10 Best Vegetarian Thalis to Try Out in India

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Thalis are like a small buffet, pampering your tongue through each flavor of all the dishes in one round platter. Thali is most famous in Southeast Asia and South Asia, while in India, 29 states have their own 29 thali, signifying their culture through their cuisine. Thali can be heavy on the stomach and confusing to the brain as you would never know where to start and what to eat next. Thali is filled with surprises as you never know or expect how a particular dish will turn out for you. Thali once considered a royalty meal is now served almost everywhere and customized according to choices. The dish in its appearance is a round metal dish and comes with small bowls for serving the delicacy. Places and some famous thalis have their combination and come to the liking of everyone, so here are some of our picks to try out these thalis in India.

10 Best Vegetarian Thalis to Try Out in India

1. Bahubali Thali

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The Bahubali Thali is for all those people who live to eat. The thali is claimed to be the largest vegetarian dish in the world as it has an array of lip-smacking food items. The thali drenched in butter and full of shredded cheese is one of the top picks. The thali is specially designed in a way to give tribute to the two iconic films and has dishes starting with the characters of the film. This huge and heavy thali pampers your taste buds with 20 to 22 inches of parathas stuffed with onions and garlic, 3 to 4 types of Laccha paratha, and one chur chur naan as the adorning crown in the middle.

The thali further confuses you with seven to eight varieties of vegetables as each of them is equally mouthwatering. The tasty thali further includes two types of rice, one is biryani, given a whacky name as Kattappa biryani, and the other one is jeera rice. The thali also has two items for the sweet tooth, which are Gulab Jamun and Moong dal ka halwa. The thali is accompanied by a starter too, satisfying all the cravings under one roof, which is Dahi Puchka. The thali has so much in store, which can make you go hungry in one go and, further, it has 5 types of farsans and snacks.

Thali is incomplete with the last relieving drink, so Bahubali thali also includes two big glasses containing Patiala Lassi and Chaas. The thali is further laden with Paneer tikka masala, papads, salads, and pickles, making it impossible to relish by a single person. The thali is noted to be completed by 5 to 6 adults or more for people having small appetites.

2. Dara Singh Thali

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The next thali in the row that would make your stomach full and make you crave more just by reading its contents. The thali is claimed by many to be bigger than Bahubali thali and requires an equal number of people to finish it, it it is the Dara Singh Thali. The Thali would steal your heart only by reading the starters it offers, which are Malai Chaap, Amritsari Tikki, Tandoori Paneer, and Tandoori Mushroom. The thali is inclusive of refreshing and delightful drinks like Hari Bhari Shikanjee, Chaas, Black Current Mojito, and Lassi. The Chaats and Soups would fill your stomach, but don’t forget to keep some room for other dishes as this is the description of half of the thali.

The Chaats and soups include Kachori, Shakarkandi chaat, suji ke Gol Gappe, and Tomato Shorba. The main course has delicacies from around India like Gatte ki Sabji, chef’s special Paneer, Tamatar ka Bharta, Jeera Aloo, Sarson Da Saag, Rajma, Mix Veg Korma, Dal Khichdi, Dal Makhani, and Punjabi Kadhi Pakoda. The rice dish comes with two varieties, which are Veg Biryani and Steam rice.

The Indian breads adding flavor to the dish are Lacha roti, Makki De roti, Chur Chur Naan, and Aloo Paratha. The accompaniments consist of a bigger list, which is, Punjabi Papad, Homemade pickle, Lasooni Chutney, Pudina Chutney, Stick salad, Laccha Onion, Plain Curd, Jaggery, Makhan and Peanut Lasoon Chutney. The movie hasn’t ended yet, for the climax, the thali has desserts too, which are Petha Barfi, Jalebi, Rabri, Gulab Jamun, Malpua, seasonal, and one choice of ice-cream from three variants, Vanilla, Strawberry and chocolate.

3. United India Thali

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The united India Thali portrays the meaning of the true roots of the Indian culture and gives the taste of every dish around the states of India. The thali has 29 dishes and in its original idea is not placed in a round metal dish but in a unique dish that has the shape of India’s map. The dish has Biryani from Andhra Pradesh, Aloo Puri from Bihar, Dubki Kadhi from Chhattisgarh, Paneer Butter Masala from Delhi, Mix Pickle from Goa, Bhinda Nu Shaak from Gujrat, Pachranga Dal from Haryana and Himachali Chole from Himachal Pradesh. The thali further has Kashmiri Pulao, Khameer ki roti, Dum Aloo, and Kahwa from Jammu and Kashmir.

Dishes coming from other states are Mint Chutney from Jharkhand, Bisi Bele Bath from Karnataka, Pazham Puri from Kerala, Kesar Kheer from Madhya Pradesh, Aloo Vadi from Maharashtra, Dalma from Odisha and Gobhi Masala from Punjab. The list has still not ended, and similarly, there is curiosity to know the remaining states which are Mirchi Bajra from Rajasthan, Lukhmi from Tamil Nadu, Hara Kabab from Uttar Pradesh, Til Ki Chutney from Uttarakhand, Beguni from West Bengal and Veg Sha Phaley from Northeast. The dish has all the reasons to be proud of and accompanies with curiosity to know whether or not the thali has from your state if you are an Indian.

