18 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Gambia

The Gambia has many large restaurants with a variety of cuisines to choose from, including Lebanese, Chinese, Italian, and Indian. Some establishments also serve a full English breakfast. However, in addition to foods from other cultures, Gambian cuisines are worth trying, and both locals and visitors enjoy them. The Gambia has many traditional foods; when you visit the country, don’t forget to try them. 18 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Gambia 1. Ebbeh Ebbeh is a nutritious and tasty traditional Gambian soup. The soup is made with various vegetables, such as cassava, cocoyam, and sweet potatoes. Palm oil, lime … Read more

22 Types Of Indian Breads You Should Know About

You’ll be surprised to know about the number of breads the Indian cuisine has, which makes India truly heaven for food lovers. From fried to toasted and from plain to stuffed, this list will tell you all about the different breads in India that you may or may not try yet. 22 Types Of Indian Breads You Should Know About 1. Chapati or Roti This is something which is a huge part of our meals almost every day. Made with wheat, this bread is cooked until it’s light and filled with air, which is why it is also called phulka. … Read more

10 Veg Dishes You Need To Try Out at Punjabi Dhaba

A road trip on the highway is incomplete without food, especially from a Dhaba. Dhabas, referred to as roadside restaurants, give major ‘desi’ vibes with their ambience and culinary techniques. Dhabas are known for serving traditional cuisine related to the state where the cooks come from (majorly from Punjab) in India. Dhabas could be located easily, relieving the hunger pangs that grow with travel sickness. A Dhaba can be seen near a petrol station, which is a planned location for the comfort of the truck drivers, but what makes it different? The food from Dhaba is made with traditional ingredients, … Read more