10 Mediterranean Foods to Eat in Albania

Albania is a true example of Mediterranean cuisine. With ingredients like fish, meat and olive oil being stable ingredients, this is the place to be. The dishes are mostly meat and fish based, hence some vegetarians may face some problems. So this list will try to include both kinds of dishes.

10 Mediterranean Foods to Eat in Albania

1. Tavë kosi

Tavë kosi is perhaps the national dish of Albania. The dish consists of lamb and rice. It also has a topping of yoghurt and eggs, along with a roux. It is similar to a quiche and the meat too is tender. This dish is extremely delicious and you won’t regret trying it out.

2. Goulash

Goulash is a stew with vegetables and meat and seasonings of spices and paprika. The dishes can also be served as soup instead of a stew. The meat is usually beef, lamb, veal or pork. This dish is definitely a wonderful dish to feast on on cold or rainy days.

3. Speca me Glizë

Speca me Glizë may sound complicated but this dish is another delicious one. Red peppers, green peppers or any type of peppers which are stuffed with rice, cheese, and spices. The dish is then baked. The result is a delicious and healthy dish for vegetarians.

4. Byrek mi Spinaq

Byrek mi Spinaq is a pie with spinach stuffings. The dish has several layers, with layers of cream and spinach between layers of phyllo. However, this is not the only pie popular in Albania. Several pies are popular, along with various fillings available.

5. Perime Në Scarë

Perime Në Scarë is a very popular appetizer in Albania. The most popular ones are grilled vegetables. The most popular ones include eggplants, tomatoes, peppers and onions although different vegetables are also available. The topping is often baked cheese.

6. Fëgesë

Fëgesë is a popular side dish in Albania. You can make it with various meats or vegetables and thus have different names. Liver and peppers are popular items. The dish is often served in clay dishes.

7. Petulla

Petulla is a popular breakfast option. Every country has its version of fried dough. And this dish is Albania’s version of the dish. You can eat them with honey, sugar, or jam. Or you can make them savory with cheddar cheese or yogurt. There’s something for everyone with this dish.

8. Seafood Crudo

Seafood Crudo is a dish with raw fish meat, so perhaps this one isn’t for everyone. Along with this, you also get raw prawn or shellfish. However, those who try this dish, often swear by it. Perhaps this is a dish for the more adventurous traveller.

9. Shëndetli

Coming to the desserts now. This dish is a honey nut cake and is extremely delicious. Along with all the usual ingredients, walnuts and honey are also added. It also has a topping of hot syrup. The hot syrup is made of vanilla, sugar and cloves. After pouring the syrup, the cake is left overnight. However surprisingly the dish isn’t too sweet.

10. Albania Rice Pudding

Similar to kheer, this dish has rice and milk in it. There are some who regard it as comfort food while there are others who consider it to be bland and tasteless.

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