4. Kumbhakarna Thali

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Kumbhakarna Thali, as the name suggests, is for people with a bigger appetite, with theatre paneer, cutlets, and basket chaat, for starters. The main course is equally jaw-dropping and has Pindi Channa, Hara Bhara Kumbh, Veg Takatak, Paneer tikka, Masala Dal Bukhara, Hyderabadi Biryani, Sesame Kulcha, Chatpata, and Family Naan. The accompaniments are a treat for the taste buds equally with Pahadi Raita, salads, pickles, and papad. While to give your meal a happy ending, it has sweets served traditionally in Matka, and the sweets are Matka wali, Rajwadi Lassi Malai, sweet and Gulab Jamun is served separately garnished with coconut.

5. Bhim Thaal

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The Bhim Thaal is surely a hidden gem and comes with 54 items and requires three to four adults to finish it. The Bhim Thali is inclusive of 9 vegetables that belong to the cuisines of Gujarat, Kathiawad, and Punjab. The dals and rice come from the same cuisine and the thali is further inclusive of 3 varieties of sweets and 3 varieties of Farsan and chaats. The thali is accompanied by Indian breads which are Kulcha, Phulka roti, Parathas, and chapatis. The drink associated with this amazing combination of Thaali is Chaas.

6. KhaliBali Thali

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The KhaliBali Thali would make you say ‘Yummy, Yummy in my tummy’ with its first look and while reading its contents. The starters in Thali include Paneer Tikka Ajwani, Paneer Tikka Kalimirch, Hara Bhara Kabab, and Soya Chaap Punjabi. The main course could be referred to as a mini buffet with dishes like Kadai Paneer, Palak Paneer, Subz Kofta Curry, Aloo Gobi, Kumbh Makai Hara Pyaz, Bhindi Masala, Dal Makhani, and Dal Tadka. The list has not ended yet and includes Amritsari Choley, Kashmiri Dum Aloo, Steam rice, vegetable Biryani, Roti, Laccha, Missi Roti, Butter Naan, Garlic Naan, and Kadhi Pakora. The thali includes Gulab Jamun and other accompaniments, which are, Papad, Dahi Bhalla, pickle, stick salad, pickled onion, mix raita, mint chutney, plain curd, and Laccha onion. The refreshing drinks accompanied by thali are Masala Chaas, Jal Jeera, and Roohafza.

7. Chhappan Bhog Thali

Source: The Economic Times

The Chhapan Bhog Thali is considered as an offering too and consists of 56 dishes in one thali. The thali gets its customization with every person and consists of salty and sweet dishes. The thali commonly consists of dishes like makhan mishri, badam milk, mohanbhog, rasgulla, rabri, malpua, moong dal halwa, kheer, jeera ladoo, jalebi, mathri, chutney, murabba, and saag. It further consists of chila, papad, pakoda, khichadi, dahi, rice, dal, kadi, ghewar, tikkis, dried fruits, paan, brinjal sabji, lauki sabji, and poori.

8. Pakwan Thali

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The Pakwan thali is all about the love for Pakwans and having a meal along with it too. The thali is a little off-beat while keeping in mind the balance maintained in a normal thali as it is more towards the Pakwan, and that is the most unique thing about it. The thali consists of 4 types of vegetables, 2 sweets, 2 snacks, 4 types of puri or roti, 2 types of rice, 4 types of dal or Kadhi, Dal Baati, churma, and accompaniments like salad, Chaas, Dahi and Papad.

9. Kesariya Thali

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The thalis have dominated the Indian culture for a long time, which could be witnessed through the Kesariya thali. The Kesariya thali includes starters like Kalmi Vada, Bhutte Ka Pakoda, Aloo Matar Samosa, and Kachori Kadhi Chaat. The thali giving vibes of royalty further includes the main course, which is Paneer Lal Mirch, Panchmele Ka Saag, Aloo Methi Ki Sookhi Sabji, Kathi Dal, Dahi Gatta, Chilla Ki Kadhi, Bajri Ki Roti, Ajwini Puri, Fulka and Dal Panchmel. The rice options for this thali are Ram Khichdi, Steamed rice, and Rajasthani Pulao. Other dishes and accompaniments include Sada Baati, Choorma, Raabdi, Imlana, Chukender Halwa, Lychee Angoordana, Kesariya Kulfi, Salad, jaggery, ghee, Garlic Chutney, Green Chutney, Papad, and pickle.

10. 3 cuisine Thali

Source: Times of India

The states may not be met by borders, but the three cultures meet in this thali with unison. The thali consists of dishes from Gujarati, Parsi, and Malvani cuisines. This thali is smaller in quantity but is surely a great feast for the stomach. The thali consists of Bhareli Vangi, Beetroot Tikki, Mix lentils, Palak Poori, and Gujarati Kadhi. It’s a good combination of a variety of dishes and is originally considered non-vegetarian, but it could be tailored too.

So what are you waiting for foodies? Let’s make something unique through these Thai ideas and create your customized thali. Apart from that, these thalis are sure to try out once while talking about Indian thalis.

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