6 Tips To Make The Best Iced Coffee At Home

If you’re someone who can’t help but procrastinate most of the time and do your work last minute with a pump of caffeine as your only hope, iced coffee could be your go-to drink. Iced coffee is great for summers, and this year, something we missed the most was sipping iced coffee at our favorite baristas and cafes. Until now, little did you know that there are a few secrets to mastering the art of a perfect iced coffee, and here are some of them.  

6 Tips To Make The Best Iced Coffee At Home


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When making iced coffee at home, the biggest task can be to dissolve sugar because of the milk’s temperature, so all you are left with is sugar at the bottom of the glass. To avoid that, use vanilla syrup by adding one cup of water to a pan, one and a half cups of sugar, and two spoons of vanilla essence and heat it until nice and thick.

Store it in a clean container to use in the future to get that nice vanilla flavour in your everyday drinks. Once you start using this for your drinks, there is no going back. It’s much easier to use and gives an amazing flavor to your everyday drinks or even simple milk.


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To get the best out of your coffee, don’t just add coffee to your milk and mix it. Brew the coffee in some hot water, and then add to your milk to get the best out of it. You can adjust the intensity of the coffee better this way as well.


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Now here is the best way to make cold coffee, and once you try it, there’s no going back. First, brew your coffee in some hot water and add that to your glass and put that in the fridge along with a glass of milk until it is nice and chilled. Add a couple of ice cubes to the coffee and then add the milk and the vanilla syrup and see the coffee just mixing well and how mesmerizing that looks. This is how you can make the best iced coffee at home for you to enjoy.


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Two things that go really well together are chocolate and coffee, and adding a little bit of chocolate sauce to your coffee can definitely be a game-changer. It makes it nice and thick and adds a nice flavor to it. Another thing that can also make it look better is adding your chocolate sauce to the glass in swirls and patterns before pouring your coffee to make it look even more appealing.


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To enhance the experience, toppings are a must, and it completely depends on your choice. It can be a scoop of vanilla ice cream to give it a nice creamy texture. There are some other options, such as adding some cinnamon powder on top, which gives an amazing flavor and fragrance or some cocoa powder if you’re a chocolate fan, and even marshmallows. This is something that you can get a little creative with and make the best-iced coffee out there.


For that extra creaminess in your coffee, you can either use a milk frother, or you can whip your coffee beforehand by adding one teaspoon of coffee along with 2 spoons of sugar and 1 spoon of boiling water to a bowl and mixing it until it gets a light yellow colour. Add that to your glass and pour chilled milk on top and mix well to get a more creamy and smooth coffee.

These were the 6 tips you must keep in mind to make the best-iced coffee at home. These tips are a real game-changer as once you try them, you’ll realize what you have been missing up until now, so go ahead and try them to get the best out of your coffee.    

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