14 Amazing Mojitos You CanNot Miss Out On

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Mojitos are basically drinks that can be had during summers and winters due to the fusion of fruits with the drink. Mojito is easily prepared with authentic yet easy procedures. It can lift the mood during parties and celebrations. Mojitos are dominated by an impressive combination of lime soda with a variety of other ingredients. Want your next party to rock? Find out some of the delectable and mouth-watering Mojitos right here.

14 Amazing Mojitos You CanNot Miss Out On

1. Classic Mint Mojito

Image Credit : SuperValu

One of the easiest yet the best mojito recipe to enjoy is the Classic Mint Mojito. Classic Mint Mojito is the oldest way to enjoy a Mojito. It is composed of authentic ingredients like mint leaves, fresh lime soda, and fresh lime juice. The combination results in an amazing amalgamation of these elements in one glass. An ever classic form that can never go wrong!

2. Green Apple Mojito

Image Credit : Times Food

As healthy as a Green apple, this mojito has a fantastic twist with green apples and fresh lime soda. Green apples that are cut into slices are poured with fresh lime soda. This ensures the overall fusion of the flavor. Exotic mint leaves add extra charm to the drink. A sprinkle of lime juice on the top makes this drink a perfect beverage for the party.

3. Blueberry Mojito

Image Credit : Tesco Real Food

Blueberries can never go away from the list of favorites. The juicy and scrumptious blueberries belong perfectly in a Mojito. Blueberries, fresh lime soda, and finely powdered sugar are mixed for the preparation. It is garnished with fresh lime juice and pure basil leaves. White rum also works great with a blueberry mojito.

4. Cranberry Mojito

Image Credit : Smart Little Cookie

One of the best Mojitos you can ever have is Cranberry Mojito! Berries often call for enthusiasm, fun, and energy! The vibe gets even better with refreshing Cranberry Mojito. Berries are fresh, juicy, and plump. Such a Mojito includes freshly picked cranberries, lime soda, and basil leaves. These ingredients are mixed for a perfect stir. It is often jammed with honey and lime juice for an accurate balance of sweet and sour flavors.

5. Basil Cucumber Mojito

Image Credit : Pinterest

Who said you cannot have it healthy? Cucumbers are known to be nutritious and do not deliver high fat content in the body. Cucumbers are greatly infused with club soda for an excellent amalgamation of the flavor. It is topped with fresh basil leaves which gives a pure flavor. Powdered sugar is also added to the drink.

6. Passion Fruit Mojito

Image Credit : Wine Dharma

While Mojitos generally consist of fruits and leaves, Passion Fruit Mojito surely has something unique! This one is specially made for hot summers to calm your day with an extreme burst of flavors in one sip. Passion fruit mojito consists of fresh lime soda and some sugar. It is topped with evergreen basil leaves providing an authentic touch to the drink. Light rum can also be added to this amazing beverage.

7. Raspberry Mint Mojito

Image Credit : Joyful Healthy Eats

Mojitos are generally colorful and look extremely pleasant to the eyes. Raspberry Mojito is just one of them. Made with a palatable fusion of raspberries and lime juice, this beverage gets better with tons of ice cubes. It is flooded with fresh mint leaves, which leaves no stone unturned in making your soul happier!

8. Coconut Mojito

Image Credit : Picture the Recipe

Now we are talking about coconuts with Mojitos! As exciting as it may sound, it is prepared with soft coconut cream. White rum and coconut rum are added to the beverage for a fresh flavor. These ingredients are given a quick whisk, and the beverage is topped with fresh mint leaves. Some coconut cream can also be used to garnish the drink.

9. Green Tea Mojito

Image Credit : Unilever Food Solutions

Green tea or iced tea tops the list when one wants to have something refreshing and light. Here comes the king of Mojitos – Green Tea Mojito. It has antioxidants along with an energizing flavor. Brewed green tea, sugar, lime juice, and fresh soda combine for this mouth-watering beverage. It is generally garnished with mint leaves and ice cubes for a cool vibe.

10. Watermelon Cucumber Mojito

Image Credit : Girl Versus Dough

How about Mojitos having a fusion of completely different fruits? Watermelon and cucumber have this in common – juicy and healthy. The fusion of these, along with lime soda, becomes heavenly for the day. It is garnished with fresh mint leaves or basil leaves along with a light sprinkle of lime juice.

11. Mango Mojito

Image Credit : Jessica In The Kitchen

Mangoes and Mojitos astonishingly go well! You can have your delicious fruit twisted with a Mojito. You can opt to add some alcohol for an enhanced flavor. Mango puree is whisked with sugar, fresh lime soda, lime juice, and icy ice cubes. A pinch of salt balances the entire flavor of the drink. Top with fresh mint leaves and mango cubes to enjoy every sip of paradise!

12. Pineapple Mojito

Image Credit : Taste

You can always consider Pineapple while considering something joyous and refreshing. Pineapples combined with sugar and lime juice call for a sunny summer party. The vibe of this beverage is icy, cool, and juicy. Pineapple slices are mixed with the drink. That’s how you sip and bite and repeat! Rum could be a great partner for this drink.

13. Orange Mojito

Image Credit : Happy Foods Tube

Oranges, Mojitos, and lemons – here comes the citrus family! Mojitos majorly have lime juice, and oranges become like a cherry on the pie. Orange slices are mixed with lime soda and sugar. White rum can also be a great combination with an orange mojito. It is then filled with ice cubes and topped with mint leaves.

14. Strawberry Mojito

Image Credit : The Kitchen Prep Blog

Berries are indeed magical! Strawberries hold a sweet and sour flavor perfect for the preparation of a Strawberry Mojito! Fresh strawberries are mixed along with lemon juice and basil leaves. They are then infused with fresh lime soda for the perfect whisk. Fill them with ice cubes and sip heaven!

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