How to Construct the Perfect Cheese Platter

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Cheese has been around for over 7500 years, and we have been enjoying its flavors and textures for a while now. Paired with bread and a glass of wine or champagne, the taste of cheese is luscious.

A well-constructed cheese platter is sure going to be a show-stopper at your next party. A cheese platter takes less than 20 minutes to arrange and requires absolutely no cooking. A perfect and delicious appetizer to serve to your guests!

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So how to construct the perfect cheese platter? Read along to know tips on how to do so.

What You Require:

Utensils and Knives

The most important thing you’ll need when constructing a cheese platter is a 13-15 inch cheese board. Wood is a classic choice for a cheese board. However, you can also choose a slate or ceramic board. You will also require individual cheese knives for each cheese. You can also add mini bowls on your board. These mini bowls can be used to serve dips and other accomplishments.

The Cheeses


The star of this dish is going to be the varieties of cheese you will choose. Remember to choose a variety in terms of texture and flavor. Soft cheeses like brie, soft swiss slices, and mozzarella have a mild texture. For hard cheeses, you can put parmesan and cheddar. Aged cheeses would add a nice touch like aged cheddar and blue gouda. Also, include flavored ones like cheese jack pepper and blue cheese.


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When choosing your meats, it is best to add 3-4 options in your platter. Always remember to add cured meat. Choose slices of salami, prosciutto, and sausages. Meats that are mildly spiced will add a perfect texture to go along with the cheese.


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Think about adding fresh and dried fruits. The sweetness of the fruits will pair perfectly with the taste of the cheese. Add slices of apples and pears. Grapes and figs would also be a great option. Dried orange slices along with a handful of blueberries would also be apt.


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Add a variety of 2-3 types of nuts. The nuts on the cheese platter will add crunch and texture to go along with the cheese. You can choose from almonds, cashews, marcona almonds, and walnuts.


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Put an assortment of breads to choose from. The breads and crackers will go very well with the cheese and other items on the platter. Breadsticks, multigrain crackers, and even parmesan crackers make an excellent choice.


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Olives deserve a special mention when preparing a cheese platter because no cheese board can be complete without it. Most grocery stores have olives marinated with olive oil; some of them also have olives flavored with garlic, which will make a great option.

Other Accompaniments

Add sweetness to your cheese platter by adding jams like apricot and fig jam. You can also serve honey. Another thing that you can add to your platter is a creamy bowl of hummus.


Finish your cheese platter by adding some color to it. The smell of fresh herbs will add freshness to your cheese platter. Think of adding herbs like rosemary and dill.

Arranging Your Cheese Platter

  1. Start by selecting and preparing your cheese board.
  2. Arrange the cheese around the platter. Cut your cheese in different sizes. Some could be served in cubes, wedges or even twirled into slices. Place them out on different ends of your cheese board. Make sure that each cheese has its own separate cheese knife.
  3. Place the mini bowls on the board and fill them with your choice of jams, honey, and hummus. Also, add the selection of olives in these bowls.
  4. Placing your choice of bread and crackers. It is best to add them along the edge of the cheese board.
  5. Start placing your salamis, sausages and prosciutto on the board. When arranging your meats, add variety in the arrangement by folding, rolling, and cutting them into small slices and chunks. Place them in different spaces across the board.
  6. Add sliced fruits, berries, and nuts on all the empty spots left on the board.
  7. Add final touches to your cheese board by adding fresh springs of rosemary and dill.

How Far in Advance Should You Prepare Your Cheese Platter?

how to construct the perfect cheese platter
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The taste of cheese and meat is best when they are at room temperature. It is best that you keep your cheese and meats outside for at least 30 minutes before you start arranging your cheese board, which will take you around 20-25 minutes.

So these were the tips to construct a showstopping cheese platter. Go on and try all the abovementioned easy-cheesy methods for the next get-together at your place!

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