10 Traditional Foods To Eat In New Zealand

When visiting the beautiful land of New Zealand – the land of kiwis, one must wonder what the specialty of the country is. Well, we have got you covered because the land is rich and vibrant with a fusion of cuisines, especially Maori and British cuisine.

10 Traditional Foods To Eat In New Zealand

1. Kumara

Source: Vegetables.co.nz

It is another name for sweet potato brought into the country by early Maori settlers from the Pacific Islands. It is a delicacy enjoyed with just a sprinkle of salt or cooked with another dish called Maori Hangi.

2. Maori Hangi

Source: Kiwi travel

Maori Hangi is a dish comprised of all types of meat and vegetables slow-cooked in an underground oven. It has been cooked for thousands of years, but today it is reserved only for special occasions.

3. Pavlova

Source: The flavor Bender

A dessert made using whipped cream, meringue and fruits, especially kiwi, is what the Kiwis swear originated there, although the Australians say otherwise.

4. Kiwi burger

Source: frugal seed nz

Kiwi-burger is a kind of hamburger sold at any fast food restaurant, and its speciality is that it consists of beetroot and griddled egg and whatever you like in between the burger.

5. Hokey Pokey Ice Cream

Source: Wikipedia

It is every kid’s favourite in New Zealand. Most ice creams contain small and solid pieces of honeycomb. It is even exported outside the countries.

6. New Zealand Lamb

Source: Eco and Beyond

Since the country has a large population of sheep, every restaurant in NZ serves the best quality lamb. You can try different dishes of lamb like lamb steaks and even lamb shanks.

7. Manuka Honey

Source: Insider

It is a kind of honey that has a strong flavour, it is native to Australia and New Zealand as the manuka tree grows there. It is damp, earthy and slightly bitter in flavour.

8. Marmite

Source: Financial Times

Marmite is indigenous to the country and its favourite spread. It has been made in New Zealand since 1919 and is similar to the British Marmite but is made by a different company.

9. Tuatua

Source: Eat. live. escape

It is a kind of shellfish endemic to New Zealand. It is a delicacy as parts of it can be boiled or made into crisps.

10. L&P

Source: Dieline

L&P stands for “Lemon & Paeroa”, and it is a beverage named after the town where it was invented.

The dishes will make your mouth water, and they will make you crave for more with each and every bite or sip.

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