21 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Turkey

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It’s a bird, it’s an airplane, it’s a country. Get ready to activate all your taste buds because in Turkey you have something for every taste. Find here a loved yogurt culture, sizzling kebabs, and vegetarian delights.

21 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Turkey

1. Manti

Image Credit: Turkey Food Chef

This is a Turkish version of meat-stuffed Ravioli. Tossed in garlic and tomato sauce and served in yogurt, Manti is sure to give you the chills.

2. Lahmacun

Image Credit: Caroline’s Kitchen

Flatbread covered in minced meat aka Lahmacun is a famous street food specialty of Turkey. The crust could be made according to you suitability just like a Pizza! Accompanied by salads and lemon juice it is a must-have.

3. Yaprak Sarma

Yaprak Sarma
Image Credit: Hurriyet

Rice and minced meat wrapped in vine or cabbage leaves. There is a vegetarian option with onions. This dish is an influence of the Ottoman Empire and is a regular at the Turkish table.

4. Dolma

Image Credit: AZ Cookbook

It is either made of dried eggplants, peppers, tomatoes or zucchinis. They are stuffed with rice and boiled in water and butter. This is one veg delight for your mouth.

5. Köfte

Image Credit: Yemek

Kofte is similar to meatballs. Usually made of beef or lamb, there are also vegetarian options available. It is a regular in every menu, making it very easily accessible.

6. Pide

Image Credit: Olive Magazine

Pide is another flatbread dish. Similar in concept to the Lahmacun, it comes with an array of toppings.

7. Cacik

Image Credit: CyprusScene

Turkish people love yogurt and Cacik is just that. It consists of cucumbers and herbs. A famous Turkish dip you must try.

8. Meze

Image Credit: Wikipedia

This dish is sure to entice you. Meze is a well-known dish in Turkey or rather a platter of dishes consisting of yummy local cuisine.

9. Döner

Image Credit: Culture Trip

Döner is a Turkish sandwich filled with meat, fresh vegetables, spices and, you guessed it- yogurt! Usually available for takeaways, it is street food you must try.

10. Menemen

Image Credit: Serious Eats

Menemen is a scrambled egg dish sautéed in vegetables. It is a quick, traditional breakfast served with bread and a lot of warmth.

11. Corba

Image Credit: ozelmseurkishtable

Corba is a lentil or tomato soup. This is sure to make you feel warm and will give you at-home vibes.

12. Kuzu Tandir

Image Credit: Trip Adviser

This dish is sure to give the trills. Well-cooked lamb with a few drops of lemon is what makes the most popular dish of Turkey.

13. Kumpir

Image Credit: Whole Food Republic

The name originates from the Croatian word “krumpir” meaning potato. Kumpir is huge sweet potatoes baked in the oven, making them crisp from the outside and softer inside. It comes in an array of toppings like cheese, sausage, pickles, and Russian salad. A tasty fast food for a quick bite.

14. Şiş Kebab

Şiş Kebab
Image Credit: The Spruce Eats

Sis Kebab is delicious and chewy pieces of lamb, chicken or fish served on a metal or wooden stick. Eat it with bread and don’t forget to try it with yogurt.

15. İskender Kebab

Image Credit: Turkish Foodie

Iskender Kebab is named after the Ottoman emperor Alexander the Great. It is long strips of lamb tossed in tomato sauce and served with yogurt. It is amongst the popular foods in Turkey, best to have along with pita bread.

16. Pilav

Image Credit: Lezzet

Rice cooked in butter is added with eggplants, chickpeas, meat or liver slices with thyme, pepper, cinnamon cumin and almonds. It sure is a flavorful delight.

17. İmam Bayıldı

İmam Bayıldı
Image Credit: The New York Times

Imam is generally accompanied by warm Pilav. It is tomato, onion, and garlic mixture stuffed inside aubergine and baked into the beautiful dish.

18. Borek

Image Credit: DailyVeganBorek with spinach and feta stuffing

Borek is cheesy pastries filled in with meat or vegetables. It is sprinkled on with nigella seeds or sesame seeds on top and is generally rolled up and served as puffs.

19. Durum

Image Credit: Trip Adviser

Durum is a Turkish wrap made of slow-cooked chicken, lamb, or beef. The outer lining of the wrap is thinner than other Turkish bread. Topped up with vegetables, it makes a healthy fast food option.

20. Balik Ekmek

Balik Ekmek
Image Credit: Great British Chefs

Balik Ekmek is a Turkish fish sandwich. Another iconic fast food to add to your list, especially to be enjoyed by the coastal region.

21. Salep

Image Credit: The Spruce Eats

Salep is a warm, cozy feeling in a cup. Made from orchids and topped with cinnamon, Salep is sure to keep you at your best spirits.

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