of dipped banana. Orange juice and breadcrumb-coated eggs are among the other ingredients in the recipe.

2. Fufu

All of Africa, but particularly the middle part, consumes fufu. It is a thick porridge made with starchy root vegetables. Fufu is made in Gabon using cassava root. Once cooked, it is eaten with a side dish, which is typically a meat stew.

3. Beignets

Delicious deep-fried pastries from Gabon are called beignets. It is primarily consumed in France and in a few other countries as well. Unsalted butter, eggs, all-purpose flour, sugar, salt, and oil are the key components of the recipe.

4. Nkumu Ofula

The indigenous salt, which gives this meal its distinctive salty flavor, is unquestionably its greatest secret. Additionally, there are nkumu leaves and palm oil, each of which contributes to the dish’s harmony. You can add fish, pork, or shrimp as you choose to please the palate. This delectable dish doesn’t need much enhancing—just onions, chile, and pepper.

5. Feuilles de Manioc

This is one of the national dishes and is enjoyed by all of the Gabon’s ethnic groups. However, everyone prepares it differently. Some add sugar, while others use nyembwè sauce or peanut paste, like the Fangs. Usually, they use fish or sardines in cans, but you can substitute meat. To make it more enjoyable, it is served with cassava, rice, or banana fingers.

6. Soukoutè

This is a signature dish – cassava leaves wrapped in a banana leaf. The main ingredients include banana peel juice or cawin (sea salt); however, the Kota spice élodjè can be used in their place. It is heavenly when combined with freshwater fish.

7. Dongo-Dongo

A soup and a sauce are both referred to as dongo-dongo. The recipe’s major component is okra, and other items, including garlic, onions, spicy peppers, baking soda, and Maggi bouillon cubes are also required.

8. Nyembwe Chicken

The national meal of Gabon is nyembwe chicken, which is renowned for its superb flavor. Chicken, garlic, tomatoes, onions, okra, palm butter, also known as nyembwe, and chili peppers, are the main ingredients in this delectable stew. However, you can also use beef, fish, mutton, etc., as meat.

9. Chakery

Another well-liked dessert in Gabon is chakery. Everyone enjoys the texture, which is really creamy. This delicacy calls for milk, couscous, sour cream, and yogurt as ingredients. You can also add pineapple pieces for more sweetness. People in the area enjoy eating it after meals.

10. Kughudu

The lovely and tasty banana blossom. The primary component of the meal, groundnuts, is the flavoring added to get rid of the bitterness of the flower, and it is done by adding banana, cabbage, meat, fish, or even shrimp.

11. Bouillon de Capitaine

Port-gentil, or lambaréné, was invented by our Myènes sisters and brothers and is available all throughout the nation. This soup will definitely keep you warm because it contains good chili. However, serve it with lemon, or there will be a slight taste of something missing. Additionally, fish tastes better when it is fresher.

12. Paquet de Courges ou Concombre

It’s common to find pumpkin seeds either in a sauce or packaged. Just season it and enjoy the smoked meat, fish, or shrimp that are included in the package. Some people add chili, although the kids don’t usually like it.

13. Gabonese Seafood

Fish and seafood are among the abundant natural resources in Gabon. One of the widely consumed seafood meals in this area is lobster spaghetti. Additionally, you can try fish soup, curry sauce, stuffed crabs, and fish capaccio.

14. Congo Chewies

Congo bars are another name for Congo chewies. This delectable treat is from the Congo, as the name says. However, it is also widely consumed in other countries in Africa. You will need sugar, butter, vanilla extract, flour, chocolate chips, eggs, and baking powder to make this delicacy.

15. Mustard Chicken

One of the Gabonese recipes with French influences is mustard chicken. It tastes great and is quite simple to make. Cloves, garlic, chicken, onion, mustard, lemon, and stock are required to make mustard chicken.

16. Poisson Salé aux Légumes

Cod and veggies are used to make the tasty and nutritious Gabonese family dish known as salted fish. After carefully removing the cod’s bones, the recipe is very straightforward, but there are many variations, so every place you eat it will taste slightly different.

17. Boar with Odika

In Odika, the wild boar is particularly well-liked. Simply put, it is a treat you must try. It is specially prepared for weddings and other important holidays. Unquestionably a culinary pride of the Gabonese is marinated wild boar, which is more delicious than pork. Odika is made from the andok tree’s fruit. It adds a chocolatey color to the dish and is grated.

18. Brochettes

One of the must-try foods in the nation is brochettes. Most of it is consumed in Gabon and other nations, such as Morocco. Its primary ingredients are chicken, salt, olive oil, paprika, parsley, cumin, garlic cloves, and plain yogurt. However, you can also experiment with other meats when making this dish.


Another cuisine from an African country. Gabonese food is delectable, to say the least. It is rich in herbs and spices. You should definitely explore it!


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