22 Types Of Indian Breads You Should Know About

You’ll be surprised to know about the number of breads the Indian cuisine has, which makes India truly the heaven for food lovers. From fried to toasted and from plain to stuffed, this list will tell you all about the different breads in India which you may or may not try yet.

Have a look at the types of Indian breads you should know about:

1. Chapati or Roti

Types Of Indian Breads You Should Know About
Source: Chef’s Mandala

This is something which is a huge part of our meals almost every day. Made with wheat, this bread is cooked until it’s light and filled with air, which is why it is also called phulka. It is enjoyed with anything and everything in India and is an essential part of a daily balanced diet.

2. Sheermal

Source: You Tube

Sheermal is best served with non-veg food and may come in a bright orange color. It is thick and can be sweet or salty. They are best served with spicy dishes such as kebabs to balance out the flavors.

3. Roomali roti

Source: Sanjeev Kapoor

Unlike sheermal, this bread is very thin and can be almost see-through. Round and big in shape, these are served mostly with non-veg dishes. These are cooked on a huge tawa and are something which you can’t really prepare at home easily.

4. Tandoori roti

Source: Times Food

As the name suggests, this bread is cooked in a tandoor and can be a little thicker than your normal roti. Usually smeared with some butter and garnished with coriander, this bread is best served with a spicy gravy.

5. Litti

Source: Mezban Service Food

A little different from your typical Indian bread, this bread is in the shape of a ball and is very popular in Bihar. It is cooked in a clay oven and stuffed with some sattu, best served with chokha, which is made of brinjal and potatoes.

6. Poori

Source: Viniscookbook

Just like your normal roti, this bread is made with wheat, but instead of being cooked on a tawa, it is deep-fried. Best served with some vegetables or halwa, it is prepared during special or happy occasions in most households.

7. Kachori

Source: cookpad.com

Just like poori, this Indian bread is also fried but the difference is that it is thicker than poori and stuffed with potatoes and peas. Kachori is also enjoyed as a snack with some tea.

8. Taftan

Source: KFoods.com

Taftan is an Indian bread which came from Iran and is thicker than a normal roti. It is very fulfilling and rich because it is prepared with eggs, flour, saffron, and the dough is kneaded with milk. Best served with spicy gravies, this bread is also a treat on its own.

9. Paratha

Source: WhiskAffair

Made with wheat just like roti, this bread has layers and is also served with some butter on top. Parathas can also be stuffed with your favorite vegetables like potatoes, which is called aloo ka paratha.

10. Lachha Paratha

Source: WhiskAffair

Best served with Mughlai dishes, this bread has several layers in it. The only difference between a normal paratha and a lachha paratha is the technique, and while parathas can be made with oil, this is normally prepared with ghee in between the layers.

11. Baati

Source: Archana’s Kitchen

Best served with dal and choorma, baati is a bread which looks different than other Indian breads and comes from Rajasthan. They are small and round and are often served with lot of ghee.

12. Thepla

Source: My Vegetarian Roots

With longer shelf life than most breads, thepla is a bread which comes from Gujarat. These are soft and can be spicy. Prepared with flour, gram, and fenugreek leaves, this bread is an absolute must-try.

13. Naan

Source: Cooking Classy

Naan is yet another heavy bread served with butter and garnished with garlic. This bread is best served with a spicy gravy. It is fancier and has layers. To make it soft, it is usually kneaded with some milk rather than water and is normally served with Mughlai cuisine.

14. Luchi

Source: WhiskAffair

Made with refined flour, luchi is a bread which comes from Bengal. It is very similar to poori but bigger in size and is also very popular in Bangladesh. Best served with some dum aloo, this Indian flatbread is a chef’s kiss.

15. Kulcha

Source: Wikipedia

Another delicious Indian flatbread, which comes with stuffing is Kulcha. It is the Punjabi variation of a naan and is served with some butter on top for added richness. Best enjoyed some chhole, this Indian bread is heavy enough to make you feel full after a meal.

16. Dosa

Source: pfeiffer family: the Indian cookbook

Dosa is an Indian flatbread which comes from South India and is prepared with a mixture of rice and daal. It is often stuffed with spicy potatoes and is best served with some sambhar and chutney. Being very thin and light, it is also very healthy.

17. Appam

Source: FirstCry Parenting

An Indian bread which is also from South India is Appam. It can be sweet as well as savory and is very light at the same time. Made with coconut milk and rice batter, it can have several variations for you to choose from. With just 120 calories per serving, this is also a very healthy option when it comes to Indian flat breads.

18. Puran Poli

Source: Times Food

Puran poli is a type of sweet Indian flat bread which is very popular in Maharashtra. Cooked with ghee, it can be stuffed with chana dal, jaggery, and coconut mixture, which makes it very fulfilling and delicious at the same time.

19. Bakarkhani

Source: Youtube

Bakarkhani is a type of Indian bread which is thick and very similar to a sheermaal. It has a biscuit-like texture and can be mildly spiced as well. It is best served with spicy gravies to even out the intensity of the spice.

20. Pathiri

Source: cookpad.com

A white type of Indian bread that can also be considered a pancake made of rice flour. It is thin and light and a very popular type of bread amongst the Muslims in Kerala and the Malabar region.

21. Bhakri

Source: Sanjeev Kapoor

Bhakri is a type of Indian bread which originated from Maharashtra, but now it is a very integral part of the Gujarati cuisine. It is also called jowar ki roti and is flavored with ghee and cumin seeds for the perfect taste.

22. Thalipeeth

Source: Archana’s Kitchen

Thalipeeth is an absolutely delicious multi-grain Indian flatbread which is full of nutrition and is very healthy along with being tasty. Prepared with roasted grains and spices, it has its own identity, different from the other Indian breads, which make it a perfect healthy breakfast or snack.

These are some of the most delicious Indian breads that you need to try out. Each of them is different from any other bread around the world and has something or the other which goes perfectly with it, like chhola bhatura or sambhar dosa. So make sure you try each and everyone of these to realize how India is a heaven for foodies.

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