15 Types Of Spicy Dishes In India

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Indian food is full of spice, aroma, and flavor! Spices are essentially the heart of Indian curries as they enhance flavor. They also have digestive and anti-inflammatory properties. The mixture of spices in most dishes takes them to a whole new level of mouth-flaming intensity, but it doesn’t deter us from enjoying these tasty foods.

Some dishes are hot and others are insanely hot. It takes a very powerful tongue or lots of water to gulp them down, hence they are not for the faint-hearted. 

15 Types Of Spicy Dishes In India

1. Pork Vindaloo

Source: bongeats

The Portuguese term Carne de vinha d’alhos, which means meat marinated in garlic and vinegar, is the source for Vindaloo, a Goan dish. It is usually made of pork. 

It tends to be fiery hot and spicy. For those who don’t eat pork, it can be vegetarian with tofu or contain other meat like chicken. It can be served with naan bread, basmati rice, chapatis, potatoes, and wraps.

2. Mirchi Pakora

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Mirchi pakora is also known as Mirchi bajiya. They are deep-fried fritters made with a bigger-sized variety of green chilies, gram flour, herbs, and spices. These crispy Mirchi pakoras are also known as Mirchi vada in certain places of India like Jodhpuri Mirchi vada and Gujarati Mirchi vada.

Whatever one may call them, either vada, pakora, bajiya or Patti bajiya, they are served with chutneys of various types and are always known to be yummy lip-smacking snacks.

3. Phaal Curry

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This curry is prepared by using different types of chilies hence it is excruciatingly hot. Also known as the world’s hottest curry, meats like beef, chicken, mutton, and lamb are used in this.

Certain places have challenges and competitions organized to have phaal curry. It’s an Indian dish that traveled across Britain because of the influence of Britishers in India. Despite all the tears one cannot resist it.

4. Chicken Chettinad

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It’s a South Indian chicken recipe with a lovely aroma. People just enjoy this mouth-tingling awesome recipe. It is a classic from the Chettinad cuisine of Tamil Nadu.

Chicken Chettinad gravy is made of chicken, ground spices, and herbs. A unique blend of spices is deep-roasted and ground which brings a great essence to the dish. It is one of the best flavorful, delicious, and most ordered dishes in Indian restaurants.

5. Saoji Chicken Curry

Source: nativchefs

Legend says that an assortment of chili powders and spices are used to make this Nagpur specialty. Actually, no, they have their special Saoji masala but the insane amalgamation of every spice known to humanity is pretty close to what Saoji Chicken Curry evokes.

During your experience of this spicy Indian delicacy, you should use tissues or napkins as Nagpur’s summers are hot. Phew!

6. Chicken 65

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Most Indian restaurants serve this highly spiced, deep-fried chicken as a quick snack. 

7. Kolhapuri chicken

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In addition to chappals, silk, beautiful temples, and the famous Tambada Rassa, Kolhapur is also famous for its fiery hot Kolhapuri Chicken. A mouthwatering recipe of spicy Indian food flavored with cloves, red dried chilies, and garlic paste – it is made to accentuate the hot, spicy goodness just right.

8. Rista

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This flavorful and aromatic Kashmiri curry is made with red chili powder and other spices and prepared with lamb meatballs. A special wooden hammer is used to pound the meat in this dish, then forming meatballs that are rolled into a soft and juicy sauce.

9. Kozhi Curry

Source: yummyoyummy

In Kerala, you will find Kozhi curry to be one of the spiciest and hottest curries you will ever eat. Spice lovers will enjoy this coconut-based hot curry flavored with green and red chilis. In addition to the curry, the chili powder chicken marinade is sauteed in coconut oil so it will have the same level of heat as the meat.

10. Paneer Jalfrezi 

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This spicy, tangy, semi-dry dish with onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, and green chilies is made with many spices and is served with tortillas. Even if you’re a carnivore in search of some intense flavor, this dish will appeal to you.

11. Andhra Chili Chicken

Source: cookpad

Those who live in Andhra refer to Chili and Chicken as Chili Chicken. Chili not only gives the dish its flavor, but it is also a key ingredient in it. One taste of this and you will be giddy with pleasure.

12. Laal Maas

Source: swatisani

This fiery and spicy mutton curry is primarily produced in Rajasthan with Mathania red chilies that have a smoky flavor. The mutton is cooked with intense raw spices and the hot Mathania chilies. Laal Maas is literally translated as red meat.

13. Chili Beef

Source: indiankitchen

To eat chili beef without feeling the heat is a feat of a real Malayalee. The meal can be a fiery affair for others. There is a burning sensation throughout the tongue, the palate, the food pipe, and the tracts… as if the Ghost Rider was blazing down through the body, burning everything in his path.

14. Pira Aaloo (Yellow Potatoes)

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This is a potato dish that originated outside of India but is quite popular in the country. We don’t mind including it in our food culture. Some say it is the Nepalese version of the Indian Dum aaloo but let’s clarify – it is ten times hotter than dum aaloo!

Take our warning, we said it.

15. Shutki

types of spicy dishes in india
Source: bongeats

The subject of shutki (or dried, cured fish) can be divisive among Bengalis. East Bengalis (people today living in Bangladesh) love shutki, but West Bengalis find it repugnant. An easy way to enjoy dried fish and meat, this dish is hot and full of garlic.

So buckle up to enjoy these flaming yet flavorsome Indian dishes!

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