How To Check Banquet Halls In Bangalore

You and your partner are excited to take the next step and get married, and that’s wonderful. If you’re overwhelmed by where to start your planning, we’ve got you. One of the most important and primary choices to make is choosing the wedding banquet hall. A good venue can amplify your most special day that much more. So, how do you decide? We can help you choose the best banquet halls in Bangalore suited to your needs with just a few tips.

Budget Your Finances

First things first, you need to finalise the budget and location. Knowing your budget can help you narrow it down and make the right choice that is comfortable for you. Keep in mind that your budget would include the venue itself, catering, decor, accommodation and other expenses. Choosing a banquet hall that is situated in close proximity to the airport & railway station would make it convenient for your guests. After your budget is defined, you can look for the best banquet halls in Bangalore as per your requirements.

Check Your Checklist

In the chaos of research it’s easy to forget to ask the important questions. Make sure you have a checklist that you can keep crossing off each time the task is completed. This can help ensure that all of your basic and necessary requirements are met. For example, is the venue available on your wedding date, are extra hours chargeable, any in-house offers, other discounts etc?

Booking In Advance 

During the peak wedding season, the demand for banquet halls increase tenfold. And, if you take too long you may have to let go of your first choice. So, make sure you do research in advance and book your preferred banquet hall for your big day. Another benefit of booking early is getting those early bird discounts.

Research Your Venue

Thanks to technology, a simple search online will show you all the reviews, ratings and photos of the venue. Asking around coupled with an online research will help you feel more at ease while shortlisting the venue you like, knowing well that you’ve made the right choice.

Check Out The Hall

Once you’ve decided on the hall, make sure to have an in-person visit to evaluate the hall and cross-check your requirements. Look for a banquet hall that offers catering services as well, so that two of your large tasks are sorted in one go. Food undoubtedly plays an important part in any wedding, so make sure your venue offers affordable and variety filled options. These days halls even offer in-house DJ services, so make sure to ask for that and also ask around if there any other services available.

Some of the best banquet halls in Bangalore that fullfill all the these important factors are The Tamarind Tree, Mantra, The Peacock Grove & Moorgate. 

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